Self Confidence Definition

When it comes to taking action, self confidence is always a part of the picture. And it can either push you forward or you hold you back, depending on how much you have of it.

This is how you define self confidence.


1. Doing what you believe in

There are so many people who disagree with the things you believe in. Because the majority of people tend to be proud of their beliefs, and think everybody else should think the same way.

To do the things you believe in it takes a lot of self confidence to not only do it, but do it consistently. No matter how some people will criticize you for it.

Think of the celebrities, business owners, or even your friends or associates in your life. Think of how much they inspire you, how fearless they are, and how willing they are to stick to their beliefs and do the things they believe is right.

Martin Luther King is the perfect example of the definition of self confidence. Even though he faced overwhelming opposition and challenges, he fought for his dreams and shared his beliefs openly. That’s what self confidence is all about.


2. Being yourself regardless of criticism

Regardless of whether you believe it or not, everybody is unique in some way, shape or form. From the way we speak, talk, communicate, write, express ourselves, laugh, smile, and everything in between.

Because of this some people will criticize you or dislike you just for being true to yourself. But by being true to yourself, your self confidence will grow as a result. Which is why being yourself is also a definition of self confidence.


3. Voicing your opinions

Remember what I mentioned earlier about everybody being unique? Well the same is true for your opinions. Having the courage to voice your own opinions is a result of self confidence. Making this the 3rd definition of self confidence. 

Great examples of people who have the courage to voice their opinions:

  1. Donald Trump.
  2. Tupac Shakur.
  3. Kanye West.
  4. Grant Cardone.

As well as musicians, singers, rappers, and other groups of people. Your opinions matter, and being comfortable with sharing your opinions will boost your confidence in a positive way.