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What Is Travelling Manc?

Travelling manc is the name I came up with for a domain to document my travels nationally and internationally.

Originally it was to cover UK culture, but I’m going above and beyond since I travel anyway.

My goal is to share my:

  • Travel experiences.
  • Perspective.
  • Ideas.
  • And opinions.

From the unique eyes of a black man who is:

  • British by country.
  • Jamaican by background.
  • Mancunian by accent (Manchester).

While dealing with skin conditions like Hidradenitis which has to be managed, as culture shocks, fun times, and reactions from others as I travel being the person I am.

There aren’t many black people covering and sharing their ideas or perspectives who travel the world, and yet there are many of them.

I’m just playing my part in the bigger picture.

Few facts about me:

  • I travel around the world.
  • I’ve failed in business and started over.
  • I’m from Levenshulme, Manchester.
  • I’m taller than you.
  • I don’t conform and my opinions might piss you off.


What you can expect


  • Analysis posts.
  • In-depth content.
  • Opinionated pieces.
  • Comparison posts.

And of course, the behind the scenes, documented experiences as I see it from place to place, face to face, country to country.

Let’s do this shit.

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