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Kanye West Says Media Supports #Lizzo for Being Unhealthy And Overweight

Kanye West Says Media Supports Lizzo for Being Unhealthy And Overweight

Kanye West isn’t the most upstanding person there is out there, especially with the farce and nonsense he pulls for attention like the “white lives matter” event in the past week.

But the truth doesn’t care who told it.

In this case, Kanye West pointing out that LIZZO is criticized for losing weight, while the media supports her because she’s obese and overweight is an undeniable fact.

The west, more so American than the UK has become so toxic and delusional when it comes to weight, that women who know it’s unhealthy will still gas up their fellow women about it somehow being OK and healthy.


The video that started it all

In a Tweet that has almost 100K likes and will exceed that number soon, a clip of Kanye West explaining how the media supports Lizzo for being overweight is drawing a lot of attention.

There’s no malice in his speech either, it’s just straight facts with surprisingly logical-sounding arguments.


The sisterhood and lizzo supporters playing mental gymnastics

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Notice the trend of people saying:

  • Lizzo is healthy.
  • She’s vegan.
  • She works out.
  • She’s not unhealthy.

And the constant deflecting, redirecting of the points being made, and straight-up disingenuous arguments ignoring the main conversation.

It’s almost as if people are afraid to acknowledge the truth and will find a way to argue around it by bringing up irrelevant, easily disproved points that aren’t rooted in objectivity.

lizzo stage

I don’t have a dog in this fight except when it comes to the truth of what’s being said. Men in the west are being told by media, directly or indirectly, to accept women of all shapes and sizes despite being oerweight.

It’s also being promoted as healthy only when it comes to women, hence the body positivity movement which applies to ONE gender.

But the same standard isn’t applied if a man (like Rick Ross before losing weight) happens to be fat and overweight.

It’s the hypocrisy and toxicity of these double standards that are the problem. Overweight people shouldn’t be targeted, but it absolutely should NOT be promoted as healthy or acceptable because it’s clearly not.

We know better and should do better.



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