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The Opinions Of People Who Won’t Show Up To Your Funeral Don’t Matter

The Opinions Of People Who Won't Show Up To Your Funeral Don't Matter

Imagine you’re about to draw your last breath due to heart failure or a virus.

And you’re surrounded by your mum, sister, brother or kids who are crying so hard it weighs on your conscience. In response, you hold their hands tighter than you ever have.

In those tender, emotional moments, what type of thoughts will be driving through your mind at 100MPH?

Because whatever it is you’d be thinking, I guarantee those who have a negative opinion of you wouldn’t even show up on your deathbed.

In fact – they won’t even be thinking about you at all. Because in their mind, you’re a ghost. You don’t even exist.

Naysayers are only concerned with bringing you down to their level to justify their own insecurities.

Keeping that in mind, especially since you’re alive in this moment, why in the world would you be crippled by people like that, knowing they wouldn’t even show up at your funeral?

Isn’t the thought of doing that absolutely ridiculous?

If you seriously think about it, that’s even more stupid than walking across broken glass barefooted.

Or better yet – jumping headfirst (while naked) into a haystack of needles.


Stop Caring About People Who Won’t Show Up To Your Funeral

Before I started my first business I was a little crippled by the thought of exposing it to the network of people who know me.

I guess I thought: “It’s not like all of them will support me anyway”.

Moments later I slapped myself harder than a parent would slap their own child, and told myself:

“Am I a business man or not? There Is no in between”.

And so – I promoted the business like crazy on Facebook. Inviting everyone to the business Facebook page.

It didn’t matter that few people gave a fuck. What was truly important is not caring about the opinions of anyone who doesn’t value me in the first place.


Don’t Lose Sleep Over Anyone Who Has A Low Opinion Of You

“Some people will like you, others will hate you, and the rest won’t care either way.” – James Altucher

I remember hearing similar words from James Altucher, an unconventional writer with unorthodox opinions that challenge convention.

And from experience he couldn’t be more right.

Most people don’t care about you.

The few people who do care is all that matters.

Everybody else will either hate you, disregard you, belittle you, and won’t ever show up to your funeral when your life comes to an end.

So stop giving a fuck about what these people think, and do whatever it is you’re dying to do.

Regret is a real thing. And just like the Grim Reaper, it’s the last thing you want to see before it’s all over.

Because what could be worse than living life dictated by others opinions, only to live out your last years swimming in the ocean of regret, misery and bitterness?

Get some perspective, and start realising the value of your life.

The things you want to do and become are real, so punch fear square in the face and refuse to let that ugly bastard stand in the way of your own happiness.


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