How Pinterest Censored And Shutdown Anime Motivation On Pinterest (600K+ Followers)

This post is a result of people behind the scenes asking “What happened to Anime Motivation’s Pinterest account?”

I’m not new to the censorship game on the internet, whether it comes from social media or not.

It’s the new form of gatekeeping despite the old version of gatekeeping disappearing with the internet.

Pinterest back in November 2023 decided to permanently BAN and suspend my account Anime Motivation which was the biggest Pinterest account in the anime space.

It had at least 605+K followers  to its name @animemotivation


I woke up and the Pinterest account vanished


You know the normal routine:

  • You check your relevant social media accounts every now and then.
  • You go there to post, review, etc.
  • But in my case, there was no account to see.

It didn’t make sense.

But when I tried logging into my Pinterest account:

  • There was a notice about possible suspension.
  • And the so-called reasons why it could have happened.
  • And how I needed to get in touch with Pinterest to fix it.

And so that’s what I did at my leisure.

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And so knowing I’m fucking innocent, I decided to get in touch with these bullshitters.

After dealing with their buggy site that wouldn’t conveniently allow me to contact them at first, it finally worked.

And then I got this gaslighting email from them which is 100% provable lies:


Hi there, Thanks for writing in. It looks like your Pinterest account is suspended. Our team of experts will review your account.

We’ll send you another email with the results of our review. Thanks, The Pinterest team

Seems reasonable.


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Hi Anime Motivation, We have received your appeal of our decision to suspend your account due to violation of our Community Guidelines.

After a re-review of your account and prior violations, your appeal has been denied. Your account is permanently suspended following multiple violations of our policies on adult content.

You will no longer be able to access Pins you’ve saved or messages. Thanks, The Pinterest Team.


Politically motivated?

When deciphering why a platform does what it does, you have to look for any double standards, hypocrisy, or any signs of them playing favourites.

This will then tell you whether that’s just a cover-up for a more politically motivated reason.


  • The founder has an opinion the platform dislikes.
  • You run a website they deem unacceptable even if it’s perfectly legal, safe, or appropriate.
  • You said something in an article, post, or even a separate social network they disprove of.

And the list goes on.

Similar to how someone gets banned on one platform then other social networks use that excuse to do it on their own platform despite them”doing nothing wrong”.


Important points to make:


1. People have posted “lewd anime content” for years on Pinterest

As you can see from the images, this still goes on today in 2023/2024 and there is NO way Pinterest is unaware that it exists.

I never posted pictures even half as lewd as this. I left it alone for good and kept it on my website instead.

A post with an anime character in let’s say, a swimsuit was done but that’s not even problematic.

The images aren’t even pornographic (which in that case goes against their terms).

And yet, accounts, some with a sizeable following, post this kind of content all the time in the dozens and dozens, even hundreds and thousands, and it’s no issue.

I’ve been on Pinterest since 2014/2015 so I know the platform well.


2. My account has been targeted for years

For years the Pinterest account for@animemotivation has been:

  • Spammed,
  • Targeted.
  • Attacked.

With 1000s of password reset requests I never made because I keep all my passwords.

Just looking at the screenshots you can see how many there are from October and September, and those are only snippets of the month and even smaller snippets of how that looks over time.

This is to say who knows what people have been doing behind the scenes to destroy the account.

This same scenario has happened on Facebook but to a lesser degree, and on Quora to an aggressive degree until it stopped.

But neither ended up in the accounts being shut down like Pinterest did.

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I’ve received many false flags and reports against my account

fake password reset emails 33 -

This is one of those times screenshots would have been useful.

Many of the reports were false, disingenuous, and outright fake. And that’s why all of them were resolved with no issue.

Otherwise, it would never have been the case.

The fact that the account behind the scenes was falsely flagged so many times though speaks to the eventual suspension (potentially) and paints a picture.


Censorship is real, don’t depend on these platforms

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For me it doesn’t matter that it happened, it’s more just a slight itch. A pain in the ass, and more of a smack in the face for those who followed the account.

It’s an inconvenience for the MANY followers on the account though, which is why I decided to talk about it. I appreciate the love.

Still, my livelihood can’t be impacted by Pinterest or any of these social networks, it’s impossible.

I’ve set my life up like that, which is why I find it so hard to understand how people get destroyed every year once social networks shut them down and they never seem to learn or prepare.

Despite the sickening amounts of evidence of it happening on a mass scale.

That includes businesses and websites in the anime space as well that would vanish overnight.

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