And when I say a kick up the ass, I mean a kick up the ass with steel boots!

If you expect to be self disciplined to a great extent It’s the best way to make an impact.

Self discipline is like a thief in the night.

The more you lack self discipline, the more time it will steal away from you.

And the more time it manages to waste, the harder it’ll be to discipline yourself because of habit.

And trust me I know how difficult it can be to get out of bad habits…

One of the bad habits I used to have was eating constantly, even if i wasn’t hungry. And that included eating after midnight by the way.

I must of ate at least 7 times in one day, or probably more if you count dinners as well. I also would eat one thing after another then feel sick!

Like for example… Eating cereal with MILK, then having CURRY with rice, then chocolate pudding etc. I’m not normal at all am I?

Anyways I eventually kicked the habit so hard it was too afraid to come back.

The main motivation for disciplining myself with food was when I realized how much sugar, fat, and saturated fat I was filling up my body with.

give your self discipline a kick up the ass

The picture you see is the same biscuits I used to have every night.

Not knowing that a whole pack (which I’d eat in one go) has 25 grams of FAT, and 39 grams of SUGAR.

That’s equal to 9 teaspoons of sugar a day and that’s not including any other sugary stuff I ate.


Give your self discipline a kick up the ass


And after reading up on what these things can do to your health (If abused), I challenged myself to make drastic change.

And I did just that within a couple of months in 2012.

Self discipline is about doing more of what’s needed more often. I may eat those things every now and then, but more than 90% of my diet is healthy.

As far as discipline with food goes, I can say I’ve officially gave my self discipline a kick up the ass.

And yes, I did do it with steel boots.

I’ll show you how you can do the same with practically anything you wanna be disciplined with.


1. What Do You Struggle With?

  • Disciplining yourself to get shit done?
  • To improve your diet and maintain it?
  • To save money each month?
  • To spend less?
  • To write at least one blog post a week?
  • To stay in regular contact with friends and family?

Whatever it is, you need to find out exactly what it is you struggle with first and foremost.

There’s no point saying “I wish I was self disciplined” because that doesn’t explain what you “wish” to be self disciplined with. Be specific.

“If only I was disciplined enough to get fit” sounds much better. Write down the things you struggle with so you can take steps from there.


2. Why Do You Need To Be More Disciplined?


  • So I can increase my websites online presence.
  • So I can become more fit and energetic.
  • So I can feel healthier physically and mentally.
  • So I can become more accomplished in my career.
  • So I can become a better parent.
  • So I can become a better singer.

Some of my motivations was because sugar can lead to diabetes and can even increase chances of getting cancer.

Read more via – Authority Nutrition

It’s also linked to liver disease and all types of nasty stuff. I wanna live as long as possible so there’s no way I’d intentionally treat my body that way.

So what’s your WHY? It’s easier to achieve and set goals when you’re clear on why and what it can do for you.

Giving meaning to something gives you the motivation you need to make it happen! 🙂


3. Set yourself some goals


  • I plan to read the sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt contents of every food product when I go shopping.
  • I’m gonna practice singing a certain melody at least twice a week to improve my singing skills.
  • I’ll jog around the block for at least 20 minutes a day to improve my fitness.
  • I’ll eat only 2 donuts a week instead of 5 for 21 days.
  • I’m gonna wake up at least 2 hours earlier everyday so I can have some more “me” time.

And If that’s not enough to get you going, you can turn it into a kids game. Because being a kid is so much better than be an adult. 😉

What I mean is you can REWARD yourself every time you achieve one of your goals.

I don’t recommend this but one thing I’ve said to myself is – “you’re not allowed to eat until you’ve done something productive”. That might be extreme to some but it worked for me.

I wanna eat and stuff my face so you’re damn right I’m gonna finish the task I set for myself.

It’s more fun when you see it as a game. Try it for yourself and tell me how it goes!



Have these tips give your self discipline a kick up the ass? Speak your mind in the comments!


  1. I really need to start excercising, I know I need to , but there’s alway’s tommorrow, I’ve been saying that for nearly 2 week’s,

  2. great article. For me I use the pomodoro technique to avoid procrastination and to retrain my mind to leave habits (especially dietary habits) that aren’t working for me. The technique is simple, spend 25 minutes focusing your thoughts on something – anything learning material, cooking healthy food etc. Spread this habit of spending 25 minutes over several weeks and slowly you’ll “rewire” your brain.

    • Hey Maximillian. Appreciate you taking your time out to comment! That sounds like an interesting but unusual way to get rid of bad habits. Never heard of it before. Thanks for your input 🙂


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