Stupid Things Stupid People Believe About The Law Of Attraction

Stupid Things Stupid People Believe About The Law Of Attraction 1 -

I remember when I first stumbled upon the law of attraction back in 2012.

I hate to say it but when I first discovered it, it seemed logical to some degree.

Can you Imagine I even bought a book on the law of attraction? At least I wasn’t insane enough to spend £1000’s of pounds on the topic!

But as I got deeper into the topic of the law of attraction, I woke my lazy ass up.

I was being lazy about questioning it at first, but then I woke up from that bad joke of a dream.

And after I woke up and realized what the fuck was going on, I almost puked all over myself.

Good job I didn’t because I didn’t have a bucket nearby that day.

Yes, the law of attraction, the secret, and the liars who promoted it made me that sick!

Unfortunately or fortunately for you, I’m going to reveal the stupid things stupid people believe about the law of attraction.

Then hopefully, you can stop being stupid too so you can wisen up.


1. If you think negative, negative things happen to you

This is stupid beyond words. To even believe such a thing your IQ must be less than 50.

According to Rhonda Byrne, and all those other idiots, If I think negative, something negative will happen to me.

But check this out. When a 2 year old baby gets physically abused, Is it the baby’s fault for thinking negative?

You already know that sounds ridiculous just by reading it.

And If a child grows up in an unstable home, with drug and alcohol abuse, does that mean the child deserved it?

Does that mean the child started thinking negative along the way, therefore attracted it into the home?

And what about If someone was to head to home after having a “negative conversation” at work.

Does that mean If they were to be stabbed to death, shot, murdered or raped, that their “negative thoughts” caused it to happen?

And what about If you were to say something negative in an argument, does that mean you’re destined to have something bad happen to you?

I could go on forever giving you pointless examples.

Lets get this shit straight. The law of attraction is dumb, deceitful, lies, and a load of BS.

And you’re being taken advantage of because of your stupidity.


2. The law of attraction is based on science

internet meme

Do you want to know why the mastermind behind the secret said it’s based on science?

Can you figure it out? It’s because the moment you say something is based on science, people believe it.

Science does tend to prove a lot of things based on hard, researched facts. But nope, the LOA is NOT based on science.

There’s no proof of it. And you won’t find proof of it anywhere, and Google certainly isn’t going to tell you either.

You could be the best researcher on the face of the earth and you still won’t find evidence.

It doesn’t matter how long you roam the planet in search of the evidence, it does NOT exist!

Don’t believe everything you hear, especially when someone bases it on science.

And If someone does base it on science, be sure to research and look into it yourself.

You’re safe from being fed bullshit information here on Just Be Real, deception ain’t tolerated here. 😉


3. Ask the universe and it will bring it to you

i beg of you meme e1541953103158 -

Sorry mate, but the real world doesn’t work like that.

Do you really believe If you “ask the universe” it will bring you what you desire?

Sounds like you’ve lost your mind to me, and you better go find it before it’s too late.

Ya see, this is why the secret and the law of attraction works so damn well.

Because over 90% of people don’t want to work for what they want. Most people despise hard work.

It’s so much easier to be lazy, and look for short cuts and quick fixes. But it’s pretty stupid as well.

You can’t take short cuts in life, this is not some sort of cheat code you can input into a video game.

Nope. The game of life is different. The game of life is real. And the game of life takes REAL effort to get what you desire.

Too bad If you were hoping it would be a lot easier than that. Like Grant Cardone said –

There are no short cuts to success.

And another thing he said –

Success requires hard, freakin’ work.

Nothing happens for free and nothing happens within an instant either.

Not even Amazon prime can deliver the goods that fast. Get out of la-la land and snap out of it.

Or I could come over there and smack you out of it myself, or is that a little too harsh? (Sarcasm) 😉


The “law of attraction” is a myth

There are things that the law of attraction mentions, which is true.

Like - you get what you focus on, but guess what? That was already true before the law of attraction was even conceived.

The fact that you get what you focus on has been true for hundreds of years. So It’s not necessary to call it a “law”.

When you focus on writing for example, like I am now, I can expect more writing to follow.

If a driver focuses on the road while driving, the driver can expect to focus more on it.

If you focus on a stripper shaking her booty in a strip club, that’s exactly what you’ll get more of.

If you focus on a video game while playing it…. You get it?

You don’t need a fabricated law to explain something that simple to you. Use your brain a little more, it’ll do you some good.

And sure – “thinking positive” is a good thing mentioned by the LAO as well.

BUT the missing link is ACTION.

Without action, it’s nothing but a delusion. Which is why the main concept of LAO is flawed.


Got something to say? Well, leave a comment and let it be known. 

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Sophia Holst

And law of attraction is such bullshit. If somebody believed in something that fucking retarded, they might as well just believe in a cow shitting in their mouths makes them have good luck if the shit is a golden color

Sophia Holst

I agree with you 100%. I honestly have so much respect for people who don’t believe in law of attraction.


BULLSHIT is right it’s all up to the individual and the amount of work they put into themselves for possitive changes that’s attractive LOA science? LMAO not real

Matthew King

Love this article and it’s so very true. I do think that thinking positive is always a good thing, simply because it helps keep you from the dark. A friend of mine suggested that I try the LOA when I was going through some rough times and though initially it did look good it occured to me that most of it simply didn’t make sense. It then occurred to me that my friend actually has a reputation for being quite lazy though they’re not unpleasant to anyone. Aside from anything else it also sounded like a good way to throw money away. I’m very glad I never got on board with it anyway and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought so. Thanks for the article.


I’ve been through this!

Back to reality

I m not saying that people don t have the right to believe in what they want. Yes, you do have the right to believe in this, but this belief has to be questioned when you start attacking me ! Believe all you want in LOA I won t say nothing. AS LONG AS YOU DON T TELL ME that the reason why I have for e.g. cancer is because I brought that to myself! Yes I met people who really said that babies who are sick it s because of their own fault, or that rape victims attracted that to them, or that hungry kids think negative. Unbelievable how this cult washes people s brains so much. If you re telling me that I deserve all the shit I go trough then I m also telling you that you re stupid as fuck. If you re attacking me with your positive thinking shit, implying that I attracted that to myself without even KNOWING ME then I also have the right to attack you with my facts.

Aiswarya kalaivani

I just googled ” how stupid is law of attraction?” and opened this blog. Firstly I thought nobody would be against LOA and I started to accept it thinking ” maybe they are right “. But seriously I cannot accept it. Thats why I wanted read more about it and questioned google about LOA ‘s stupidity. I am ok with the ” work hard ” part to get what you want. I cannot accept that my unhappiness is because of my thoughts and I attracted it. Everybody wants to be happy right? Me too. Then why didn’t I attract that. The comment that you ( Back to reality ) posted is agreeable and was always in my mind. Good that I got to read this content.

Back to reality

So true man. People are exasperating me with this bullshit. I had a shit life ever since I was a kid, and for this happy motherfucker hippies to come and imply that *I* wanted that it s beyond cruelty and stupidity. I can imagine manifesting at 1 year old the death of my mother (at one year old I was shitting in my pants didn t even acknowledged my existence) I can imagine manifesting growing up in foster homes and being bullied for being poor and orphan, I can imagine getting sick in my teens with a bloody painful chronic condition, I can imagine wanting and desiring being broke, ill and lonely. Are these people fucking stupid? For a while I must admit I tried this LOA shit myself because I wanted so bad to believe that maybe my fate wasn t written in the stone and this is it, that maybe all this happened for some other reason that I m just unlucky and guess what? I ended up BLAMING MYSELF. That s exactly what this motherfuckers want. If you think its exactly like religion! Blame the victim convince the victim that it s her fault to keep him/her quiet and this way everybody is happy and no more questions, no more hypocrisy to be exposed and most important to suck the victim outta money. The LOA might have worked for these writers but you know why? Because the got rich on the back of naive people buying their shit. How very dare they, to say that poor kids starve to death because they manifested that? How very dare they to say that a kidwith down s syndrome or other disability attracted that to themselves? When exactly did they attracted that? While in their mother s womb?! These people really insult our intelligence. And assuming (a stupid assumption but based on this cult belief) that a mother somehow in her deep subconscious mind feared or attracted a sick baby — and the universe gives you what you feel and think and attract, well isn t this contrary to the baby s WISHES???????! ok let s say the mother attracted a sick baby and that s what the universe gave to her, but if the baby wasn t even born and he/she had no power over this HOW IS THIS JUSTIFYING? Huh?! they say that ALL HUMAN BEINGS create their life this is babies too ! but if a baby didn t choose/thought/wanted/feared being born into sickness or poverty how is this bullshitting absurd theory standing right?! In Christianity for e.g. when priests are confronted with this question you know what they say? the parent s sins! LOL. I actually asked a priest why I had to have this life if I didn t murderer/steal/ commit other atrocities and you know what he said? the parents eat sour apples and the kids suffer the consequences !! I kid you not. When aomething bad happens when you re adult they say it s because you have sinned (in adulthood is very likely to have sinned somehow so their ”punishment” theory stands up) but when you confront them towards why babies must suffer they actually go so LOW into saying that they must pay for their parents mistakes !! LOA creators saw that people started to wake up and realise the absurdity and start questioning and then they just changed this parents’ sins theory with this ”attraction” theory. Fundamentally the same stupid theory: that it s the VICTIM S FAULT ! Wake up people: no it s not your fault you re poor: maybe you didn t had money for a proper education, or maybe you re not smart enough to be a manager or astronaut (yes the reality is that some people they re not exactly Einstein, why shouldn t be honest, it s a reality) maybe your circumstances weren t the best, and no it s not your fault you were born without legs, or with MS or who knows what else – it was just the genetics, the bad luck, that ”one of those things”. And no it s not your fault you re only 5 feet tall, maybe your parents were short and genetics never fail, and no it s not your fault you don t drive a Ferrari maybe you weren t born into the sultan s family from Brunei so therefore you can t afford it with your minimum wage. FACTS ARE REAL. Fantasy and fairy tales they re just here to entertain us. Wake up and face he reality and try to do the best you can with what you have. Stop being ridicule stop looking for signs, stop writing down ”wishes” and stop imaging yourself living in a penthouse when in reality you live in a filthy studio or a box room. It s embarrassing to be so delusional, get your dignity back and accept that it is what it is.

Nina Kapoor

Thank you for waking some people up, like myself!.
The world needs more people like you..
I am now beginning to see that All this New Age stuff is B.S! I used to be a big fan of all this Spirituality, LOA for 18+years. I have a few books on these subjects.. funny thing is My life has not got any better, am more broke, have less friends and back to single. Yet I am attracted to the finer things in life, I like to purchase expensive things and socialising and I love mating, yet I got the opposite!! I used to believe I am doing something wrong where the LOA is concerned when I was not having what I am attracted to. The LOA can somehow cause you to believe that if something goes wrong in your life, its because you attracted it e.g you was thinking about it. So I wasted a lot of years of wishful thinking in LA LA LAND trying to be positive all the time and being at peace..
Life is not always easy at all,. There is only 3 things you have to work to maintain in life, HEALTH, MONEY (work extra for, esp if you are not from a privileged background) and RELATIONSHIPS..Whatever you want in life you have to do some kind of work for it,. All I want to do now is to learn how to truly live, take more risks and set fire to all my LOA books..

Theo J Ellis

Hey Nina. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences with LAO. I appreciate it. Especially this part –

“The LOA can somehow cause you to believe that if something goes wrong in your life, it’s because you attracted it.”

That pretty much sums up the notion behind it, and I love that you pointed it out. Couldn’t agree more with everything you said regarding hard work, health and relationships! If it was as easy as wishing and thinking positive, we’d all be well off, right?

Happy to know I helped you in some way 🙂 Let me know how the FIRE goes, bet that’ll be a relief ?

Keep your head held high, I’m rooting for you.


Nice article. I came here because I have recently lost a long-time friend to the cult of the law of attraction. I see some people here saying ‘oh, no – the author just meant it in a general sense of being positive and not focusing on the negative’ (which I have no problem with!) – but the *real* law of attraction people are taking it literally and are full on nuts about ‘manifesting’, ‘pre-paving’ and ‘asking the universe for money and fame’, taking seminars and cruises and surrounding themselves with other LOA types and believing blindly in all this other hocus pocus stupidity. I’ve been listening to a friend wax on about this for two years and I can’t take it anymore. At the core of it, this kind of thinking makes you look like an arrogant, braggart, deluded, self-entitled tool to anyone who doesn’t espouse these same beliefs. Every small thing is “oh my god! Look what the universe brought to me today! I am so amazing and awesome and life is one big party and I’m already famous and rich and gorgeous!” If you’re grounded in reality, you can find no common ground with this.

Theo J Ellis

Hey Ash. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. You hit the nail on the head, and completely understood the point I made.

Sorry to hear that about your friend, that surprised me. It’s a shame so many people take the law of attraction to the extremes, and believe life is really that easy or simplistic.

You don’t get what you want or make things happen by “asking the universe” or affirming it. You get it by putting in REAL work, being useful, making an effort, applying your knowledge, working on yourself and improving the way you think.

Unfortunately, most aren’t willing to do any of that, which is why the REAL message behind the law of attraction is so attractive to those types of people who aren’t grounded in reality.


Its the same thing u said in ur other article regarding 10 beliefs that are killing u… u cant have a positive life with a negative mind..a with a negative mindset u tend to be blindfolded towards the positives happening everyday in ur life and catch on the occasional negatives…..thats wat i think the rhonda byrnes wanted to say….but as said no one size fits all….there r people who might believe it the other way….plz continue ur good work and keep us showing the light..


Ya thats agreeable…. u have to work hard for everything in this world to achieve it and taste the real pulp of success….but besides that you have to have an idea of what you want….and thinking positively about it with surity without any contradictory mayerial regarding it will only help you accept the lows of ur journey to ur dream and u by doing so you will enter a flow and enable higher levels of your intuition and look back with gratitude at those lows which helped u reach u to ur dream…..wat u said earlier is obviously true….u cannot create a bag full of money by just thinking about it….u have to work for it…..


No bro i dont think u got the crux of what she wanted to say….she just wanted you to have a positive attitude in life….irrespective of what the situation is….only then u will be able to live the present moment and achieve satisfaction and success.

She just wanted to explain how a like thought attracts another like thought and ur mind makes it ur priority and focuses only on things that satisfy that fundamental….ignoring all the other things that comes ur way……

What u think….u become…buddha… and i like u because u r real….becuase u believe in it and is trying to make people believe the same…

Theo J Ellis

I appreciate you taking your time out to read and comment, Karan.

Yes your thoughts do have an influence. But simply “thinking” about a million dollars (as the secret suggests), then expecting it to fall in your lap is delusional.

And saying to yourself “I’m slim” when you’re overweight isn’t gonna make you lose weight. It has to be followed by actions.

julius cox

Question if your still there? For the record I’m a LOA proponent.

Theo J Ellis

Yep, what’s the question?

Robert Rigsby

Nice post, I like your no nonsense views.

Theo J Ellis

Thanks for taking your time out to read it!

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