We must use time as a tool, not as a couch. – John F. Kennedy

Time is ticking every second of everyday, at every moment 24/7. That’s why It’s so much easier to be a slave to your time than it is to make time your slave.

And If you don’t know how much time you actually have within 24 hours, time has made you its little bitch and you aren’t even conscious of it.

My daily habits used to consist of Xbox, gaming, chilling and browsing on Facebook. And as a result of that I was a slave to time.

My arms were tied and my priorities were chained to the ground out of my reach. My productivity was punished for it.

But the moment I became conscious of my time, priorities and how much time I was assassinating, everything shifted for me.

Here’s how you can make time your little slave in 7 easy steps.


1. Look though your phones call history

Make Time Your Little Slave In 7 Easy Steps

Phone call history? You might ask. Indeed it’s not a typical solution to creating more time but it works.

The first step is to look through your phones call history. You’ll be surprised to see how much TIME you’re abusing on the PHONE.

And I’m not talking about important phone calls like business, opportunities, job interviews or whatever.

I’m talking about phone calls that:

  • Lead nowhere.
  • Achieve nothing.
  • Don’t help you in anyway.
  • Include nothing but gossip, moaning, bitching and complaining.
  • Waste your time.
  • Are full of small talk.

And so on. I want you to add up each and every minute spent on the phone (Or at least estimate) then write it down.

If it’s close to 6 hours and they’re far from emergency, urgent phone calls, work on cutting that time in half.

So much unproductive time doesn’t need to be spent like that, especially when there’s tasks to complete.


2. Get laser focused for 30 – 90 minutes at a time

This is something I’ve been testing recently, after hearing Peter Voogd talk about it in a podcast.

What you do is get focused on a task for 30 to 90 minutes at a time, take a short break, then repeat the process.

And when you work like this you tend to get 10x more done than you would If you work on the same task for hours on end.

At least that was the case for me when I wrote this article for addicted 2 success. –> 6 Things You’ll Never Hear An Ambitious Person Say.

It took me less than an hour to do it.

It’s LESS about how many hours you put into something, and MORE about how much you get done within those hours.


3. Don’t SAY you’re going to do, just DO it

We all know the saying don’t talk the talk, walk the walk. That’s what I mean.

It’s so easy to spend too much time TALKING about what you’re going to do, than it is to just DO it.

I’ve done it before, we’ve all done it before, and it wastes a LOT of time without needing to.

If you think less about what you should be doing and just do it instead, imagine how much you could get done within 24 hours.

Get out of your head, stop putting too much thought into it and just take immediate action. Then repeat the process through out the day.

And the momentum will help you get a shit load more done than you believed was possible.


4. Learn to say NO more often

Tone is the hardest part of saying no. ― Jonathan Price

Jonathan price is right. “Tone” IS the hardest part of saying no. Many people see NO as a negative, aggressive, moody response but it’s not.

NO can mean:

  • I respect my time, my priorities and my commitments enough to turn down this or that down.
  • That’s not a priority for me, I’m busy and have things to do before I’ll consider getting back to you.

And you need to get used to saying it more often.

By saying NO to pointless phone calls, invites to parties every other day, distractions and negativity, you create more time for yourself and boost your productivity.

Being enslaved by time is a result of being a “yes” man or a “yes” woman too often.


5. Set timed challenges for yourself

Make Time Your Little Slave In 7 Easy Steps

You’re capable of so much more than you believe is possible.

You just don’t realize it because you’re either not challenging yourself, or timing your tasks.

The same way gamers challenge themselves to surpass a “high score” in a video game is the same way you should approach this.

For example:

  • Get 5 videos done in 30 minutes.
  • Schedule and post more than 20 times per day on Twitter.
  • Do 100 push-ups within 5 minutes.
  • Write 3 blog posts in 3 hours.
  • Write a 10,000 word eBook within 10 hours.
  • Make 100 sales calls in 3 hours.
  • Write 1000 words within 30 minutes.

The point isn’t to set yourself insane challenges that seem Impossible, the point is to end up getting MORE done as a result.

Because even If you come up short on the target, you’ll end up getting more done than If you set your targets too low.

“Time” is never a problem or a good enough excuse. What you accomplish with your time is what really matters.

I adopted this mindset straight from Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule eBook. 

Make Time Your Little Slave In 7 Easy Steps


6. Use time management apps like Focal Filter

Make Time Your Little Slave In 7 Easy Steps

Focal filter is an app I’ve started using recently to block out websites when I’m on the laptop.

make time your little bitch in 7 easy steps

All you’ve got to do is download it on windows then manually add the sites you want to block.

Set how long you want them blocked for (4 hours, 6 hours, etc) then Voila! Your distractions will be eliminated.

If you’re a MAC user, download the Self Control App instead.


7. Schedule TV/entertainment for specific days of the week

Lets be real here, most of us don’t have the discipline to watch minimal hours of TV everyday. Or play video games for a set amount of hours per day.

And that’s the reason I’m suggesting you schedule your TV and entertainment time. For example:

  • Watch your favorite programs on Sundays for a full day.
  • Watch an entire series on 1 chosen day of the week.

This way you’re not torturing yourself in the process (If you can even call that).

A bonus tip I’ll add to that is treat TV, entertainment (or whatever it is you do for fun) as a reward instead of a pass time.

Get something Important done through out the day before you “reward” yourself with “fun” time.

Be unreasonably productive, active and take a lot of action before “rewarding” yourself with entertainment.

That way you’re in control of your time rather than having time being in control of you.

“Enslave your time or time will enslave you.” – Unknown


Self awareness is key


Share the one tip you’re going to take from this article, and put it to use today!


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