Self Esteem Definition

Self Esteem is about how you feel on the inside. And how you see yourself from the inside out.

This is how you define self esteem.


1. How you feel when you look in the mirror.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? And how do you feel about yourself when you do look in the mirror?

Your self esteem is defined by how you see yourself. Whether that be:

  1. Beautiful.
  2. Repulsive.
  3. Good looking.
  4. Average.
  5. Ugly.
  6. Handsome.

The feeling and the thoughts that flood your mind when you’re in the mirror will directly influence your level of self esteem. 100%.


2. How you compare yourself to others.

Self esteem is defined as how you compare and measure up your status, achievements, looks, success, and everything in between.

If you compare yourself in a negative way, and put yourself down while treating others as superior, your self esteem will suffer. And vice versa.


3. Your standards and morals.

  1. What standards do you hold yourself to? And how high?
  2. Do you stick to your morals no matter what the cost?
  3. Are you willing to lower your standards for things that go against your morals?

Your self esteem is defined by how high your standards are, and what you’re willing or not willing to compromise.


4. Your level of self belief.

Self esteem is about believing in yourself, your abilities, your efforts, and what you’re capable of.

Believing you’re not worth much will crush your self esteem. Just as believing you’re worthy will raise your self esteem.


5. Being comfortable in your own skin.

Think of anybody who’s overflowing with self esteem and feels great about themselves. Or anybody who loves themselves for who they are and what they stand for.

Self esteem is about being comfortable in your own skin, loving yourself, and treating yourself the same way you’d treat someone you love.