Indisputable Characteristics Of High Self Esteem No BS -

11+ Indisputable Characteristics Of High Self Esteem (No BS)


Some things can be challenged because they’re purely opinionated, subjective, and too flexible.

But things like high self esteem and the characteristics that come with it are indisputable because it’s a pattern you can see in everyone with plenty of it.

Let’s talk about it.

These are the characteristics of high self esteem:


1. Letting go of rejection, FAST

girl rejecting -

Think about it. Rejection is something everybody in this world has to face. There is no escaping that fact.

  • If you apply for a job, there is a chance you’ll be rejected for the role.
  • If you start a business, there’s a chance new customers may reject your offer.
  • If you approach that girl you like, she may turn you down.

The question is – how will you react in these scenarios?

How you deal with it will determine your self esteem, and how high your self esteem is.

Those who can let go of rejection, move forward quickly, and not let it linger are the ones with the most self esteem.

Otherwise, they’d be bogged down by the rejection and it would eat them up from the inside.


2. Being able to take criticism with a pinch of salt

criticism -

When I was 18 or even 15 years old I took criticism a lot harder than I do today. I think most people can agree with this since teenage years are rife with self esteem issues.

But ultimately, those who can take criticism, even if it’s negative or designed to make you feel small, are the ones with the highest amounts of self esteem.

It’s a clear characteristic of strong, healthy levels of self esteem in an individual.

When criticism is positive or negative, or in the grey area, and you can take it with a pinch of salt or better yet, use it to improve, you know your self esteem is high like Snoop Dogg on your average day.


3. Having faith in your ability to succeed

success message -

There’s something about people who have faith in spite of the odds, the challenges, the bullshit, and life’s ups and downs. It tells you a lot about them.

One thing it shows is high amounts of self esteem. After all, if you don’t feel good about yourself, how can you have faith or any amount of faith that can’t be shaken or broken?

  • You had a health scare and now you’re recovering.
  • Or you have health issues and the future is uncertain.
  • You were the victim of a violent, traumatic event.
  • You failed your degree in university or college.
  • You got bad grades in school.
  • Your employer fired you after 10 years.
  • You got divorced.
  • Your business collapsed.


In these situations – your faith in your ability to succeed despite the challenges speaks volumes about your self esteem levels.

Someone who can decide whether they’ll be a victim or not determines their level of self esteem and whether they have the characteristics of it.


4. Feeling good when you look in the mirror

looking in the mirror woman smiling -

When you look in the mirror, do you see ugly, hatred, disgust, beauty, happiness, satisfaction, or anything positive?

There are times when you will feel a type of way because of what’s happening in your life, but in general, if you’re not happy in the mirror you’re not happy inside either.

A happy person with tons of self esteem feels good looking in the mirror, end of story. You can fool the world, but never yourself when the mirror is looking back at you.


5. Respecting yourself, which means avoiding certain things

Self Respect on blackboard with flare and clock.

High self esteem individuals are overflowing with self respect.

They respect themselves enough to NOT go against their morals, ethics, and things they believe in.

They also hold themselves to a high standard and think highly of themselves. That’s why they won’t engage inc certain behaviours, tolerate certain types of people, or allow others to violate them.

If someone’s a racist and you tolerate their racism, how does that reflect on you? And what does it say about your self esteem if you’re OK with it?

Call it extreme, but I call it facts. Being comfortable with disrespecting others without provocation means you lack self respect on some level, and therefore, high amounts of self esteem.


6. Self-talk

positive self talk -

I admit this term is cringey, but it doesn’t change the point being made. Self-talk is the words you use to describe yourself every day, every week, month, and year.

The words you use when you think of yourself compared to the world around you.

If your self-talk includes words like:

  • I can.
  • I’m capable.
  • I’m willing.

And things of that nature, it speaks to your high self esteem. But that doesn’t mean words alone can magically hypnotize you into becoming more positive or increasing your self esteem.

It can’t in isolation. These words, phrases, and “self-talk” is a result of behaviours, habits, and choices.


7. Acknowledging compliments

compliment word combined on vintage varnished wooden surface with red heart symbol

Everybody is complimented for one thing or another. In one way or another.

People with high amounts of self esteem acknowledge compliments given by others, as well as genuinely appreciate those compliments.

I’ve never met someone who dismissed compliments and hated them who had good amounts of self esteem. Only the opposite can be true. But there is a line between self confidence and arrogance.


8. Stepping away from toxic relationships

Toxic word uner Brown torn paper with yellow background. Addictions, quit smoking and drinking, bad habits and toxic relationship concept.

Someone who respects themselves, and invests in their self esteem could never allow themselves to be stuck in toxic relationships

I mean:

  • Friendships.
  • Relationships.
  • Partnerships.

And any sort of “ship” that involves other people.

You walk away and don’t look back. Then you move on, at least until the other person heals (or if they’re someone who can be healed without reverting to toxic behaviours).

In most cases, you don’t tolerate this when you have a healthy self esteem. Walking away is healthy, even if not easy.


9. Self love, as cliche as it may seem

self love message -

Again, I know the term is cringey, but the shoe fits.

High self esteem people love themselves down the core. That means they treat themselves with respect, give themselves the best of the best, and love who they are.

The same way you’d treat somebody you love is the same way someone with high self esteem treats themselves.

Loving yourself means doing and wanting only the best for yourself.


10. Focusing on your strengths

Portrait of a young African American superhero flexing his muscles. Vanquishing evil in a single afternoon. It is never too early to be super.

High self esteem people focus on the things they’re good at and dismiss the things they’re not so good at. Because they know by focusing on your strengths, they’ll become better people and develop their skills.

Which in return will grow their self confidence and self esteem.

Focusing on your weaknesses has the opposite effect. Why? Because your weaknesses have no potential for growth.

And if you’re focused on what you’re terrible at doing, you’ll eventually be convinced you’re no good at anything.


11. Refusing to compare yourself to anyone unless it’s to encourage

3D render of Comparison, light green color and light green text with violet background.

The game of comparison is a dangerous game to play. High self esteem individuals know this because comparison leads to feelings of inferiority.

And if you feel inferior, your self esteem will suffer because of it.

High self esteem individuals compare themselves to themselves UNLESS it’s to encourage them in a positive way.

They focus on bettering themselves, challenging themselves, and being better today than they were yesterday. And that in itself continues to sustain their self esteem.


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