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3 Reasons Why People Feel Joy When They See You Fail

3 Reasons Why People Feel Joy When They See You Fail

I’d raise my hand in school to answer a question, and everybody would laugh at my wrong answer. As If I was stupid or naive.

When I worked in a biscuit company, one of the duties was cleaning and mopping the warehouse.

Apparently my “mopping” skills were pathetic, as everyone pointed fingers and laughed as if I were a clown rapping to a hip hop song.

People love to see you fail, mess up, and make a mockery of yourself.

On the surface it looked like they were getting a kick out of seeing me fail or make mistakes. But under the surface there’s a bigger, darker, deeper story as to why people in general will laugh when they see you fail.

Or why they have a a big smile on their faces as if they’re kids about to gorge on ice cream.

Why do people do things like that?

Put your swimming gear on as we dive into the 3 Reasons Why People Feel Joy When They See You Fail. 

1. Because it hurts to fail

3 Reasons Why People Feel Joy When They See You Fail

Ignoring the silly image above, failure fucking hurts. 

Right now there’s a thing called “failure porn”. And a lot of “guru’s” say things like:

failure is a good thing.

Fail fast.

Failure is wonderful. 

And every other variation of the phrase. But the truth is – it hurts to fail. And it’s not always worth it.

The same people who point fingers, laugh, and make a mockery of you when they see you fail… They know this.

They know how much it hurts to fail.

In fact they know it more than anybody else does. They just don’t know how to soothe their pains and losses in a mature way.

And so, they laugh, point fingers, and get a kick out of seeing you try and fail. Or try and fail so hard that it would take a miracle for you to pick yourself back up.

Laughing at others fail isn’t a good excuse, of course. But that is the reason they do it.

It helps patch up their flaws in such a way that you can’t see it just by looking with your eyes.


2. Because they want you to fail

“Do it for the people who want to see you fail.” – Unknown

I remember leaving a work program one day after starting my first business. The business was going well.

The day I left the work program, you should have seen the look in one of the employees faces.

He looked as if I just shot his best friend, like it was straight out of a horror movie scene.

Why? Because jealousy, that’s why.

Some people don’t want you doing any better than they are.

That’s because the majority of society measures success by status, labels and titles.

And of course, people want to feel more powerful than you. And be in a more powerful position than you are. So they can boss you around and be in control.

In the wrong hands, power and control is like make up: It hides your insecurities and self esteem issues.

This is true for parents, police officers, teachers, managers, CEO’s, older siblings, and the list goes on.


3. Because they don’t believe in themselves

3 Reasons Why People Feel Joy When They See You Fail

I never believed in myself like I do now.

I detested my pictures and the way I looked. That’s why I deleted so many photographs.

But never did I use my lack of confidence as an excuse to make a mockery of others who fail. Or to point fingers and get a kick out of it.


But that’s how the world works for some people. That’s the fucking reality of how some people are.

They’re lack of self belief is proven the moment they bathe in your despair after watching you fail or make an awful mistake.

Let’s use 50 cent as an example.

When the world declared and claimed 50 cent was bankrupt, what happened?

I’ll let these tweets do the talking for me….

You know what’s common among these people? They haven’t achieved half of what 50 cent has.

That’s why the moment it looked like he failed, everybody with half a brain was quick to laugh about it.

When you’re insecure, the best way to deal with it is to put others down when they’re at their worst.

And that’s the brutal truth behind why some people feel joy when they see you fail.

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