Stories sell. Especially when it’s raw, relatable and creative.

It all started out on the knowledge platform: Quora.

One day back in 2017 (maybe July), I seen an answer to a question:

Which startups have gained traction?” Or something along those lines…

UPDATE: Here’s the link: What early user acquisition strategy worked for your company?

The person who answered talked about a Chinese company, and what they did to gain traction by stirring Controversy. And doing something unconventional.

That unconventional thing was: Asking potential customers to destroy their old phones on video. And in exchange, the company sold their Oneplus (2014) for only $1… to 100 lucky contestants.

Another thing that’s mentioned is: they had an invite-only model, which was surprisingly successful.

Stunts like this managed to give Oneplus the attention they needed to spring into the marketplace. And become a force to be reckoned with. Courtesy of their strategy: take the best phones and package them at a lower price.


I loved this story so much, I kept Oneplus on my radar for a while

The Story Of Why I Decided To Buy The Oneplus 5

I’ve been planning on getting a new phone since sometime in late 2017. I’ve tried Sony, Samsung, iPhone and HTC. So I’ve had enough experience with all of those brands on multiple occasions.

But from everything I heard about Oneplus, I decided to go for it the moment I was ready to buy a new smartphone.

And that’s exactly what I did in 2018. I bought the Oneplus 5 and I’m not disappointed In the slightest. In fact it’s blown my expectations through the ceiling.

I value time more than most, so a speedy device means everything to me, as I can get more done and be more proactive.


And let’s not forget about Oneplus’s Catchphrase: “Never Settle”

The Story Of Why I Decided To Buy The Oneplus 5

I resonate with the slogan: never settle, because I believe in personal growth and invest in it heavily.

Settling means accepting things for how they are. But never settle means you’re constantly pushing yourself to do something bigger, better and more grandiose than you’ve ever done.

And a company that lives by that motto? It’s hard to not like or be attracted to Oneplus as a company for that reason.

That’s my story behind buying the oneplus and being interested in the company.

Hopefully they continue to “never settle” by living and breathing their slogan. And creating even better products for me to buy in the future (I’m even writing this out on my Oneplus 5).


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