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The Creepiest Thing Society Accepts As A Cultural Norm

The Creepiest Thing Society Accepts As A Cultural Norm

There’s nothing more tolerated in our society than mediocrity itself.

Imagine walking down the street and shouting;

  • I want to get rich.
  • I want to be great.
  • I want to make millions of dollars.
  • My goal is to become a successful artist.

or something of the sort.

Imagine the perplexed look on people’s faces.

The disdain, disgust, and the disappointment they’d have for you.

Why? Because mediocrity is safe.

For the most part, society expects it of you, and demonizes anybody who tries to rise above it.

And that applies to ALL areas of life.


7 Common things you’ll hear the “average” person say:


1. Just have enough to pay the bills

The Creepiest Thing Society Accepts As A Cultural Norm

Then a week later the same person giving that advice is complaining, bitching and blaming others.

You can’t say “pay the bills” and then cry about the repercussions of your thinking.

That’s like making your own bed and not wanting to sleep in it.


2. Just settle for what you have and be happy

Ya know what’s funny about this?

The same people who say this are so unhappy with their lives, they look dead inside.

Like walking zombies. Or better yet – the living dead.


3. Not everybody is lucky, so quit ahead while you can

People who come out with such nonsense have quit on themselves, given up, and will live to regret their decisions.

And their lives are so miserable you’d be a fool to be part of it.

All you’ve got to do is observe for yourself, and the proof will speak louder than words.


4. Wanting more for yourself is a bad thing

The Creepiest Thing Society Accepts As A Cultural Norm

But is it? Only a mediocre minded person would spout this nonsense.

If the same people who say this had the chance to win the lottery, they’d take it in a heart beat.

But of course they’d rather settle for less. And then make excuses about “more” being a bad thing.

How convenient.

Having “more” money, success, happiness and joy sounds good to me.

And I advocate it. That way I can actually make useful contributions and a real difference.


5. Settle down and stop dreaming big. It’s unrealistic

The Creepiest Thing Society Accepts As A Cultural Norm

The same people who think realistically would jump at the “unrealistic dream” if it was handed to them on a plate.

But of course society brainwashes us to think this way. So it’s only natural.

“Unrealistic” beats doing things that are realistic, boring, fruitless and average.


6. Who do you think you are? You can’t be successful

“The ambitious are criticized by those that have given up.” – Grant Cardone

What they’re really saying is they themselves have accepted mediocrity…

And because they didn’t succeed there’s no way you can or should be more successful than they are.

Nobody wants you being even an inch more successful than they are.

And so they implant these diseases into your mind. Better known as detrimental bullshit.


7. You can’t get a girlfriend/boyfriend like that. Your standards are too high

The Creepiest Thing Society Accepts As A Cultural Norm

And finally – the “girlfriend/boyfriend” excuse.

What happens is most people go looking for the “right” partner in their lives.

And when they face a certain amount of rejections, they lower their target.

And this is followed by excuses they decide to buy-into.

And then they push those excuses onto others, claiming you’re not good enough to get an X,Y,Z type of partner.

Because they themselves have settled for someone less than what they’d like.

And aren’t content as a result.


Mediocrity is the biggest, creepiest thing society accepts as a cultural norm.

There’s no exception.

It’s everywhere, regardless of what you are, where you are, or where you’re born.

And I for one refuse to accept it or welcome it with open arms.

What about you?


  1. Haha, so true Theo.

    I do get why they do that though. Trying to achieve something takes lots of work and costs tons of frustration, so not many people try to reach for something more than mediocre.

    If you’re the one that tries, you’re making them feel guilty, so now they have a choice: we either roll up the sleeves and try to match your level of ambition, or we watch telly on the sofa and try to keep you with us, so your potential success won’t make us feel worthless.

    I have to confess I used to be a sofa guy too at some point 😉

    • That’s the thing Radek, I think most of us start as “the sofa guy” or at least the equivalent. But not many of us are willing to snap out of it and take it further. We’re conditioned NOT to “go” for it after all.

      It’s easier to sit on the sidelines and criticize the players, instead of being the player and getting on the field. 😉

      Thanks for sharing, loved your thoughts on the topic!


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