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Pixabay Logo 1Pixabay has over half a million FREE images you can use, without hassle. And almost ALL of them are public domain images. I use this frequently and would recommend it.

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Canva makes designing simple, easy, and headache-free for people who lack design skills.

It’s a free platform that can be used to create gift cards, business cards, social media images, banners, Facebook ads, and more for your business.

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One Calendar is for Windows exclusively. Great for filling up your days, weeks, or months with a schedule. Each task can be color coded.

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Hootsuite E1461962518201 1Hootsuite is a business tool that helps you manage all your social media accounts in one place.

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Safeincoud LogoPassword manager for Android, IOS, Windows and Chrome.

It takes the pain out of having to reset your password every time you forget it. The reviews speaks for itself.

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BufferBuffer is a social media management app built for creating and scheduling content exclusively. Great for bloggers and content creators.

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Stayfocusd ChromeIf you’re easily distracted online, stay focused helps you stay productive.

How? By giving you the option to block any website you choose.

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Ifttt Logo Large E1461962462575 1IFTTT (If this then that) is an online automation tool that turns manual tasks into automated tasks.

Saving you TONS of time that can be better spent elsewhere. Great for bloggers, retailers, business owners, etc. Available for IOS & Android.

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Airdroid 1Who needs USB cables when you can connect to your computer and send and receive files through WIFI? Airdroid takes the pain out of that, and saves you time. Downloadable on Android, Windows, MAC.

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Get Rid Of Your Time Management Problems In 3 StepsBusiness Calendar 2 is an android app for scheduling tasks, events, meetings, dates, and your priorities.

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Ravpower Bank

RavPower is a portable mobile and tablet PC charger. Able to charge up to 4 devices fully before needing a recharge.

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