Not Owning A Smartphone Taught Me 3 Interesting LessonsMy last smartphone broke on me. All of a sudden a crack appeared in the middle of my Galaxy S4’s screen. And I could see it becoming much worse than it already was.

So I sold it off and ordered a brand new phone that had its delivery delayed.

In between these past 3 or so days without a phone, I’ve learned 3 interesting lessons since being without a smartphone

1. Smartphones make you more productive 

It’s amazing what I’ve realized since NOT having a smartphone for a short while. And one of those major things is how much more productive I am with a smartphone.

  • If I want to read or buy a brand new book, it’s much faster doing it on a smartphone.
  • If ideas pop into my head, I can get it in my Evernote quicker than I can on a laptop.
  • If I want to educate myself on YouTube, it’s 10 times faster doing it through a smartphone.
  • If I want to Google something, I can do it lightning fast on a smartphone.

Almost anything that’s considered productive can be done so much faster on a smartphone. But because I’m so used to having a smartphone 24/7, I was less aware of it. Or at least, I took it all for granted. Which leads to my next point….

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2. The technology we have is taken for granted 

Not Owning A Smartphone Taught Me 3 Interesting LessonsSeriously, though. It’s unbelievable what we can do with our mobile phones today. Without my smartphone….

  1. I can’t take pictures.
  2. I can’t record videos.
  3. I can’t make important phone calls or text.
  4. I can’t quickly access social media.
  5. I can’t check the time quickly.
  6. I can’t buy things I need quickly.
  7. I can’t quickly access my music or audio books.
  8. I can’t keep an eye on eBay deals in a way that’s convenient.

And soooo many other things. Other than work related things or tasks like writing, blogging, and heavy video editing, smartphones do everything computers do. Only so much faster that it’s incomparable, and foolish NOT to do it with your smartphone.

All those extra devices, apps and products like calculators, watches, clocks, video camera’s, telephones are irrelevant. Smartphones have made things 100 times more convenient for our lives, and that’s why we take it all for granted. So I’m even more grateful and appreciative than I ever was. 😉


3. More time to think and reflect is crucial 

Our souls need time to think, dream, and reflect. – Jo Ann Davis

Not Owning A Smartphone Taught Me 3 Interesting LessonsThis is something I need a lot of personally, and I’ve been doing more of it. But not having a smartphone has taught me how important it is to make time to think and reflect on things.

You’d agree that when your time is spent connecting to the online world, you don’t think of making time to think and reflect. Because so much of your time is spent in your phone, technology, etc.

Making the time to do things like that is important though. Not just for self reflection, but for other things you may or may not be doing in your life.

When you make an effort to disconnect digitally it makes a huge difference in the real world.

What are your thoughts on this, and what’s been your experience?