Stop Spending On Possessions, Start Investing In Life Experiences

Stop Spending On Possessions, Start Investing In Life Experiences

Many of us work ourselves to the bone 9-to-5 because we’re desperately trying to earn that new car, diamond watch, or indulgent night on the town.

Everyone has a different idea about what is or isn’t a ‘waste’ of money, but are these material purchases the things that make us truly rich?

We think getting out and seeing the world is much more valuable, and research by giffgaff has shown exactly what you can do for the price of 2016’s most extravagant celebrity spends.

You’ll be surprised how far you can go for the cost of a designer wardrobe…


£1,507: Gigi Hadid’s manicure

Stop Spending On Possessions, Start Investing In Life ExperiencesIf you’re going to the Met Gala, you’ve got to get dressed to go to the nines. However, for those of us who operate in less glamorous circles, there are perhaps more life-affirming ways to spend £1,500.

Machu Picchu is high on most people’s travel lists, and for £1,500 you could hike there twice.

A bit further afield, diving in the Great Barrier Reef is something else people dream of doing, and this money could pay for that eight times over.


£3,768: Kylie Jenner’s bracelet

Pieces of jewellery can rank amongst the items we hold the dearest, from wedding rings and watches to family heirlooms. So, we can understand how Kylie Jenner parted with just shy of four grand for her Cartier bracelet.

However, if you’re looking for another use for that spare £3,700, you could spend 53 days teaching children in Cambodia, or swim with dolphins in Portugal six times.


£24,320: Sam Thompson’s bar bill

Stop Spending On Possessions, Start Investing In Life ExperiencesFar from a night to remember, this is one bar bill most of us would rather forget. Made in Chelsea’s Sam Thompson hosted a party at the Hydeout bar in January, racking up a bill of over £23,000.

He could instead have funded an eight-month trip to South Africa with that money, spending his time completing eco-training. Alternatively, he could have stayed there for a year volunteering with animals and children.


£30,000: Princess Charlotte’s rattle

To celebrate her first birthday, the Natural Sapphire Company sent Princess Charlotte a white gold rattle, decorated with diamonds and sapphires. It cost a hefty £30,000, which is more than the average Brit earns in a year.

If you’d rather spend your annual wage elsewhere, you could follow in the footsteps of the great explorers and visit the surrounding peaks of Mount Everest… 16 times!


£63,284: Beyonce’s wardrobe

Stop Spending On Possessions, Start Investing In Life ExperiencesBeing a global superstar means you need to turn up in videos looking a (metaphorical) million dollars. However, spending an actual $84,000 (£63,284) on clothes for ‘Formation’? Let’s just say there are other ways Queen Bee could have spent that money.

Such a sum could help you complete an incredible personal challenge, whether that’s volunteering with Kenyan wildlife for three whole years or entering the New York Marathon.

Don’t want to run it alone? That’s fine – for £63,284, you could enter with 275 of your friends.


£263,812: Drake’s car

We’ve all got to get from A to B somehow, but Drake’s choice of car is a little bit pricier than most of us would go for. Actually, at £263,812, make that ‘a lot’ pricier.

Sometimes it’s not about how you get somewhere, but where you go.

For the money Drake spent on his new motor, you could visit every single country on earth twice, or live out the student dream of backpacking around the world on your gap-47-years.


Being fulfilled is about so much more than the possessions to your name.

Pursuing your dreams of worldwide travel, making a difference in a community, or completing intense physical challenges will give you more self-worth, confidence, and satisfaction than a big pay-cheque ever can! So spend your money wisely and think about the true meaning of ‘valuable’.

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