The Most Damaging Beliefs I Was Taught About Money That’s Held Me Back For Years

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“All we want in this life is peace, prosperity and a little paper.” – Q-Tip

In life It’s all about the money.

And as cliche as it sounds, money does make the world go round.

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That’s how the world’s been set up for the last 100+ years. You can blame the geniuses who devised a plan to create banks for that.

I bet they made a killing.

And for everyone else who didn’t? They probably were raised like me.

Not having too much money or being born into wealth… And therefore being taught negative things about the concepts of money, what it means, and why it’s a bad thing.


That’s just how we’re taught to think, I was no exception

And it’s held me back for so many years. Causing me unnecessary pain and headaches I could have avoided, had I known better.

Let’s talk about that.


Negative beliefs I was taught about money that held me back:


1. Money is the root of what now?

“Money is NOT the root of all evil, people are.”

That’s something I’ve learned since destroying this negative belief.

Money isn’t the root of all evil, people are the root of it.

The problem with this dangerous belief is:

  • If you believe it, then you’ll never reach your financial goals.
  • Or worse: you won’t even consider the thought of ever being “rich”.

I was neutral on this belief which is worse. Because it’s like being within reach of something but not quite being able to grab it. So even though I was neutral, it still hindered my progress in terms of money, or wanting tons of it.


2. Money isn’t everything

“I think everything depends on money.” – Alan Bean


Sad to say, but the only people who sold me on this idea… are those who never HAD a lot of money. And never have.

That’s just the brutal truth.

Saying money isn’t everything is like saying food isn’t everything…

It’s stupid, dumb, and serves no real purpose in mentioning it.

I believed money wasn’t everything and so I treated it like it was nothing. That’s why up until 2012-2013 I never had too much in my bank account at any given time.

Usually just enough to spend on some dumb shit like wasting my first month’s wage (in my 1st job) on clothes and materialistic BS that did nothing for me. Except push me back to square one in the money department.

And even if I did have a lot of money I’d only spend it anyway. I had no idea what I was doing. My financial IQ was broken.

I’ve been repairing and improving it ever since.


3. Money doesn’t grow on trees

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The old me was slapped over the head with this belief. Almost everyone believes this.

It’s no wonder those people never have any money… Even in a first-world country where money is flowing everywhere, in the trillions.

I was one of them after all!

Money doesn’t have to grow on trees for you to have any.

Money grows in a bank instead. The more you accumulate the quicker it grows into something big one day.

If only I knew that from the beginning. Had I started this journey and had the beliefs I do now at 16… I’d be a millionaire in net worth by now.

All the money I’ve wasted… That’s a result of stupid money beliefs like money doesn’t grow on trees.

The scary thing is – as a society we see this as “normal” and most people never question it. So naturally we continue to suffer in the arena of money, for LIFE.


4. Rich people are greedy and steal from the poor

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The notion is – the reason a person is rich is that they sneakily steal from those with little, and end up rich because of it.

But the idea is not just childish and crippling, it’s stupid as F.

By definition – by believing this is true, you’re destined to never get rich or do well for yourself.

Because this belief implies it’s impossible since you’re being “robbed” by the rich. And you’re incapable of doing anything about it.


Money has nothing to do with stealing

I’ve learned in my short life that rich or not so rich has nothing to do with stealing.

A person will steal whether they’re swimming in money or they’re homeless. Or whether they’re a CEO or an accountant.

Because people are good or bad. Money is just a tool to aid you along your path of right or wrong.

Money is just an excuse that I (and probably yourself) was taught to justify our own failures and disappointments, financially.

The same argument is true for “rich people are greedy”.

The person who believes this (literally) would love to trade places with the person they’re criticizing. Hence – it’s hypocrisy disguised as insecurity and a low self-worth.


5. Money won’t make you happy

“Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference.” – Barack Obama

fan of 100 U.S. dollar banknotes

I’m pretty sure this is one of the worst money beliefs I ever heard.

Why? Because if you truly believe money won’t make you happy, then you’ll avoid it BECAUSE it won’t make you happier.

But that’s a backwards way of thinking.

Because I know one thing: It’s better to have lots of money than no money.

You wouldn’t work if that weren’t true.  If money won’t make you happy, then give it all away.

Personal issues exist whether you have money or not. Money only solves money problems.

Everything else like love, happiness, joy and health comes down to you. But ironically – having money makes these things a little easier and even more fulfilling.

The only people singing the tune or saying cute quotes like “money won’t make you happy” are those who can afford to say it.

Everyone else is just a sheep believing everything they hear without questioning it.

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6. Money should be saved for a rainy day

What people mean by this is: Money is scarce, and since it’s hard to get it, you may as well save it for a rainy day.

It comes from a place of fear and insecurity. Both of which cripple and paralyse you in the face of life’s challenges.

Saving for a rainy day never did me any good. Because in the 21st-century saving rates are as low as 0.5 – 1%.

You could literally pick up pennies off the floor every day and end up with more than what a bank will give you from “saving”, which is slang for I have no idea what I’m doing!

Investing my money in myself, in learning, in knowledge and in other things has done more for me than this stupid saying ever did.

After all – if you expect a rainy day, and you only save for it, then you’re fucked.


7. There are more important things than money (like love)

“Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the “gotta have it” scale.” – Zig Ziglar

brown wooden panel with white heart

I went to the bank the other week and asked them If I could deposit some love into my account in exchange for money.

No more than 20 seconds later I was dragged out of the bank by security guards who thought I’d gone senile.

Obviously I’m being sarcastic. But that’s the point. This saying is dangerous because the truth is – love, happiness, joy and affection are ALL just as important as money.

Most things in life work the same way.

The only reason to say “there are more important things than money” is because you’re insecure about it. I’ve never met anyone with tons of money who said to me “there are more important things than money” because it’s irrelevant and serves no purpose.

There’s no way I’d even be writing this, and no possible way you’d be reading this if money wasn’t important. Because money is the reason you and I can access the internet, read blogs, write and even do business.


The problem with these dangerous “money” beliefs

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There’s one thing each of these beliefs (and many similar beliefs) has in common… All of these beliefs have malicious, negative intent.

If you come from a place of malicious intent or insecurity, you’re basically digging yourself a grave for whatever it is you’re unhappy with. Money or not.


Money is important, it’s a simple as that

And thankfully I’ve been able to open my mind to the world and get rid of these destructive money beliefs that held me back without me even knowing it.

And it doesn’t stop – I’m working on myself every day.

Self-improvement is a lifestyle, not a goal or a tactic.



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