Some words are like Tomatoes or Red Onions.

The more you use them, the healthier your mindset becomes.

On the other hand – some words are like cancer.

The more you repeat them, the closer you are to being infected.

Mediocrity is the same way.

Here’s the definition of Mediocre from

of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate.

Just as the definition says, there are ordinary people who think in ordinary ways.

Who will go out of their way to ruin, crush, hurt and piss all over your extraordinary beliefs and mindset.

And the worst part about it is – some people do it unintentionally. Not knowing they’re causing more harm than good.

To you, and to themselves.

There are 7 mediocre things only a mediocre person will tell you.

If you’re interested in doing extraordinary things, you should avoid listening to these  mediocre things at all costs.

As if your life depends on it!


1. Settle down and stop dreaming big. It’s unrealistic!

7 Mediocre Things Only A Mediocre Person Will Tell You

Everybody’s got a story to tell. And that’s exactly the problem in this scenario.

Some people. Even your own family and friends will have no doubt failed at some point in their lives.

We all do. It’s all a part of learning, figuring things out and becoming a better person because of it.

And of course – eventually succeeding at the thing we strive for.

Problem is – a LOT of those people give up, become bitter, are crushed by disappointment….

And then they vomit their pessimistic views all over your own dreams and ambitions.

“What others say about you says more about themselves.”- Unknown

At some point you have to realize: when people give advice, they’re really talking about themselves.

And when that mediocre advice is negative and unhelpful, you need to run a mile and avoid it at all costs.

Or else you risk being infected by it. Which then will cause you to give up on your big ambitions.

And then before long you’ll be the “doom-sayer” giving pessimistic advice to someone else who has their own dreams and big goals.

It’s a dangerous mentality.


2. Just settle for what you have and be happy

7 Mediocre Things Only A Mediocre Person Will Tell You

You know what’s funny?

People who are genuinely happy with settling won’t convince you to “just settle for what you have and be happy”.

The only people who are doing that are people who have given up and haven’t come to terms with their “unhappy” reality.

Society has made up a set of rules. Most of them are complete bullshit.

And when you try to live by rules that don’t apply to WHO you are, you end up killing your happiness and shoving it in a coffin.

There’s nothing extraordinary about “settle for what you have and just be happy”.

Nope. That’s what billions of people do already. So by definition that would make you ordinary if you did “settle for less”.

Which is mediocrity at its finest.


3. Wanting more for yourself is a bad thing

7 Mediocre Things Only A Mediocre Person Will Tell You


Remember when you were a kid and you wanted every little thing you set your eyes on?

“I want more chocolate!”

“I want more ice cream!”

How is that a bad thing?

Eating too much ice cream or chocolate is obviously not a good thing. But that’s not what I meant.

Really though – how is it a bad thing to want more for yourself?

Or to want more of something that’s only gonna benefit and help you?

Is it bad to want more money, fame, wealth, riches, success, happiness, cars, clothes or opportunities?

The irony is – the naysayer who claims “wanting more is bad” would love to have “more” for themselves.

They just don’t have the guts or the stomach to figure it out and make it possible.

So they stomp on the confidence of those who have the courage to do so.


4. Just have enough to pay the bills

7 Mediocre Things Only A Mediocre Person Will Tell You

Who in their right mind wants “enough” just to do that?

Do you? I doubt it. And I doubt it for good reason

There’s no way you can fully live the life you want to live’.

Or travel to the places you want to see with a “just enough for the bills” mentality.

Because by default there’s nothing left over for you to even consider the fun things you wanna do.

The irony is the same person spouting this nonsense complains about the same thing they claim you should do.


5. You can’t get a girlfriend/boyfriend like that. Your standards are too high

7 Mediocre Things Only A Mediocre Person Will Tell You

This statement reeks of the “I settled for the woman/man I don’t even like” mentality.

I wish I could find a statistic for the amount of people who are in relationships for “bragging” rights.

And are with their partners just for the sake of avoiding so called loneliness.

If you have a certain type of man or woman that you want, then go for it.

And don’t give up until you get that type of person. As long as it’s not delusional.


6. Who do you think you are? You can’t be successful

Says who?

I might have said it already, but what others say about you says more about themselves.

Life is like a mirror. And what you put out reflects right back at you.

If someone has the audacity to tell you this, just know they’re talking about themselves.

And they obviously haven’t gotten over their insecurities and setbacks.

They’re just using you as escapism to cover up their own ugly mistakes and lack of courage.


7. Not everybody is lucky, so quit ahead while you can

I get it.

Some of us are lucky bastards in the game of life.

Some of us are born in better circumstances than others.

And sometimes the stars align a lot faster and more conveniently.

I won’t deny it. That much is true.

But to say “not everybody is lucky, so quit while you can” and actually believe it…. Is nothing but self-pity.

And people need to stop it.

You can’t control how “lucky” you are as far as circumstances and being born.

That’s true. But as corny as it sounds, the harder you work and the more effort you make, the luckier you’ll get.

And you create your own luck by figuring it out and fully committing yourself.

If you don’t swing the cricket bat, you can’t expect to hit the ball.

And the guy who swings the bat 1000 times will end up so much luckier than the guy who’s a pessimist.

And the pessimist will eventually walk down the path of mediocrity. Because he’s too busy telling you why it won’t work.


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