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Life Lessons From Chamillionaire’s Song Dead Presidents

“A moment will pass, but a movement will last.” – Chamillionaire

Music is one of the best, fastest, and easiest ways to learn new things and take in information.

And It’s easily one of the most underused ways to educate yourself on different topics. For example –

Children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than their peers who do not participate in music lessons.

Taken from article11 Facts About Music Education.

Chamillionaire is a one of a kind Hip Hop artist in the way he delivers his lyrics and puts his words together. In three words… He’s a lyricist.

And there’s a lot wisdom in his song dead presidents that you can apply directly to your life.

In this post I’m going to go through what two lyrics in this song can teach you about life. And the lessons you can take from it that will benefit you.

Life Lessons From Chamillionaire’s Song Dead Presidents.


1. Persistence Pays Off

Half way through the song Chamillionaire states –

Before a million I spoke a million into existence. They say it pays off well thank you to my persistence.

And If you pay close attention to the lyrics, here’s what you can learn from it.

  • If you believe in yourself and your idea enough….
  • And you take action consistently over long periods of time….
  • And you relentlessly persist and pursue your goals….

Your thoughts, ideas and beliefs will eventually become a reality. 

But It all starts with having the self confidence, brutal determination, unreasonable belief and perseverance to see it through.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

Think about the time when you were a child and you believed in Santa clause, the tooth fairy and the buggy man.

You believed in it so strongly that you accepted it as fact. The same principle applies to achieving what you want through sheer persistence.

When you believe in it so strongly and then persist for long periods of time, your beliefs become a reality.

So whatever you have in mind that you’d like to achieve, invest for the long term and you’re bound to get it.

If you think “Instant gratification” like the average person does, you’re only kidding yourself.

A doctor can’t become a doctor without investing in the long term.

Millionaires aren’t built off short term thinking. And Chamillionaire didn’t become successful with an instant gratification mindset either.

Success takes time, effort and long periods of dedication to come to fruition. That’s the number 1 lesson you can take from Chamillionaire’s lyrics. –

Before a million I spoke a million into existence. They say it pays off well thank you to my persistence.



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