Why Racism Makes No Sense In 2024

Why Racism Makes No Sense In 2024 - https://theojellis.com/racism-2024/

Racism is the stupidest and most manipulative concept ever created.

After all, it was made up to:

  • control
  • subjugate
  • alienate
  • dismiss
  • belittle

and cause separation despite the fact that humans all come from the same place: Africa.

Even as so-called “civilized” as the world has become, racism is alive and well even though there is no real profit in doing so.

Let’s talk about that.


Why racism is stupid in 2024:


1. Money doesn’t give a shit about colour

a house made out of money on a white background

You have poor white racist people who think being racist will somehow make their lives any better, or make the government treat them any better because they share the same skin colour.

This applies to the UK, USA, and beyond.

The same is true for “poor anybody” of any skin colour who believes racism will fix, change, or make their lives better by thinking they’re superior to someone else despite their own circumstances being no different or better.

Money doesn’t care about colour.

Indian, Chinese, Cambodian, Turkish, Pakistani, Mexican – any of these “races” and more who decide to be racist to each other or anyone they see as different is stupid in 2024.

It has no effect and no financial impact, and it does nothing to put you in a better financial position.


2. No amount of racism will make you less of a loser

loser - https://theojellis.com/racism-2024/

In life, you’re not born a loser. Instead, you become a loser by choice.

You decide to become a loser based on your actions, habits, ways of thinking, and behaviours. Only you can do that to yourself.

Judging others based on their race, skin colour, and all the other baggage won’t change those facts. You made your bed, you sleep in it, and no amount of racism will change that bed until you change yourself.

It’s like drugs. Projecting and being racist is something you have to keep doing to get that “high”. And the moment you stop, you have to face reality and look at yourself in the mirror.

It’s only a temporary escape and a definite delusion (or illusion) that makes things “seem” better in those moments.


3. The Law doesn’t agree with your bullshit mentality

law - https://theojellis.com/racism-2024/

The many countries you can travel to as a black man or black woman, or Indian man, etc, and see people being racist towards you is downright silly.

It’s silly because even their own government doesn’t stop the people they’re racist to from coming to their countries.

For example, there is no ban on a black person entering a certain country or a ban on any dark-skinned person entering a certain country.

There is no such law.

The people who work in various jobs, companies, etc, like flight companies can be assholes and refuse entry, or a waitress can refuse you food, etc, but there is no overarching law that agrees with this nonsensical way of racist thinking.

This is an individual problem that has no hope of becoming law, and it does nothing but keep you stuck and miserable in 2024 as it is.


4. The government looks at everybody the same way, including Western governments

immigration meme uk - https://theojellis.com/racism-2024/

I pointed this out briefly before. In the UK it’s hilarious how the many people who are racist behave this way as if they have something to gain from it.

There is NO benefit.

The government treats everyone in the UK the same way. Yes, they’ll use “race” as a way to divide people, so they can conquer the minds of society, but the treatment in practice is fairly equal.

Shops, banks, services, food, there is nowhere in the UK a non-white person can’t go that a white person can go. To take it further, I grew up in Levenshulme, Manchester, which was a mix of white, black, Irish, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, and so on.

We all grew up in similar circumstances, sometimes neighbours, and many below the poverty line.

This is in spite of the fact our so-called “skin colour” was different. That’s because the government looks at you all the same way. There is no “privilege” in the eyes of the Western government when looking at citizens.

Same for other governments in countries like India, Malaysia, China, South Korea, France, Australia, and too many more. That’s why racism is stupid.


5. We have more similarities than we do differences

similarities theo j ellis longsight with friends associates - https://theojellis.com/racism-2024/

Me in the red and yellow.

Russel Brand said it many times on his YouTube channel. As have many others in the world at large. known or unknown.

We have more similarities than differences, which is ironically why those with nefarious intentions are always trying to highlight our differences to the point of causing conflict (for their personal gain).

  • We bleed.
  • Our blood is red.
  • Our internal organs are the same.
  • We have x or Y chromosomes.
  • We’re born the same way.
  • We share the same planet.
  • We share the same struggles, despite minute differences.
    • This is why you can always find someone you relate to.

Racism is selfish, uneducated, ignorant, and self-destructive. It serves no purpose and helps no one.

It may give a racist person temporary pleasure, but that soon fades and that’s when the self-destruction begins.


6. The youngest generation disagrees with it (which racist parents hate)

multi racial group - https://theojellis.com/racism-2024/

It’s always the oldest generation who have the most racist views compared to the younger generation. Not to say the younger generation can’t be just as racist, but it’s clear who they are learning their racism from.

This is exactly the point.

The younger generation is more:

  • Open minded.
  • Rebellious.
  • Willing to change.
  • Able to challenge notions.
  • Looks at people more empathetically.
  • Are less ignorant.

At least on the topic of racism that is.

Their parents hate it and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The problem is that hating it does nothing for them but bring them more frustration.

There is no benefit to it.


7. It’s mental gymnastics


This website said it best on the definition of mental gymnastics:

“Mental gymnastics” happen when our brains spiral into destructive thought patterns—making up excuses or arguments for unjustifiable decisions or situations.

That’s exactly what a racist person does to make themselves:

  • Feel better.
  • Feel empowered.
  • Gain temporary happiness.

Though it looks more like anger, frustration, sadness, and depression to me.

It’s self-sabotage at its finest.


8. It doesn’t change the circumstances of the person being racist

shrug - https://theojellis.com/racism-2024/

Some racists swear that their lives are better than they are and that being racist towards people they look down on will somehow make their lives more whole and complete.

Their circumstances never change because of this. How could it? There is no connection, no correlation, no causation. It can’t be done.

If anything, it just digs a deeper ditch for the racist person, leading them to be more angry and more racist as an ironic result.


9. It’s the ultimate self-denial that causes clear frustration and unhappiness


Think about it. Racism is self denial at its finest.

I once beat a guy in a video game, I think it was Budokai Tenkaichi or something like that. I beat him multiple times in this Xbox 360 game.

He then sent me a message saying I’m a monkey and I should hang myself. He had no idea what my skin colour was by the way.

Why is this important? Because it proves his own frustration and unhappiness on some level, why the extreme reaction?

This is also the kind of person who thinks they’re superior to the people they’re being racist towards, and yet their own frustration and unhappiness contradicts this.

This goes back to mental gymnastics.


10. People make more money and changes together than separated

money people together - https://theojellis.com/racism-2024/

Race is a concept created to fuel war, oppression, and back in the day, slavery. But the reality is, especially in 2024, if we all worked together and made money, we’d be a whole lot richer than if we didn’t.

The amount of wealth and riches that would be created as a result is staggering, and we’d all be swimming in it.

Of course, some people already realize this and that’s why the people who realize don’t get hung up on race too much, and focus more on making money, making a difference, and building success together regardless.

There is no money in being separated, selfish, and hard-headed in 2024.


11. Corrupt politicians don’t care about your skin colour

YouTube video

The dirty politicians in the UK, America, other Western countries and beyond have never cared for skin colour. Yes, there may be extremes that aren’t the norm in certain pockets, but ultimately it’s not a thing.

Take the Tory government for example in the UK. All they care about is lining their pockets through the taxes paid by UK citizens regardless of what they look like.

In fact, when it comes to those in the UK who are disabled regardless of whether they’re white, they get disrespected and mistreated the most by politicians and the bullshit laws they put in place.

That’s why again, being racist in 2024 is retarded beyond belief. This applies across the world.

In the end, racism makes no sense in the 21st century, never mind 2024.

And in a world where censorship is rife, no one, especially citizens of all countries, benefits from racism when you’re all being treated and targeted the same way.



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