Why formal education kills curiosity, creativity, and passion for learning
Why do schools kill our curiosity, creativity and passion?

How is it the average kid, teenager or millennial goes from extremely creative to un-creative after attending school, college, University?

And why is it that so few people won’t even read 1 book in an entire year?

Here’s my take on the question from personal experience and observation.


1. Redundant topics

Let’s be honest here. 90% of the topics formal education teaches you is redundant, unhelpful, and won’t contribute to the life you desire.

I was taught history and religion for example in school. As were many many other kids.

Did learning about Hitler, Henry the 8th or the queen contribute to my future in anyway?

Did it make me more successful?

Did it add value to my life?

Will a client, a customer, or even your employer ask you how well you did in “history” class? I don’t think so.

The same thing applies to all other unnecessary topics.

Kids, teenagers, and young adults should be learning about money, finance, sales, marketing and personal development.

NOT redundant topics that we can learn in our own spare time.

Learning such is a waste of 5–10–15 years of formal education. And that time can NEVER be brought back.


2. Lack of interest

Kids and teenagers don’t misbehave in school because they’re misfits, weren’t raised right or have incompetent parents.

No, that’s not the reason for their lack of interest.

Their lack of interest is because they’re being taught something that doesn’t interest them.

Not only does it not interest them, but they have NO interest in pursuing the subject they’re learning about.

Being forced to go to school to sit in a class learning about topics that have little interest to you, is bound to suck the creativity, drive, and passion for learning out of your soul.

Some will call that “discipline”, but I call that foolish.

3. Pressure tactics

Parents, teachers and society is to blame for this.

How many of your parents or teachers used pressure tactics to force you into furthering your education?

Or pressured you into getting straight A’S in maths because little Johnny and Bobby happen to be straight A students, which means you should too?

Or else you’ll only “shame” the family, and “doom” your future?

On top of that, if a kid leaves school and the whole “neighborhood” finds out, you’re bound to be looked down upon by others.

Being a musician isn’t for everybody the same way school, college or uni isn’t for everybody. All these pressure tactics need to stop.


4. Being forced to do something you don’t want to do

This point relates to point number 2.

Being forced to do something against your will encourages you to hate what you’re studying.

And that hate will drive you to hate learning, lose your creativity and become less curious.

Being forced to sit in class, do as you’re told, and have no say in the matter is also bound to crush your creativity.

Because you have no creative control. And it’s not encouraged either.

This article on the Huffington Post, written by a teenager proves my point.

Also this article on the BBC is worth reading.

What’s your take on this controversial topic? Share your thoughts!

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