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Nobody Gives A Fuck About Your Mediocre Life

Nobody Gives A Fuck About Your Mediocre Life

“Don’t attract too much attention, and lay low. You don’t want to be doing too well.”

These are the words of an old woman I knew who died this year. She echoed those words to me back in 2016.

I happened to have found out she died almost half way through 2017.

And here’s a sad fact: nobody cares.

Other than a few relatives and people like myself, nobody gives a fuck.

And the reason why is simple: when you lead a mediocre life, and you die with mediocre accomplishments, nobody cares.

The anime – Serial Experiments Lain explains this another way…

“If you’re not remembered, then you never existed.” – Lain Iwakura


A Mediocre Death

Death is uglier than a human being who gets a kick out of abusing children.

And ideally, death should be treated equally. Because after all, we’re all human, right?

Everybody deserves a chance to be honoured, respected, and remembered when we die.

Except that’s not how it plays out in the reality we live in.

If your death is mediocre, then your life up until this point was a lie.

This ain’t my opinion, this is the brutal truth in the cruel society we live in. Mediocrity has no value, even in the face of death.

Hence why you’re forgotten faster than you can say – wtf?


A Mediocre Career

Nobody Gives A Fuck About Your Mediocre Life

I’ve always thrown up at the thought of working in a mediocre job until the day you disappear.

There’s a term for that. It’s called the 40/40/40 scam. Which means you work 40 hours a week for 40 years of your life, while trying to survive on 40% of the money you earn.

It’s like a mouse trap. But instead of the mouse trap catching mice, human beings are the targets. The size of the mouse trap has become larger to compensate.

If you have a mediocre career with no intentions of progression, you can bet your life is unimportant to the majority of society.


A Mediocre Way Of Thinking

Most people are too afraid to jump over a 3ft fence if there’s a potential “risk” waiting on the other side.

Never mind a 100ft wall.

Why? Because of their mediocre way of thinking.

The irony is – most of us want “success” both financially and personally. Yet how many are willing to put in the work over the long term?

How many of us are willing to form a new lifestyle to support our goals, and increase the likelihood of success?

Whether that be getting fit, finding an ideal relationship partner, or building a sustainable business?

And then there’s the mediocre beliefs that we’re brainwashed to believe. Especially in the early stages of our lives.


  1. Rich people are greedy.
  2. Money’s the route of all evil.
  3. Settle down and don’t work too hard.
  4. Don’t dream too big.
  5. It’s unrealistic to believe you’ll get rich or be successful.
  6. Compared to Africa or India you’re doing just fine.
  7. You have to win the lottery to make something of yourself.
  8. Just pay the bills, get by and keep your head down.
  9. Thinking in black and white terms. Example – you can’t be rich AND happy at the same time.
  10. Obsessing over instant gratification instead of thinking long term about the results you want.

There are so many variations to mediocre thinking. But kissing the lips of mediocrity is destined to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

And it guarantees mediocre results regardless of what it is you’re striving for.


A Mediocre Attitude

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If I asked you – what do most people look forward to on a weekly basis? What would your answer be?

I’ll answer for you:

Most people spend their energy looking forward to the weekend, because they’re too busy disrespecting their weekdays.

There are 7 days in a week.

If you spend 5 days being negative and having a poor attitude, you may as well throw your weekend in the garbage and ask your local bin man to collect it.

Because that kind of poor attitude guarantees you’ll hate every living week of your life forever.

And that’s bound to end up on a one way trip to mediocre city.

You can use this metaphor for almost 100% of life situations.

Like bad customer service in restaurants that forces customers to leave bad reviews.

A poor attitude will always come back to kick you in the balls sooner or later.


Mediocre Friendships and Relationships

Nobody Gives A Fuck About Your Mediocre Life

What’s the best way to determine whether your friends are mediocre or not?

2 Ways:

  1. Share your big goals, dreams and ambitions with them.
  2. Achieve those big goals, dreams or ambitions.

A “friend” once told me I’m a joker, a fool, and that I have no chance of achieving the goal I stated.

And it wasn’t the positive kind of response. Neither was his intentions pure or constructive when stating it.

What does that say about him to have so much negativity behind the words he spoke?


He’s talking about himself. And the same is true for any friend who suggests you either don’t bother, or that you’ll fail before you even try.

“Anyone who suggests for me to do less is either confused or not a real friend.” – Grant Cardone

What about mediocre relationships?

Everybody’s ideals are different. But if your relationship partner is constantly using the words:

  1. Can’t.
  2. Should.
  3. Shouldn’t.
  4. I hate.
  5. I wish.
  6. I’ll never.
  7. Love is more important than than money.

There’s a good chance your relationship will grow into something mediocre and unsatisfying.

Pessimism, a bad attitude, and complacency will destroy your relationship. Or worse: it’ll end up “good enough” which means you’re stuck in the middle like a cherry on top of a fruit cake.

And there’s no happiness or fulfillment if you’re sitting on the border line.


Mediocre Habits

Nobody Gives A Fuck About Your Mediocre Life

CNN, Fox News, Daily Mail, BBC News, and tons of other news outlets attract 100’s of millions of viewers every MONTH.


Because society has programmed us to adopt mediocre habits with ugly consequences.

99% of the mainstream news is negative, propaganda, false and unhelpful.

Less than 1% of the mainstream news will change your life for the better, or teach you something practical that will benefit your future.

Getting drunk on the mainstream news is a lifelong hangover that distracts you from what’s important.

And if you’re not paying attention to WHAT actually matters… Then your habits are on life support.


Conclusion on Mediocrity:

I’ve heard so many people claim some of us HAVE to be mediocre to make room for those who are extraordinary.

or something along those lines.

I feel that’s a bullshit justification for their own personal failures and bad experiences.

Whatever your opinion is on that, there’s one thing I wanted to highlight in this post:

Mediocrity is the gateway to a meaningless existence.

If you’re happy with that (objectively speaking) then go ahead.

But you can’t have a meaningful legacy if you’re hanging out with mediocrity 7 days of the week.


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