“We can change our own life and ultimately change the world.” ― Kristi Bowman

Personal development has been a passion of mine since 2013. And It’s been one hell of a journey ever since. The blogs I read have been a big part of that journey.

Last year I did a post on – My Top 5 Personal Development Blogs Of 2014. Today I’ll be going through my top 5 for 2015. 

The resources I’ll be mentioning aren’t your typical personal development blogs. But there’s a ton to learn from each one of them. Let’s get into it.


My Top 5 Personal Development Blogs Of 2015.


1. Blog IQ Matrix

My Top 5 Personal Development Blogs Of 2015

The blog IQ matrix is run by – Adam Sicinski. He’s a life coach and consultant from Australia.

I came across this blog back in late 2014 and have loved it ever since.

Adam has a list of over 300 personal development mind maps. Detailed infographics. And each of his articles touches on topics like:


  1. Self discipline.
  2. Mindset.
  3. Personal growth.

And associated topics in the realm of personal development. What I love most about his blogs is each post is in depth. Usually around 1000 – 3000+ words per post.

So there’s a ton of valuable content to go through and learn from. I’d recommend you check it out!


2. The Indie Chicks

My Top 5 Personal Development Blogs Of 2015

I first discovered this website back in 2014. All because they followed me on Twitter, followed by a back and forth conversation.

Here’s how they describe themselves In their own words…

A self-empowerment magazine that aims to develop & empower a woman’s inner badass.

Thought the blog is aimed at women, some of their content relates to men too. And men also contribute to the website also.

Indie Chicks is one of the few self improvement blogs that refuses to hold back or sugar coat their message. So if that’s your thing, I’d go check them out.


3. Medium

My Top 5 Personal Development Blogs Of 2015

Medium is a blog in its own right. The reason why I’ve added it to this list is because it’s so resourceful. It’s packed with quality information and quality bloggers.

I’ve gotten a ton of value from it since using Medium this year.

And personal development is a topic bloggers share quite often.

As well as topics like – self confidence, entrepreneurship and business.

I’d recommend you take a dive into what medium has to offer in regards to personal development.


4. Marie Forleo


Marie Forleo is an online entrepreneur, life coach and YouTube vlogger. She runs the weekly show – Marie TV. 

And lives by the mantra – everything is “figure-outable”.

Every week she runs a Q & A Session where she answers one question from one of her followers. In a humorous kind of way while still being informative.

All the topics she covers are mainly centered around – personal development and business.

For something fresh, funny and informative, I’d recommend you to check her out.


5. Quora

Quora is a question and answers site that I got hooked on this year. I’m shocked by how many people either don’t know about Quora or don’t use it.

It’s a gateway to pretty much any type of question you can think of. Especially when it comes to personal development and everything related to it.

Writers and entrepreneurs like – James Altucher use it.

A lot of the answers tend to be from people who know what the fuck what they’re talking about. So it’s pretty legit.

I wouldn’t miss this personal development resource If I was you. Go check it out and sign up with your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account.


So to summarize this post:

  1. Blog.IQMatrix.com
  2. TheIndieChicks.com
  3. Medium.com
  4. Marieforleo.com
  5. Quora.com


Do you have any more blogs to add to this list? Don’t forget to share this post!


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