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My Top 5 Personal Development Videos Of 2015

2015 is coming to an end. In two days we’ll be in the new year – 2016. And millions of people will be celebrating the new year with a bang. I assume you’ll be doing the same.

Before that happens though, let’s get into my top 5 personal development videos of 2015. 

If you have more videos to add on to this list, leave it in the comments when you’re done reading.


1. 10 Laws On How To Recreate Yourself


This video is by an American entrepreneur called – Patrick Bet David. His YouTube channel focuses on start-up entrepreneurship.

What I love about this video is how clear and informative it is. And it’s completely opened up my mind to bigger and better ways of thinking.

Each “law” is taken straight from Patrick’s book – 25 laws of doing the Impossible. The 10 laws mentioned in this video are:

  1. Invest in your identity.
  2. Let the right ones in.
  3. Protect your credibility score.
  4. Strengthen your greatest weapon.
  5. Challenge your way of thinking.
  6. Know your why.
  7. Work like it’s 1880.
  8. Elevate your imagination to a whole new level.
  9. Be as curious as Alice. (Alice in wonderland)
  10. Break away from the old you.


2. Hard Work And Patience


This video is by entrepreneur – Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s over 6 minutes long. And it’ll be one of the best 6+ minutes of your life.

  • Too many people want instant gratification.
  • Too many people want to get-rich-quick without putting in the work beforehand.
  • Too many people want to be famous within the 1st year of their career.
  • Or have millions in the bank while they sit back on the couch eating a Big Mac and fries.


That’s basically the meaning behind the message in this video.

It really does give you something to think about. And will change your perspective on what it takes to succeed.


3. 10 Great Powers


This video is by Jim Rohn. Also known as one of the top speakers in the personal development industry.

This videos over 23 minutes long. The 10 great powers mentioned are traits and skills that can help you succeed.

Here’s a breakdown of the 10 great powers that are mentioned.

  1. Purpose.
  2. Self confidence.
  3. Enthusiasm.
  4. Expertise.
  5. Preparation.
  6. Self Reliance.
  7. Image.
  8. Character.
  9. Self Discipline.
  10. Extraordinary Performance.


4. Set Bigger Goals For Yourself


This video is by Evan Carmichael. An entrepreneur from Canada. He uploads videos everyday on entrepreneurship and personal development.

The meaning behind the message in this video is – turn your 3 – 5 year goals into 1 year goals.

  • Instead of working towards a 5 year goal, ask yourself – how can I achieve it in 1 – 2 years?
  • Instead of working towards a 2 year goal, figure out how to achieve it within 6 months or 1 year.


Challenge yourself to think bigger than you’re already thinking. So you can achieve your long term goals within less time.


5. See Things That Don’t Exist


Another video by Jim Rohn. It’s around 15 minutes long, and well worth it. The concept of this video is simple.

  1. First you have see it in your mind.
  2. Then you have to believe you can make it happen.
  3. Then you’ll have the motivation and clarity to make it become a reality.

Before a drawing becomes a drawing, the artist has to see it what doesn’t yet exist.

Once they can picture it in their mind, they can then get a piece of paper, a pencil, and turn their thoughts into reality.

The same principle applies to anything you want. Get clear, imagine it and picture it as much as you can.

Once you can see it in your mind, you’ll believe in it that much more. Then you’ll be motivated to get to work and turn it into reality.

That’s the true meaning of this video in a nutshell.


Which video is your favorite and has helped you the most? Leave a comment if you have more recommendations to add to this list. 


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