The Consequences Of Low Self Confidence You MUST Avoid

The Consequences Of Low Self Confidence You MUST Avoid 1 1 -

Low self-confidence can bring you a whole world of problems in all areas of your life.

It’s called consequences.

Let’s talk about the main consequences of low self confidence that are worth avoiding.

Also, HOW to avoid it in the first place.


1. You’ll never summon up the courage to start a business

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So many people want to start businesses but never will because of fear. And of course, because they lack confidence, courage, and the audacity to take action.

The same is true for people who want to experience certain holidays, countries, experiences, and more. They never get around to doing it because they lack courage which is a consequence of low confidence.

Time is a factor. Act fast and don’t debate it, and before you know it your confidence will grow steadily into it morphs into something you never even thought was possible.


2. You’ll never do the things you want to do, consistently


Instead, you’ll do more of the things you hate, dislike, can’t stand, aren’t concerned about, and have no real desire to do.

That will leak into your jobs, career, and even business if you’re not careful.

It can also leak into your marriage, relationships, friendships, associate relationships, and a ton more.


3. Your voice won’t be heard loud and clear

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Nobody cares about people who don’t voice their opinions, who don’t speak up, who don’t put their hand out in school when answering questions from the teacher, or people who always hold back.

Notice how people care the moment you have something to say? That’s a result of confidence.

Have a voice, ignore the criticism, and you’ll be more at peace with yourself and your new found confidence.


4. You’ll find It difficult to build trust in relationships, friendships, etc


This one is a given even if you have self confidence. It’s a shame that there are people in this world willing to betray without shame, cause distrust without embarrassment, and be disloyal without a second thought.

That said, if you have low confidence this becomes worse since it will affect your mental health, sense of being, and more.

Confidence allows you to trust again, or be willing to trust regardless of the outcome  (without being naive or foolish).


5. You’ll get in the way of the career you want


There’s a career out there for everyone, but not if you lack confidence. Because then you won’t even bother to make the effort to go after the things you want, the career you want, and the life you want.

Nobody wants that.


6. Your fears will stop you from achieving more than you’re capable of

face everything and rise fear -

The 6th consequence of low self confidence is fear standing in the way like a security guard outside of a nightclub. In fact, more like a military soldier guarding a military base.

The challenge is immense, and it will make you miserable in the long run since you’ll never get what you want, and that means never being able to have true happiness.


7. Nobody will ever get to see your true characteristics


Your characteristics come out of the closet when you have self confidence. Only when a person is confident do you see them shine brightly, and their personality seeps out.

Like the quiet kid who all of a sudden gets talkative and passionate when talking about something he loves.  Even though he’s usually quiet, aloof, and uncaring.

The difference is when you have confidence in yourself this side of you will be more consistent and noticeable. And that will help you.


8. You won’t be able to inspire, motivate, or influence others

inspire -

How can anyone be inspirational without any level of confidence? The only time this works is when you’re honest, vulnerable, and open to doing your best to be a more confident person, etc.

Making things relatable if not confident is powerful, but once you gain it, a person becomes even more powerful and capable of influencing, inspiring, and motivating others.


9. You’ll be less attractive (in all ways you can think of)


Women love self confidence in men. And it’s not as if men can find confidence attractive in women.

What about as an employer when you have a potential hire who has confidence?  Much better than the guy or girl without it, though that’s not the end of the world either (the latter).

How about people who make YouTube videos?  The confident one gets a lot of attention.

That’s just the way it is. It doesn’t have to be charismatic, only confident. That alone makes you more appealing regardless of where that confidence is directed to.


10. The passion behind your words will be weaker


Confidence and passion go hand in hand. You usually don’t have one without the other. Public speakers show this when they’re passionate about their topics, they also have confidence to match.

This point is less about speaking and more about believing. If you don’t believe the words coming out of your mouth, your actions will prove it.

That is a consequence of low confidence.  Once you have it,  that relationship changes.


11. Self doubt will be more overwhelming and problematic

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Self doubt kills dreams, goals, actions, and desires. Imagine shooting yourself in the foot and wondering why you can’t walk.

Well, that’s exactly what it’s like when you have self doubt. You stop yourself from walking, making a move, moving forward, or taking that first step of so many.

You never get around to the”doing” because doubt keeps you chained to the ground.


12. You’ll avoid situations that involve the possibility of rejection

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Rejection isn’t a nice feeling and that is why so many people avoid it. Whether it’s approaching that girl you like a lot, or going after that job with a higher salary, or asking for a higher salary.

Not to mention pricing your product higher than usual, or daring to ask a client for a higher amount of money.

Rejection is part of the deal. It may work, you may get what you want, and you may not. But rejection isn’t the end. It’s just part of the process of getting what you want and being confident in yourself.


13. You’ll achieve a lot less than you’re capable of as a result


Before you can achieve something, you need the audacity to believe you can achieve it. Otherwise, how could you ever move forward and up towards the thing you want?

You can’t.

That’s a consequence of low self confidence and why it must be addressed.


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