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Why Do Celebrities Get Cancelled? It Comes Down To THIS

Celebrities being the famous people they are, regardless of how famous are always in one controversy or another. With threats of cancellation.

It’s like some of them can’t escape it.

Even the ones who seem more:

  • Politically correct.
  • Brand safe.
  • Tight-lipped.
  • Polite.

And those who avoid politics can still find themselves in hot water with threats of being cancelled, shut down, and having their livelihoods threatened by the WOKE mob on social media.

That leads to the question…


Why do celebrities get cancelled?

YouTube video

In a Jimmy Kimmel video called #cancelnation they go around asking people and mentioning things about celebrities. Many of these things are fake news.

You come to realize at the end of the video that people are willing to:

  • Believe in the lie.
  • Support the lie.
  • Are unsure of the truth.

Or are misinformed about what’s what as far as hearsay, rumours, and the usual BS.

Here’s my take on why celebrities get CANCELLED.


1. Haters digging up old tweets


Remember when this happened with Kevin Hart? Some years ago Kevin Hart was a lot more vocal than he is today in 2022.

These days he’s quiet, doesn’t get into politics, sticks to entertainment, and doesn’t involve himself in more serious conversations that tend to be triggering or “cancel” worthy.

The reason is simple. Twitter haters and people who had a problem with him went digging for skeletons in his Twitter closet.

They dug deep enough to find a Tweet where Kevin Hart, as they say, is being homophobic.

These two tweets in particular are the ones that were dug up on Twitter. Both were made between 2009-2011, a long time ago even by the time when the controversy happened.

This is what made Kevin Hart fall in line if you pay close attention to his public image from that point forward. He even stepped down from the Oscars and this was the beginning of those changes.

Kevein Hart Oscars Tweet Lgbt Community

Kevin Hart is a comedian so this is to be expected, or it was. Comedians touch on all kinds of subjects to turn into humor, and in the age of people being offended, it’s to be expected to see a backlash.

Surprisingly at the time, Kevin Hart REFUSED to apologize for a brief moment.


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A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real)

But of course, after a few days, the camel’s back was broken and he caved in by apologizing, stepping down, and going back on his comments in the video.

Is what Kevin Hart said right? Is it insensitive?

The point here is NOT what he said, but how people on Twitter, more so when they don’t like a person will actively dig through old tweets to find dirt on your name.

In Kevin Hart’s case, they found dirt to throw on his name because of something he actually said that warranted a response. Or in the context of this post – cancellation.

Digging up old tweets happens to many people, even those who aren’t famous every day. It’s just some don’t have anything worth being shamed for publicly, while others do.

Celebrities being at the forefront of conversation are prone to get cancelled for it though because they’re easy targets that many justify attacking because “they’re famous, so what?”.


2. Guilty until proven innocent

Jonny Depp Blazer Suit

Jonny Depp is a cautionary tale on this topic. For years he was accused of being a woman beater and of domestic violence against Amber Heard.

There was NO proof of this except a woman’s word which means nothing without due process (and vice versa).

As a result of this he lost his role in Pirates of the Caribbean, and who knows what else since that stench stuck to him for a good while.

Years later recordings came out of the conversations they had in their relationship, consensually, which is puzzling on Amber Heard’s part.

The recordings show clearly how abusive, manipulative, triggering, and dangerous Amber Heard was and how she was the problem in the relationship to an overwhelming degree.

YouTube video

After the pandemic, this went even further after it turned into a court case and trial to prove Jonny Depp’s innocence, which he succeeded in as the world got to see the truth of who she is and how vindictive he was being.

She was diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder) and a portion of women still ran with the lie that Jonny Depp is an abuser despite the facts.

The mainstream media was no better on some level as well, both prior and after the fact.

Guilty until proven innocent is the tune celebrities in particular are forced to ace because news spreads fast, and even after the truth is revealed some run with the narrative of them being guilty.

This leads to my next point of why celebrities get CANCELLED.


3. People believe the lie more than the truth


[/one_half] [one_half_last]


Justin Bieber and Chris Brown went through similar things in the last few years because of the internet. Both were accused of something by no-name accounts on Twitter.

Or people who have no validity or credibility whatsoever to their claims.

As is the case with brainless zombies who don’t think in our society, people ran with the lie for a short period of time.

It was only “short” because the accusation was exposed to be exactly that: a lie. And their name was cleared.

Just imagine if they couldn’t clear their name though. That’s the danger of people who don’t think and choose to run with the lie because it’s more entertaining despite how detrimental it is to a person’s life.

The life of a celebrity in this case.

This happens to people more often than people want to believe, especially to those without power, influence, fame, or financial resources (everyday people).


4. Too much audacity

Aries Spears Tiffany Haddish

The latest example of this is the whole Tiffany Haddish/Aries Spears situation…. A circumstance where people are showing their double standards for the woman more than the man.

But that’s only true for celebrity ass-kissers and industry people, NOT society in general.

It all started because of Aries Spears, a celebrity and comedian in the USA who’s been in the industry for decades.

In a video posted on YouTube, Aries Spears was interviewed and asked a question about Lizzo’s music. And he decided to respond by talking about Lizzo’s weight and how she looks like the sh*t Emoji.

YouTube video

He continued to go in and berate, diss, and make fun of Lizzo, but regardless of his intent Lizzo fans took it personally and it blew up all over the internet.

Mainly Twitter.

A week later if not less, a new video surfaced that Aries Spears haters dug up showing him and Tiffany Haddish in a comedy skit from around 2012-2013.

In the video, Aries Spears is seen rubbing oil on a kid, and Tiffany Haddish took part in this skit knowing the content of it and how it was all filmed.

Both celebrities have been cancelled, literally, with Tiffany saying she isn’t being booked, and Aries Spears who’s been quiet with no features or support ever since (publicly) as of October 2022.

It was all a creative disaster gone wrong with too much audacity that got them cancelled.


5. Sensitivity being at an all-time high


[/one_half] [one_half_last]

YouTube video

And then we have the Jenna Marbles situation from 2020-2021. A time during the pandemic when everyone seemed to be getting cancelled, and a lot happened overall in the media.

Jenna Marbles is known as the YouTube girl who’s been around since like 2010 and makes funny videos about all sorts of topics, including entertainment, hip hop, life in general, etc.

Jenna Marbles Blackface Nicki Minaj Impression

She made a particular video where she put makeup on, and the end result was her being criticized for wearing BLACKFACE by the Twitter mob in the USA.

In reality from my perspective and many rational people, this cancellation of Jenna Marbles was uncalled for and not at all justified.

In the end, though she cancelled herself by quitting YouTube for good because of the incident, but not before copyright striking other channels who tried jumping into the conversation with their own videos.

In the end, celebrities get cancelled for a lot of reasons. But it usually comes down to a variation of these reasons.

At times it might be justified in the case of someone who’s racist, extremely hateful towards a group of people, or some other form of extremism. But often it’s NOT justified at all.

Being the face of entertainment comes with that kind of beef and as mentioned in point #5, sensitivity is at an all-time high now.


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