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Stop Trying To Follow Your Passion: Do This Instead

Stop Trying To Follow Your Passion: Do This Instead

Follow your passion. What does that even mean? How can you do it? Those three words tend to get thrown about by everybody these days.

Especially bloggers and writers online. And those who blindly follow this empty advice.

I suspect the majority who talk about it either don’t know what their talking about or are misinformed.

I know I certainly was till I learned the truth about following your passion. And that truth is – it’s horrible advice and there’s no such thing.


The Google Maps analogy

Stop Trying To Follow Your Passion- Do This Instead

Google maps is used to guide you to your destination of choice. Once you’ve set up the route between where you are and where you wanna go, google maps gives you a clear path to follow.

Well, “following your passion” isn’t as simple as following a map or a path that’s been mapped out for you.

And on that point, passion doesn’t even have a destination to begin with. Passion isn’t found or followed.


Stop Trying To Follow Your Passion

So your question now might be – how can I find my passion? Well that’s the wrong question to ask.

A better question to ask would be – How can passion be developed?

I’m going to show you exactly how passion can be developed. As well as the necessary steps you’ve got to take to become passionate about what you do.


1. Get good at something

Yep, that’s right. To become passionate about something you have to get good at it.

If you fail to miss this step then you’ll fail to be “passionate” about it.

  • When you get good at something it brings you a lot of satisfaction.
  • When you’re good at something it’s easier to do and more enjoyable.
  • And when you know HOW to do something and it brings you results, passion soon follows.

It’s these things that help you develop a passion for it.


Here’s some examples

When I started this website I wasn’t “passionate” about it. After all, I’ve never ran my own blog before or shared my experiences.

I’ve also never talked about personal development before so publicly or openly on the internet. It was new to me.

Over 2 years later I’m passionate about blogging and I love doing it. Why? Because I’ve gotten good at it.

  • I know how to write blog posts a LOT better.
  • My blog posts are of a high enough quality that bigger websites are happy to publish them.
  • I no longer struggle with forming a blog post in a timely manner.
  • I’m more confident as a blogger.
  • I’ve learnt a whole lot.

My passion was developed because I got good at blogging. And because I committed to learning as much as possible about blogging.

More importantly though, I committed to learning from my mistakes and making improvements.

That lead me to making progress, getting good at it and being as passionate as I am.

Just so you’re clear, passion is defined as –

An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

It’s impossible to be passionate about something you’re terrible at doing. Doing that would only make you miserable in the long-run.

So If you intend to be passionate about your work or anything else, the first step is to get good at it.


2. Learn as much as possible

Learning never exhausts the mind. – Leonardo da Vinci

Learning is what sparks curiosity in the topic you’re studying. And If it interests you enough, you’re likely to develop a passion for it.

For example – before I started blogging I learned about the topic of blogging. I learned about:

  • The benefits of blogging.
  • How others bloggers started out.
  • What other bloggers were writing about.
  • How It can help drive traffic to your site.

And so on. For me this drove my passion for blogging, which developed even further after I started blogging.

I developed a passion for blogging because:

  • I enjoy helping other people.
  • I love the satisfaction helping others brings.
  • I’m already naturally drawn to creative outlets.

So learning about it helped me develop a strong passion for it.

You never know where learning can take you, so I’d recommend you make it a daily commitment. Especially If you expect to develop a passion for what you do.

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Stop Trying To Follow Your Passion- Do This Instead


So to summarize this post, to develop your passion…

  1. Get good at something, keep at it and practice often.
  2. Learn as much as you can about different topics. Commit to it on a daily basis.


Which of these two steps are you going to take first? You can join the JBR community by signing up below.


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