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What Naysayers Can Teach You About Success

What Naysayers Can Teach You About Happiness


“Ignore donkeys and other naysayers!” ― Mary Buchan

What’s your experience been like when dealing with naysayers? And how do you deal with them?

Here’s an example of what one person said via comments on an episode of Shark Tank. 

That ugly Asian at the end needs to shut up. That pansy guy let her make the decision n all the dumb talking and she blew it. That guy needs to stand up n give her a big tight slap to shut her up. Poor decisions from her only. Plus it’s a stupid invention. Wot the hell is that anyway?!

Pretty brutal right? But that’s exactly what’s to be expected of a naysayer. It’s likely that the person saying it –

  1. Has no success, no matter how big or small.
  2. Isn’t even pursuing success to begin with.
  3. Doesn’t use their time productively (blatantly).

And that goes for the rest of the naysayers who say similar things across hundreds of YouTube videos.

Here’s what naysayers can teach you about success.


1. If you’re a hater, you’ll never be successful

Haters never win. I just think that’s true about life, because negative energy always costs in the end. – Tom Hiddleston

The quote above is no joke. I hate to use the word “Impossible” but if you’re a hater, it’ll be impossible for you to be successful. It’s basic psychology.

If you hate something or someone, you’ll delete them from your life. The same can be said about success.

If you hate on somebody who’s more successful than you are, you’ll never be as successful as they are.

And If you hate on somebody who’s in the successful position you’d like to be in, you’ll never get there.

I don’t like people who spout negativity 24/7 and find pleasure in putting other people down. So I’m never going to be around those types of people.

You can’t have something you don’t like! And you won’t surround yourself with things you hate either.


2. It’s easier to hate than it is to achieve

I only feel sorry for weak people. And mostly what I’ve come to find is that the weak people are the ones that are the haters. – R. Kelly

It’s easier to wallow in negativity and spit venom on others, than it is to go out there and be successful.

And that’s why so many people do it. What a damn shame!

There’s something I like to say a lot and it goes like this.

The easier it is, the less rewarding it will be.

Picking out other people’s faults, especially those who are creating success, is a lot easier than setting goals and putting in the work to achieve those goals.

If you expect to achieve any level of success, stop hating and start dedicating.


3. You can’t hate and succeed at the same time

Focus on remedies, not faults. – Jack Nicklaus

The remedy is success, the fault is hate. And even though people love to try to multi task, you can’t hate and succeed at the same time. 

It’s like expecting your life to be positive when you’re doing nothing but spreading negativity.

It wont happen, and can’t happen,


4. Success and haters don’t mix

Notice how those who are pursuing success have a positive attitude?

They support each other, are positive towards each other, and choose to uplift rather than bring others down.

Successful people surround themselves with positive people, and people who will inspire and motivate them to do great things.

Naysayers surround themselves with naysayers so they can destroy and rip apart a successful person’s character or image.

Just like Ketchup and ice cream or curry and milk, success and haters don’t mix.



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  1. Still baffles me how much energy some people put in to picking to pieces the thoughts and lives of complete strangers – people that they have never even met and probably never will! People are different – end of story. Accept it and move on. If the haters and negative thinkers would stop wasting their time judging others, instead redirecting their energy into their own lives and becoming more positive, imagine what an amazing world we would live in.

    • I hear ya! People direct their energy into the wrong things. And being negative doesn’t exactly make life better for the person doing it, only worse.

      But it’s our job to be positive and create a positive impact to make a difference.

      Thanks for commenting, Danii.


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