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What Michelle Mone Has Taught Me About Life And Business

What Michelle Mone Has Taught Me About Life And Business

What Michelle Mone Has Taught Me About Life And Business

UK entrepreneur Michelle Mone is the founder of successful lingerie brand – Ultimo.

I’ve been on my personal development journey for over 2+ years now.

1 year before I started, I discovered Michelle Mone through a business documentary by Peter Jones.

Since watching that documentary, learning about her struggles and successes, I’ve learnt a ton from her. Both in the areas of life and business.

In fact, she was one of the inspirations for me as I was getting into and studying the world of business.

There’s a lot you can learn from this woman so pay close attention.


1. It’s more about what you DO, and less about your upbringing

Michelle Mone grew up in poverty, on the east end of Glasgow where people believed nobody could make it successful.

Not only that, the flat she grew up in didn’t even have a bath.

She had to go to the swimming baths on a weekly basis as a result to bathe.

It was these grim experiences that gave her the drive and determination to be successful.


There are no excuses

If Michelle Mone can go through those types of experiences and come out on top, you and I can too.

So many people on this planet make excuses, justify their situations, settle and blame others.

But there are no excuses. Stop blaming your circumstances, the area you grew up in and your upbringing.

None of that matters. It’s what you DO that counts the most. That’s the lesson here.


2. Entrepreneurship is NOT for the soft-hearted

Entrepreneurship is brutal, vicious, hard fucking work, fierce, tough, unforgiving, and challenging.

When Michelle Mone started Ultimo, she faced setbacks that would have had the average person giving up completely.

After all, she was in over £100,000+ in debt, and had nothing more than £500 left to her name.

But even under all that financial pressure, she composed herself and came out on TOP! Then crushed the obstacles that were standing in her way.


What would you do in that situation?

Most people would have given up before it even got to that point, but not Michelle.

The life lesson here is – if you’re not serious or prepared to do whatever it takes, don’t bother going into business.

It’s no walk in the park.


3. You don’t need “good grades” to be successful

Michelle Mone left school with NO education whatsoever. She didn’t pass her exams with flying colors or anything of the sort.

Yet she’s now a multi-millionaire, speaks all over the world and is living the life she committed to living.


“Go to school, get good grades, get a formal education” is a myth

What your parents, family, cousins, aunties, friends and school teacher told you is a myth.

Good grades have nothing to do with running a successful business or being successful in life.

You don’t need some fool with a “title” telling you what you can and can’t do based on your exam results.

The only person who can determine your capabilities is YOU. Self education is the best education.


4. You’re responsible for your own success

When Michelle Mone was in high school, she told her teacher she wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Her teacher basically told her “that’s stupid, you won’t ever be able to do that. You can’t”.

Just imagine if Michelle Mone believed the words her teacher told her. One things for sure, I wouldn’t be writing this article.


Don’t let the critics define your success

There are many people in this world who were either close to being successful, or would have if they persevered.

But many of them quit along the way based off of what some critic or naysayer put into their heads.

Don’t let that person be you. Only you can define your own success and you’re 100% responsible for it.


5. Be prepared for the worst, or suffer the consequences

A few years ago Michelle Mone found out her husband was cheating on her with one of Michelle’s friends.

Not only did her husband walk out on her, but he was also a partner in the company she founded.

So Michelle had to “buy him out” of the company to get rid of him, losing a couple of £ million in the process.

And worse. She went through a lot of heartache and pain as you can imagine.


Preparation is a necessity

Had she not been a savvy business woman and misused her money, buying out her husband could have destroyed her financially.

The same applies to me and you.

If you’re not prepared in life or business, when the worst happens, it could turn your life upside down within the click of a finger.

Always prepare for the worst so you can avoid unnecessary pain and suffering.


6. You HAVE to think BIG to achieve BIG

When Michelle Mone was over £100K in debt with £500 to her name, she took her product to selfridges.

(In case you don’t know, selfridges is a big luxury brand in the UK).

After some persuasion, they accepted her product and were more than pleased with the results.

The rest is history. This move catapulted her success to where she is today.


Thinking small could have put Michelle out of business

Just imagine if she decided to NOT go to selfridges at all. And Instead thought on a small scale instead of thinking big.

There’s a good chance the opportunity wouldn’t have been big enough. And she wouldn’t have accomplished what she has.

Donald Trump has said this before. –

If you’re going to be thinking anything, you may as well think big. – Donald Trump

  • You can’t expect to reach more people on your blog if you write once a month.
  • You can’t expect to make millions if you’re scared of losing £1000.
  • You can’t expect to be famous if you’re scared of being criticized.
  • You can’t expect to finish writing your book if you only write 100 words per day.

You have to think big to achieve big. That’s the life lesson here.


7. You have to take risks to get what you want

Going back to the fact she started a business is a risk in itself. And that risk put her in over £100,000 in debt because she was determined to develop her product.

Had she not taken such a massive risk she wouldn’t have achieved massive results.


The easier it is, the less rewarding it will be

Every risk has its challenges, just as every decision has its pluses and minuses.

But If you’re not willing to take risks, you’ll have to settle for what you’ve got.

There’s no success or big accomplishments without some level of risk involved. That’s the lesson here!


I’ll finish up this post with a quote from Michelle Mone.

What Michelle Mone Has Taught Me About Life And Business


What life and business lesson can you relate to the most? 


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