A lot of us fall in the trap of losing our habits to eat healthy, exercise regularly, or do what’s important to us. Only to end up without any motivation left to drive us.

When you feel this way, keeping yourself motivated is really hard to do.

The question then becomes: How do I go from lacking confidence to becoming confident again, and having a high self esteem?

Follow these 6 steps to help you move forward, motivate yourself, and get yourself out of the “struggling” phase.


1. Take it 1 step at a time

If you want to gain momentum again you cannot force everything you’ve stopped doing. Instead, take 1 thing and start thinking about it.

What you can do to get started?

If for example – you abandoned your exercising routine, you might want to consider taking short walks in the morning for as little as ten minutes.

Then eat some fruits and do a few push-ups before you jump in the shower.

Whatever the issue, start with 1 thing, take small steps, and be proud that you’ve started.

Give yourself some credit for doing it, and commit to repeating the same routine each day. At a specific time.


2. Reach out and ask for help

Moving forward is difficult and not possible if you start off screaming and stressing. So reach out and kindly ask a good friend for advice. Or someone you trust.

Send them an email, text or make a quick phone call. Then explain to them what you want to accomplish and ask them to keep you accountable.

By keeping yourself accountable, you’ll be more inclined to do what you’ve promised to do.


3. Dont over promise!

For moving forward effectively in the beginning, promise something easy to your friend and yourself. Like doing a few push-ups and then eating a plate of fruit or vegetables afterwards.

Make it so easy that you cannot say no to what you’ve set out to do!

Then follow up with your friend at the end of the week and share your accomplishments.

Because you’re being held accountable, you’ll feel much better and motivated to increase your actions the following week.


4. Use unmissable reminders

Put reminders in places you’re unlikely to miss in the morning.

For example, put a background image on your phone emphasizing your routine, put a reminder on the mirror in the bathroom and on the closet. And put one more on your coffee machine.


5. Start writing out your accomplishments

If you want you can open your own journal and each day write out all the steps you’ve taken.

When you will feel like skipping a day, open your journal and read what you’ve done to see how far you’ve come.

And if a journal doesn’t work for you, focus on a similar method that works for you.


6. Accept your mistakes, and learn from it

We know that it’s really difficult for many of us to learn from our own mistakes.

You need to be honest, admit your mistakes and accept them for what they are. Or even write them out for clarity to prevent them from occurring again.

It will be difficult, it will demand a lot of hustle, but if you dedicate and want to do something good for yourself, you’ve just got to stay committed.


When it comes to keeping yourself motivated, what has worked for you?

Go ahead and share your thoughts!


  1. Whenever somebody starts out trying to lose weight or another important goal they have the motivation to see it through to the end, alas more often than not they fall off the wagon before they get there. When it comes to keeping yourself motivated, I find the most important thing is to have a plan, including all the high priority activities I need to stick to, having them written down, so there’s no uncertainty about what you have to do if you’re going to succeed.

    • I agree, Larry. Having a plan is definitely and important thing if we want to succeed. In addition to that, I have few more points to add when it comes to keeping yourself motivated.
      1. Ask why, why it matters – connect with your why! Everyone works something for a reason. It’s in our human nature to do things because there is something beneficiary from them.
      2. Remind yourself how badly you wanted to do that – tell yourself how much you love it!
      3. Most important question you should ask yourself – What is stopping you? What is limiting your success, can you locate it?
      4. Believe in yourself

    • Listen to music. But not just any kind of music. Listen to motivational music. It will keep you psyched up. It can also pump you up and make you feel ready for whatever is that you are doing. It will make you feel unstoppable. Do it while working, exercising, traveling. Feel the difference 🙂

  2. Great post!! I always like #3!! Don;t over promise ever!! Under promise and then over deliver!! And #6 Fail Forward!!! We are going to make many mistakes if we want to become successful, learn from them! Thanks for the share!

    • Exactly! Don’t be afraid of embarrassment. Embarrassment is an obstacle. Being embarrassed makes you feel uncomfortable and act life you normally wouldn’t. It also affects your interaction with people and the optimism of trying new things. If you want to be healthy you need to stop the fear of embarrassment and embrace it.

      • Every person on this planet makes mistakes. But there are the ones that fail and give up and the ones that fail numerous times, never give up, and eventually succeed. It is up to you to choose which person you are going to be. Take the failure as an opportunity and an experience you can learn from, even be thankful, rise and move on. Don’t let it get the best of you.
        If you manage to think of your failures as an experience, not setbacks, you will feel strong and unstoppable.

  3. Ana, excellent article.

    I especially like #3 — don’t over promise.

    It’s better to under promise and overdeliver. That way, every one feels good afterwards 🙂

    • There is not a greater feeling than being able to help someone. And honestly, if you don’t ever help anyone with anything, your life doesn’t have a meaning. Giving can make you feel ultimately good about yourself.

  4. Perhaps one of the best ways to keep motivated is to write your goals and put it somewhere you see and read every day. When you have a clearer view of what you want in life, you’ll have the motivation and the drive to keep moving towards your goals.

  5. nice post. I would like to add that sometimes the best way to do those tedious tasks, is to just start… when u start doing it you are getting into it.


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