When You Feel Like Giving Up, Avoid Doing This

That sinking feeling you get when you feel like giving up.

When your energy levels, passion and enthusiasm drops like a bird being shot out of the sky.

We all experience it because we’re not perfect.

We all have “off” days where things aren’t going as planned.

Or where we feel like we’re constantly running into a brick wall, trying to figure it out.

These are the times you need to avoid making mistakes I’m about to get into.

Making just 1 of these mistakes can cost you your happiness, your dreams and your goals combined.

1. Asking a quitter for advice

“All quitters are good losers.” — Unknown

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here.

A quitter is not someone who’s quit a profession or something of the sort.

A quitter is someone who’s given up on their dreams, goals, their PURPOSE and worst of all, themselves.

When you feel like giving up the first thing you want to do is AVOID asking a quitter for advice.

As it’s the stupidest thing you’ll regret doing.

If they’ve quit, then what valuable advice do they really have to offer you?

Apart from encouraging you to quit, settle, and the classic — “at least you tried” nonsense?

Never let your feelings get in the way of your logic. Which leads me to my next point….

2. Making emotional decisions

Making decisions when your mind is unclear is a dangerous thing to do.

It’s the types of decisions people almost always regret later down the line. Whether it be a week, a month, a year, a decade or more into the future.

When you feel like giving up, take a logical approach. Look at it logically, never emotionally.

Weigh up the pro’s and cons. Look at the facts. Look at what’s real.

But never get caught in your emotions as it may end up clouding your judgment.

3. Asking the wrong questions

Asking questions such as — “why won’t this work? Why is this happening?” is the wrong kind of question to ask.

“Why” questions of this nature are victim questions. They victimize rather than problem solve.

Questions like:

  1. What can I do to get the results I want?
  2. Who can help me solve the problems I’m facing?
  3. What approach can I take that’ll help me achieve my goals?
  4. How can I Improve my chances of succeeding?

Questions like these are a LOT better than “why me, poor me” types of questions.

The trick is to turn what seems like a negative into a positive.

Then you’ll have something productive to think about that’ll help you on your journey, rather than something negative that only serves to make you feel like shit.

4. Disregarding your purpose, your drive

The most important thing to focus on is your purpose, your motivation and your reasons when you feel like quitting.

Without any real reasons to pursue what you’re pursuing, you’re guaranteed to quit.

50 Cent became 50 cent because he refused to let setbacks, like almost losing his life get in the way of his drive.

The same can be said about Chingy, a St Louis rapper who wanted to quit before making it big and going triple platinum. (Music sales)

Always keep your reasons at the top of your mind and in focus.

Write down your WHY.

Write down your reasons and write down the rewards you can expect.

Let that refuel your motivation, drive and determination when you feel like giving up.

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