11+ Powerful Things That Inspire Me Everyday

It’s after 8AM in the UK. I wake up inspired.

I wrote down my goals as If I’ve already achieved them, and I’m committed to making them come to fruition.

I’m confident that I can. Why? Because I’m Inspired.

Inspiration is what keeps me going regardless of the amount of stairs I’ve got to climb. Or how many walls I’ve got to climb over.

Or how many obstacles I’ve got to smash through.

Or how many dumb naysayers attempt to get in my way. That’s what Inspiration has the power to do If you focus on the things that keep you inspired, everyday.

Here are 11+ powerful things that Inspire me everyday, that may Inspire you into action as well.

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1. Possibility

That’s right. It’s not your “average” source of inspiration, but it makes a massive difference for me.

The way to define possibility is something that’s achievable, likely, or probable.

The fact that the goals and purpose I strive for is achievable is what keeps me so inspired everyday.

The fact that there are others before me who’ve already achieved and accomplished it for themselves. That’s more than proof enough of what’s possible.

When you can confirm that something is possible, it gives you the energy and determination to keep pushing.

That’s how powerful Inspiration can be when you focus on what Inspires you.


2. Creativity

anime art

Source: Anime art

I’ve always been the creative type since I was a kid, though at the time I dismissed it. I let society get in the way of that truth.

But creativity inspires me do greater things than I’m already doing or have done.

That includes:

  • Innovation.
  • A unique song.
  • A fresh take on something.
  • A unique article.
  • A creative drawing.
  • Anime.
  • Writing.
  • Music.
  • Ideas.

And anything else that aligns with creativity. Seeing something fresh, unique and different Inspires me to also be fresh, recreate and reinvent myself.

It inspires me to avoid getting in a rut so I can better stand out and become a better version of myself.


3. Music


Music is a big one, and it may be a big one for you too. As it is with many people.

I’ve been listening and enjoying music for as long as I can remember.

Probably 7-8+ years old. For me it’s not about the genre or type of music, it’s more about the music itself.

I can take Inspiration from:

  1. Hip hop.
  2. R & B.
  3. Jazz.
  4. Opera.
  5. Instrumentals.

And any form of music.

As long as I like it of course and it fits my musical tastes. Music speaks to people in unique ways and it’s that uniqueness that tends to keep me inspired.

The instruments, tones, sounds, bass, and the whole mix plays a part in that.


4. Ambition

If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s ambition.

Ambition can be defined as being eager or hungry to aspire and accomplish something.

When I read about people who are full of ambition, it gets me excited and Inspired. Especially those who have achieved a lot and continue to push for more out of choice.

That keeps me inspired to the core of my being.

For me it’s an attractive trait for anybody to have. And it keeps me going even when I don’t feel like continuing after having a bad day.


5. The past


The past is a form of inspiration, if you look at it in the right context.

A lot of people see the past as this “bad” place they never wanna return to. And some obsess over it so much they’re still living in it. And their “present” actions reflect that.

But when I see the past, even the parts I don’t like, I use it as a source of inspiration.

I try to look at the “good” I can take from the bad, and use the bad as a means of pushing me in the present to achieve even more. And to make sure those mistakes can never be repeated.


6. Rewards


Rewards aren’t my biggest and most important inspiration, but they do help and make a difference.

Work, business, the hustle and grind, none of this matters if there’s nothing at the end of it. You’re just a robot otherwise.

There needs to be some sort of reward, and I’m not talking about something grand or luxurious. Unless you want that.

For me though the reward can be freedom itself. The freedom to do whatever the fuck I want and still be getting paid regardless.

Or it could be simple like buying myself a new hoodie, a pair of trainers, or going somewhere new. Or a weekend getaway, etc.

It all depends on your wants and needs, but it can inspire you in its own way to do something or make something of your life.

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7. Experiences


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Life is about memories and experiences. And it’s experiences as well as the thought of having those experiences that keeps me inspired.

After all we all want to experience something, no matter how big or small.

I want to experience Japan and the cities, towns and hot spots it has.

I want to experience my dreams and goals to the fullest, as well as any new goals I set and accomplish for myself.

I want to experience what I know deep down is possible in this lifetime.

There are a ton of things I want to experience and I’m going to experience them all. As much as possible.

That right there is what keeps me inspired, energetic, determined and driven to keep going.

It gives me the fuel needed to persevere and bring it all to fruition.

Nothing will stop me or hold me back from getting it. That’s the kind of thing Inspiration can do to a person.


8. Health

Let’s keep it real: being alive, fit and healthy is everything. Especially with coronavirus and the madness in the world right now.

Waking up, being alive, and being able to do so much with my day, everyday, is a blessing.

My gratitude and the fact that I’m healthy is a source of inspiration. It makes me wanna do something.

It’s why I’m motivated to make something not just of my day, but of life.

I don’t take any of it for granted, even if my health isn’t “perfect” in a literal sense.


9. Business


Business is my life. Always has been. Never wanted to do anything other than have, run, and own my own businesses.

But in general – I take inspiration from things like that everyday.

I take inspiration from wanting to take things to the next level in business.

Sometimes it’s seeing other businesses, how they’re run, the people running it (and so on) that gives me inspiration.

Success of course is a source of inspiration, but that’s on a lower level.

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10. Challenges

Life is hard if you’re not being challenged. And if you’re not the most enthusiastic about challenging yourself constantly, then it may not be a source of inspiration for you.

For me – being challenged and going out of my way to push to the next level is inspiring.

Sometimes life is in need of some changes because things have become stale or too predictable.

Challenges break that mold, and the ideas that come with it (and excitement) is what creates the inspiration.

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11. Doing something new


I’m the type of person who rearranges my room every 2 months or so because I can get bored with the layout.

Or I might pick somewhere new on the map and decide to go there.

Or I’ll try to do something in a new way, with a new approach, a new idea, etc.

Doing something new is a source of inspiration. Especially once you’ve actually done it.

Too much of the same can eventually get too mundane.



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