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The Biggest Personal Development Scams In The Past 18 Years

The Biggest Personal Development Scams In The Past 18 Years

“Curiosity pulls people into the scam.” – Frank Stallone

In the past 18 years, the personal development industry’s been blooming like a flower garden.

The amount of life coaches, personal development Guru’s and self help lookalikes has blown through the roof. And somehow ended up on Mars.

I guess you can thank the internet for that, since it’s the reason I’m even writing this post. Or the reason I’m able to run my own personal development blog.

And like most industries, once it’s in full bloom, rotten cockroach-scammers come crawling from underneath the ground to get a piece of the action.

And from what I can see, there are at least 3 Major personal development scams I’ve come across. Which are either untrue, exaggerated, or used to take advantage of desperate, naive and vulnerable people.


1. The Law Of Attraction

Stupid Things Stupid People Believe About The Law Of Attraction

That’s right. Few scams have been bigger and more successful than the Law of Attraction within the last 18 years.

This scam first started off with the insanely popular film: The secret. Which was made famous in part because Oprah Winfrey stood behind the message.

What if I told you The Law of Attraction is a clever way of regurgitating the same old bullshit, except that it’s packaged in a way that makes it seem novel and revolutionary?

Positive thinking has always been beneficial. It’s common sense.

And having a strong desire for what you want is obviously important. But all that’s bullshit without putting in the work or making an effort. Or gaining skills and taking consistent action.

Now you might wonder: how is this even a scam?

Simple: there are outrageous books, courses and products for ££££ based on The Law of Attraction. Which sell you a dream that’s not even practical or pragmatic.

It’s the equivalent of selling “cancer pills” on the Internet. It’s a blatant rip off targeted towards desperate, insecure people who believe in taking shortcuts and get rich quick schemes.

There is no shortcut to what you want. And anyone who thinks so has ended up like this person (dead, unfortunately).

Sitting in your bedroom with a picture resembling millions of dollars won’t magically make it fall on your lap. And neither will “thinking about it” without actually doing anything to make it a reality.

Lack of patience or willingness to work for it is always to your own detriment. Especially if it’s something worth achieving.

This is the reason new year resolutions fail so pitifully. “Hype” and “excitement” isn’t practical.

It’s just a high that makes you feel good in the short term, and kills your motivation in the long term.


2. “For only $999 I’ll show you the secrets to…”

Ever noticed how these “generous” people who nobody knows, expect you to “pay up” before they’re willing to change your life?

That’s the equivalent of paying for your meal at a restaurant before walking through the front door. Without knowing what you’re getting into.

If you have to pay before any information is revealed, it’s a blatant scam designed to take advantage of your naivety for their own benefit.

personal development scams

Information has been abused so much that there’s no such thing as a “secret” anymore. That’s especially true in 2018. And yet insecurity fuels these scams. And so the scammers keep getting away with it.



3. There is no number 3…

When you really break it down, the law of attraction + ”I’ll show you the secret to” are the biggest personal development scams ever introduced to the internet.

And within those 2 scams there’s a lot of variation to how it’s done and how it’s sold to the naive and unwise.

If you know anyone vulnerable who may be susceptible to this bullshit, let them read this. Because unfortunately this kinda thing won’t be stopping anytime soon…


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