10 Toxic Words You Need To Flush Down The Toilet

toxic poison image
toxic poison image

How would you react If I told you we use between 7000 – 20,000 words every damn day?

Well, that’s what sites like the daily mail claim, but here’s the thing.

If you’re using thousands of words on a daily basis and most of those words are negative, you’re digging your happiness an early grave.

Words have power. Words have enough power to immobilize you, ruin your dreams or inspire you.

Words can influence you, or kick your confidence down a few levels.

Words are powerful enough to make you happy, or bring on depression. Hence: “I hate myself” – you hear these words from people whose souls have been crushed, all the time.

Nobody’s perfect and you don’t need to be, but that’s no excuse to let your words kick you in the ass.

After you identify these 10 Toxic Words, you can happily change your vocabulary. Along with your actions a lot easier.


1. I Can’t

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This has to be the worst word on the list. And the thing is, WAY too many of us use this word multiple times within a day.

As innocent as it may seem (because it’s just words), it’s doing more damage to you than you realize.

Psychology today published an article about this.

Can’t implies that you lack the ability to do something.

And If you keep implying you lack the ability to do something, how the hell do you expect to do it?

That’s like feeling ugly and calling yourself pretty. It wont work!

Replace the words “I can’t” with “I can” and say it EVERYDAY. And don’t just say it everyday, behave like it everyday.

You’ll be surprised at the results If you stick to it. I was!


2. I’m Ugly

A strange thing, words. Once they’re said, it’s hard to imagine they’re untrue. – Sharon Biggs Waller

You’ve probably known someone who’s considered themselves ugly. Maybe you’re the person who considers yourself ugly.

The words “I’m ugly” can cause serious damage to your confidence. I’d know.

I was told I was ugly every week for years in high school.

Feeling ugly will stop you from asking someone out.

Carrying around the feeling of ugliness will stop you from promoting yourself online.

Feeling detestable will stop you from uploading pictures and posting them online.

That feeling of ugliness will rob you of your happiness.

Feeling ugly in your own skin will spawn cold-hearted jealousy. Believing you’re ugly will stop you from socializing with others, or even going outdoors.

No matter what bullshit anybody has told you about yourself, or how many people have called you ugly, that’s their opinion.

Opinions aren’t facts, so feel free to kick the words “I’m ugly” out of your mental dictionary.

It’s doing you no good anyways.


3. I’m Poor

Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life.

If you keep telling yourself you’re poor, you’ll forever be poor. You can’t expect to be successful, or better your financial situation with a “I’m Poor” mindset.

Just like a pessimist can’t expect to live a positive lifestyle.

Instead of “I’m poor” try this. –

  • I’m dedicated to improving my financial situation.
  • I’m overcoming my financial situation.
  • I’m focused.
  • I’m working towards financial freedom.

See the difference? You’ve got to turn a negative into a positive.

Poor is a mindset, and by believing you’re poor you’ll behave in a way that validates it.


4. I Can’t Afford It

Instead of “I can’t afford it”, ask “how can I afford it”.

As difficult as this sounds, asking “how can I afford it” will make all the difference. Like I’ve said earlier, what you affirm eventually becomes true.

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. Robert Kiyosaki did the same thing in his early days.

Asking “how can I afford it” made an eventual difference to his financial health.

So instead of complaining about what you can’t afford, ask – how can I afford it?

Questions spark answers, and asking questions in an attempt to solve your problems is better than bitching about it.

The only thing bitching will do is create more bitching. And more bitching causes more problems, not solutions.

Other words you can use instead of “I can’t afford it” are. –

  • I choose not to buy this yet.
  • I can buy it, but I’m choosing not to.
  • I can afford it, but I’ll buy it at a later date.
  • I can buy this, but It’s not important right now.


5. I’m Stupid

This is especially true for students, and people in general. You may have failed your GCSE’S.

You may have failed your college degree.

You may have failed your business. You may have failed to achieve whatever you set out to achieve, but that’s no reason to believe you’re stupid.

There’s a difference between making stupid mistakes and being stupid.

  • STUPID DEFINITION – lacking intelligence or common sense.
  • MISTAKES DEFINITION – an act or judgement that is misguided or wrong.

I failed my school exams. I never did too well academically. I left school without major qualifications. But that doesn’t mean I’m stupid, does it?

Walt Disney failed so much in the early days of building Disney. He even went bankrupt at some point.

I’m pretty sure he felt “stupid” but he kept going. Because his mistakes didn’t define him.

If I truly believed that I would have given up on life by now, and I wouldn’t have made so much progress.

We’ve all made mistakes, so don’t confuse BEING stupid with MAKING stupid mistakes.


6. I Have No Talents

Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads. – Erica Jong.

Where you’re from has nothing to do with what you’re capable of. I don’t care what background you’re from, where you grew up, or what your upbringing was.

None of that foolishness really matters. Because everybody is born with talents and natural abilities.

You just don’t realize it because you believe you have no talents, of course.

You can’t do something you don’t believe in!

I was born in Manchester. Not the best part either. It’s deprived at best and not the kind of area I’d recommend someone live.

And yet – here I am running a blog that’s been featured in roundups dozens of times.


Where you’re from means little to your skill-sets or talents

When your friends, family or associates compliment you, pay attention.

When you’re told you’re skilled at something, pay attention. When people are wowed by whatever it is you’re doing, pay attention.

That’s your talents on display.

And If that’s not enough, try this –

  1. Write down the things you find easy to do.
  2. Write down the things you enjoy doing.
  3. Write down the bobbies that make you happy.

Or take these tests to help you with self-awareness:

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7. I’m Worthless

You can’t expect to feel fantastic and on top of the world If you’re feeling like a worthless piece of… shit.

If you’ve read bullshit blogs and books that claim all you have to do is “think” positive, they’re half-liars.

Thinking positive and feeling positive are two different things, especially when you’re feeling worthless.

The real solution is this….

  • Do something that makes you feel worthy.
  • Do something people commend you for.
  • Do something others tell you you’re good at.

Whatever “worthiness” means to you, do that. Do it A LOT.

Thinking positive and behaving like a positive person is what matters. You need both.


8. I’m A Waste Of Space

If you feel like a waste of space, well, get off your ass and do something to change that!

You can be a waste of space as much as you please, but that won’t change until YOU do something about it.

  • Why do you feel like a waste of space?
  • Why do you feel so useless?

If you know why, you can change it.

  • Be productive.
  • Help somebody.
  • Read a book to gain more knowledge.
  • Work on your skills.
  • Stop making excuses.
  • Take action.
  • Get disciplined.

I felt useless because I was bullied and I hated school. Leaving school and teaching myself new things changed that.

You can’t expect anything to change If you’re sat on your ass being a waste of space and complaining about it.

Read this article to help you with self-discipline:

[button size=”medium” link=”https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/230268″ linkTarget=”_blank” icon=”external-link” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Why Self-Discipline Will Make You Unstoppable[/button]


9. I’m A Loser

You’re never a loser until you quit trying. – Mike Ditka

And you better believe it. Every result in life comes from our decisions and choices.

we’re all free to make any choice we like, whether good or bad,

Being a loser hurts, I know this personally. I lost my first business. 

Then I lost customers, money, and basically everything as if it was carried away by a Tsunami of problems.

Everybody loses once or twice at the game of life, It can’t be helped. But you’re never a loser until you quit trying.

So don’t quit trying. Get up and keep going.

You might be thinking “What’s the point?”, or “It’s too much hard work so I wont bother trying”.

Here’s my response to that…..

  • If you don’t try, you’ll NEVER succeed.
  • If you give up now, your life will NEVER change.
  • If you choose to be a loser, you’ll NEVER be a winner.
  • If you choose to throw in the towel, you’ll NEVER achieve your goals.
  • If you quit trying, you’ll NEVER be truly happy.
  • If you choose to give up, you’ll REGRET it when you’re older.

Billionaire business owner, Mark Cuban, failed more businesses than I’ve yet to even create in my lifetime.

That was in his twenties. He finally became “successful” in his 30’s.

If he gave up instead of hustling as hard as he did, do you think he would have come out on top?

Multi millionaire entrepreneur and musician, 50 cent had more hardships in his early life than most.

If he let his circumstances and his losses defeat him, would he be successful today?

There are countless examples just like these. My point is though, If you choose to be stuck in the “loser” mentality, don’t expect your life to get better.


10. I Hate My Life

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

In other words, If you hate your life then make some changes. Normally people hate their lives for a couple of reasons. –

  • I hate my job.
  • I’m sick of having no money.
  • Nobody likes me.
  • Being bullied.
  • Lacking confidence.

If you hate your job, change it, quit it, or change your attitude towards it. Or put the money from your job into building a business.

I hated my job. Thankfully I was made redundant and that changed everything for me.

If you hate having no money, manage it better, invest it better, and work on your financial intelligence.

Read books like The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind. (Affiliate)

If you feel nobody likes you, stop looking for attention and feeding your ego.

Liking and loving yourself is more important than being liked by others.

When you love yourself, you’ll be surprised how others start to treat you.

If bullying is an issue, I feel for you and can relate.

As hard as it sounds, the best way is to ignore it, don’t believe the bullshit, or stand up for yourself.

You don’t have to believe the negative things people tell you about yourself.

Lacking confidence? Do more of what you’re good at.

Associate with people with similar interests, or people who are confident.

There’s always something you can do to make changes.

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And there you have it.

10 toxic words you need to stop repeating

Don’t underestimate the power of words. They’re either an ally or your worst enemy.

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