5 Disadvantages Of Reading Too Many Books

Remember how it used to feel reading books back in the 20th century? Neither do I.

I’m from the 21st century after all.

Back then I imagine when you read a physical book that was hard to come by, you would have not just read the damn thing, but you would have applied the information in the book and took some real action to get the results you wanted.

Because we weren’t drowning in information like we are today in 2018. And that’s one of the reasons why there are disadvantages to reading books these days.

More so if you’re not disciplined enough to actually do what you’ve learned. Because it’s so much easier to pick up another book and get lost in it. As it gives you the feeling of accomplishment since you’re learning more and gaining knowledge while you’re at it.

That bullshit just makes it easier to slack off and get lazy. Sound familiar? It should.

I know I’ve slapped myself a couple of times for doing the same thing.

Here are 5 Disadvantages Of Reading Too Many Books.


1. Unsure Of What to Believe

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Imagine reading 10-20 different books on the topic of Healthy breakfast recipes. By the time you’re done you won’t know what or who to believe.

The reason is simple: Every author and every book has its own opinion of what you should or shouldn’t do. As well as what’s right vs what’s wrong.

And at this point you’ve swallowed so much information on one topic that you don’t know what the fuck to spit back out. Which leads me to my second point…


2. It encourages you to be lazy

The fact is – if you’re on a reading spree, and you’re unsure of what or who to believe, you’ll get lazy. Meaning – you won’t put any of the information into action.

You’ll be like a Heroine Addict – you’ll keep reading to experience the high of doing it, but it won’t benefit you in the slightest. And in 2018 that’s basically what most people are doing when it comes to: how to books.

Yet they have the audacity to leave bad reviews on websites like Amazon when they didn’t bother to follow through.

In the end that behaviour is detrimental to your overall habits, as it could leak into other areas of your life.


3. Sifting through the bullshit


Let’s keep it real – not every book is worth your time and energy. On Amazon alone there are millions and millions of books for sale.

With a portion of the books being free. And even though you can look at book reviews to get an idea of what’s worthwhile, it’s unreliable. Because reviews are nothing but opinions.

A 5 star book might turn out to be a 2 star book if you read it. And that means going through a fuck load of books before landing on the diamond in the rough, which makes it all worth it.


4. What you’ve learned might be worthless

Not everything you read is worthwhile. It’s easy to get excited and jump into every book you see just because you get a kick out of it.

But what if the information you’re learning is redundant, useless, and even Outdated a couple of years from now? You’ll die before you get the chance to read every book that’s ever been created.

So it’s better to choose your books wisely because like it or not – your time is limited. I’ve realized this fact.

The fact is: I’ve read a fuck load of books that have stole my time. And time is one thing you can’t get back.


5. Knowledge is useless if you don’t understand it

idea bulb

They say knowledge is power. But it’s powerless if you don’t understand what you’re learning. Blowing through tons and tons of books on a yearly basis is fruitless if you don’t take the time to understand what you’ve read.

It’s ridiculous how many books I’ve read that I didn’t re-read, and ended up forgetting about not long after.

You have to read a book dozens of times or a couple before understanding it in depth.

Without a proper understanding, you won’t take it in. Which means you won’t grow from the inside out. After all – what’s the point of reading if what you read doesn’t change or improve you in some way?

That’s the purpose of learning in the first place. Especially if it’s for self-development purposes.

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I have to say that I disagree with this article. I think you misunderstand the true nature of books and reading which is a shame. Here is why I disagree:

1) You say that you will be unsure of what to believe. Well that can be true, I find it is unlikely. Reading 10 books on the same topic will mean there will be overlap in what you learn. There will be similarities, for example, the books you mention in your example will say eating fruit is good for you. This will leave no room for uncertainties. Even if the books do disagree, they normally add evidence especially that of non-fiction books. By reading multiple books on the same topic you are gifted with a surplus of knowledge where you can make your own decisions. You don’t have to believe everything you read. You can pick and choose.

2) There are multiple benefits of reading from increasing empathy to improved vocabulary. There have been numerous studies to support this. Also not using the information doesn’t mean you are lazy in the slightest. Look up the definition.

3) Having that many books at your disposal is an advantage. The ability to decide is not a disadvantage. Though it seems you cannot decide a single thing without the help of others judging by this article.

4) The point of reading is not solely to learn knowledge. See point 2 for the benefits of reading.

5) You seem to have a capitalist mentality in which everything you do and indeed read has to mean something. In reality, it does not. You can read for pleasure and enjoyment as well as gaining information. Reading isn’t just a tool to learn from.

Theo J Ellis

I love dumb, presumptuous and even arrogant comments like this.

I shared “another” perspective which most don’t give on books, and suddenly that means I “misunderstand the true nature of reading” and “I have a capitalist mentality” LOL.

If your comment wasn’t so patronising , I might have taken you seriously. 😛


Not all books share the same thoughts and views when discussing a topic. Sometimes maybe a typo error but but they might have contradictory opinions

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