Why Being Made Redundant Changed Me For The Better

“Setbacks motivate me.” – Lindsey Vonn

Before I was made redundant and singled out for no fault of my own, I worked at Mc Vities.

If you don’t know who Mc Vities is, they’re a massive biscuit company in the UK.


Before it happened

Mcvities Levenshulme

I started working at Mc Vities in the new year of 2012, January.

The main role of the job was to clean up the remains of chocolate on the convey belts they’d pass through.

This had to be done from 8 in the morning all the way until 6PM. 2 Days a week.

I had to wear blue overalls that resembled prison uniform and a hair net looking like Snoop Dogg when he wears that “Auntie” hat on his head.

man in blue jacket walking on pedestrian lane during daytime
Illustration only.

I also wore blue gloves and steel black boots. Whilst being watched by cameras in the warehouse 24/7 like area 51.

A month or so in and I was already experiencing racism, and 4 months into the job (April) I was starting to be singled out by my own work colleagues.

Probably because I didn’t get in on the gossip, bitching, moaning, and negativity they seemed so fond of. And then it happened.

Someone obviously spread false rumours and fairy tales about me doing this and doing that, and my supervisor started going ballistic.

Shouting, stressing, screw facing… I’m like, are you fucking serious? Then he wanted me to leave, claimed I’m fired, and that I shouldn’t come back.

So that’s exactly what I did as I dashed the keys at the bastard. Burying him 6 feet under would have been idealistic (figure of speech) but I’m not stupid.

Little did I know later that day, that experience was about to change me forever.

I had my first “a-ha” moment. A strong epiphany.


Here’s why being made redundant changed me:


1. It forced me to shift my mindset

retain your brain image

At the time I couldn’t believe how bullshit It was and how easily it happened to me. That alone made me realize how dangerous it is to rely on a job.

I already knew that because I always wanted to get into business, but that was hard evidence, basically.

It made me realize how easily anybody can be sacked, even if it’s no fault of your own. And how dumb it is to put all your trust and security into someone else’s hands.

I didn’t like that feeling or knowing that fact. And it completely changed the way I thought from that point on. Yeah I was already on my way (I was making money online with retail) but this forced me to go in 100%.

I don’t want to give away my power to someone who could tarnish that power and throw it back in my face. And then basically give me the middle finger without hesitation.

I loved the new me, and it’s all thanks to my redundancy.

Life Lesson: Don’t depend upon one thing.


2. It forced me to break out of my comfort zone

YouTube video

Up until I was made redundant I was too comfortable for my own good.

I knew no better, was a little naive. Even If it was a risk I knew would benefit me.

Losing my job forced me to take actions I’d never taken before. And forced me to do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

AND it forced me to look at money and success in a new light.

That lead me to study money, business, finances, financial IQ, assets, investing and personal development which has changed me from the inside out.

Life Lesson: Challenge your thinking.


3. It forced me to work on myself

If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development. – Brian Tracy

Before I was made redundant I hardly ever worked on myself. I never read up on the meaning of success. I never read anything about business.

The latter wasn’t so bad because I was out on the field of business, selling, buying, and getting direct experience from that. But the “other” business stuff I never learned about.

I was ghetto as F basically.

I never read anything about improving yourself, your mindset, your skills, or reaching your potential.

I never committed to self development, consistent learning, or developing good habits. And I’m serious when I say I had never bought even 1 book in my life until I was fired.

That’s how massive the transition was for me. It was as if I died and come back to life in another man’s shoes.

Life Lesson: Commit to self improvement.


4. It forced me to take responsibility

This is the sign you've been looking for neon signage

A responsible person learns their lesson after making a mistake. An irresponsible person repeats the same mistake causing the same problems to occur.

That was the first time I was made redundant, and I committed to making sure it was the last time. And I committed to taking different sets of actions to bring about different results.

I took responsibility for my actions and didn’t blame anybody else for my redundancy. My irresponsibility caused the problem, so I took responsibility and dealt with it.

I could have cried, bitched, moaned, whined and complained about it but I didn’t. Instead of playing victim, I played saviour.

Life Lesson: Get over it and don’t be a little bitch.


5. It gave me a reality check

“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.” – Jack Welch

I don’t know what it feels like to be hit by a speeding car, but I can bet it’s similar to being hit by reality. And the reality is things don’t always go as planned just because you wish them to.

The reality is life can be a bitch whether you treat her well or not.

The reality is If you’re expendable you WILL be fired and you WILL be made redundant. And the reality is just because you deserve to be treated nicely doesn’t mean you will be.

white and black i am a good day print card

There are bastards out there.

Some are evil, some are deceptive, some have an ulterior motive and some are out to fuck you in so many words.

And some could care less about what happens to you. And that includes your boss, your manager, your colleague and your supervisor. It goes beyond that as well.

Face reality for what it is and you won’t have to be surprised when shit hits the fan and turns your world upside down.

Life Lesson: Stop kidding yourself.

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What a lovely read! Really makes a lot of sense and gives one the gusto to go out there and kick some ****! thanks for bringing this out..being in a similar field and with a similar passion, this just feels so reassuring that there are people out there who want others to live by their spark and just bust out on the scene! 🙂 keep going.

Theo J Ellis

You hit the nail on the head, Mana. Glad I was helpful 🙂 Make it a great 2017 and make it happen!


Oh! Theo this is just awesome.Came just in time.You have boosted my desire for self-improvement again bro. Thanks.

Theo J Ellis

Hey Emmanuel. That’s great man! I’m happy to hear it’s helped you out 🙂 Appreciate your comment

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