COMMON Internet Buzzwords In The 21st Century That Have Been Weaponized


The Internet is a game changer. All of our ways of communicating have changed forever, even if we still do fall back on the regular way of doing things (which is good).

With all changes comes negativity though, never just positive. And one of those obvious things is:

  • The misuse.
  • Abuse.
  • Misinterpretation.
  • Manipulation.

And the weaponization of words. Usually to deliberately twist the original definition to fit a narrative, or to target certain sets of people who someone doesn’t like.

A lot of it is people following trendy words which leads to misuse, but some of it is disingenuous.

Cancel culture or “accusation culture” is a window into the madness because buzzwords are common and always associated with it on some level.

Here’s a list of buzzwords with double meanings, many of which are toxic.


Weaponized internet buzzwords:


1. Toxic Masculinity


We’ve all heard the famous “toxic masculinity” phrase and you can thank western women for that. Or I should say a loud minority of these women in particular.

This is a western term after all.

According to Google, this is how it’s defined:

“a set of attitudes and ways of behaving stereotypically associated with or expected of men, regarded as having a negative impact on men and on society as a whole.”

Now of course on the surface that makes a LOT of sense. But remember the title of this post? Weaponized internet buzzwords.

The term toxic masculinity has been weaponized to mean anything but the actual definition.

Here are situations where you as a man will be criticized for “toxic masculinity”:

  • Stating your honest opinion without malice.
  • Calling out women who other women (or people) won’t hold accountable.
  • Commenting on a woman’s weight, shape, looks, and beauty, in the context of preferences.
  • Embracing your masculinity without being toxic to anyone.
  • Daring to criticize a woman (within context).
  • Toy fighting or anything perceived as “too aggressive”.

This is all off the top of my head and I’m sure there’s more to it than I’ve said. But the point is the term has been vandalized and has lost its meaning because so many use it unconsciously.

It’s now used as a weapon whenever it’s talked about.


2. Blackwashing

YouTube video

It’s now #blacktober and #blackhistorymonth in the UK right now. So this term is especially relevant.

This word unlike Toxic Masculinity is invented entirely by the internet, making it an internet buzzword down to the core.

What does blackwashing mean? The original term whitewashing which is still a thing even today is defined as white media playing black or Asian characters but as white people.

In effect “washing away” the original race in the story. The term also stretches to western media only including a white cast and shining anyone else without the right complexion.

Blackwashing was invented the moment black people started to get:

  • More roles in films and TV.
  • Black artists started redrawing anime characters black as a type of fanart.
  • Or when a western company changes a “white” character to a black character (Mermaid).

This term is false and nothing but a subtle way of being racist without havbig the guts to say it out loud. It’s a gaslighting attempt.

There’s no such thing because the context is worlds apart.


3. Transphobic

YouTube video

The problem with words is when someone is malicious they’ll misuse it on purpose. The same thing happens with the word transphobic.

I don’t have to tell you what an actual phobia is. I assume you know. But for those who don’t, it’s a fear of something.

That makes the premise of “transphobia” already a silly argument and accusation. It’s used the wrong way like an inside out t shirt.

The beef with this word and it being weaponized started when people had the gall to call out people who happen to be trans. And they also happened to be doing something that deserves to be called out.

trans athlete swimming

A good example is so-called trans athletes (Men who are women on the outside) competing and destroying women in female sports.

Men are physically superior to women so it’s already an unfair thing to do, but luckily this practice is starting to get banned so women can be left alone without outside interference.

This is not transphobic, that’s simply calling bullshit for what it is.  Using the word to avoid criticism is literally using it as a shield to avoid accountability.


4. Misogyny

misogynistic meme salad

This just might be the gold standard when it comes to internet buzzwords that are weaponized and at this point, toxic.

The actual definition of Misogyny is this:

“dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.”

Can we honestly say that for example – someone like Kevin Samuels was a Misogynist just because he laid out undisputable facts, data, statistics, and examples of double standards between Men and women?

Or because he dared to hold them accountable?

It’s the message, NOT the messenger. Calling a Man a Misogynist for holding you accountable is childish. The word should be used for r*pists and Men genuinely hate women instead.

I’ve been called this more times than I care to count for calling out double standards we have in society with certain issues between men and women.


5. Sexist

sexist woman meme feminist

The definition of a sexist is plain and simple. It’s someone who has one set of standards for one gender, and not the other.

Worded another way: discrimination based on a person’s gender.

Unfortunately, the word “sexist” is now a weaponized word used to shut down criticism of women who deserve to be criticized just like the Men who do equally unethical things.

YouTube video

Take Katy Perry for example. She kissed a boy against his will on national TV and everyone laughed it off and clapped like they were congratulating him,

The boy wasn’t happy.

If a man did this to a teenage girl, well, you already know the outcome. And yet you’d be criticized by the crazies as “sexist” if you held Katy accountable at the time of it happening.

The same applies more to any modern example you can think of (Lizzo, maybe?).

The joke is you can be called sexist by the same people who encourage sexism by having double standards.



simp meme anime girl

This is a word that became more popular during the pandemic I’d say. That’s when the word was being used and abused to a degree I had never seen before.

A simp is a man who pedestalizes women at his own expense. Plain and SIM-ple. Only fans gave rise to this trend and exposed at to a wider audience.

Only fans ironically blew up in the pandemic as swell.

The way this word is weaponized comes down to its misuse.

  • Praising a woman in a way that’s genuine.
  • Having and showing respect for certain women.
  • Comment on the features that you like about women.

Any outward praise or respect is turned into “hahahah, you’re a SIMP” by edgy teenagers or pretenders on the internet who are always desperately trying to “flex” on you.

The lines are blurry now. Context is irrelevant.


7. Anti Women


I never understood the trend of adding “anti” to anything and everything, but here we are. And people do it.

This point relates to my other point about sexism and misogyny. Sometimes if a woman is held accountable by a man (verbally of course) one of the labels they’ll slap on you is “anti-women”.

I know because it happened to me already. And it’s an absolutely ridiculous notion with no sense or real logic behind it.

In a lot of cases, it’s a supposed shaming insult used to justify dysfunctional behaviour, or just outright foolishness.


8. Incel

incel meme

This has become the favorite among feminist women who spend more time doing activism on Twitter than they do in the real world.

The rhetoric goes like this:

  • You dare to like anime and the aesthetics of female characters? Incel!
  • You think women shouldn’t be all over Tiktok shaking their ass and wearing next to nothing? Incel!
  • What? You refuse to date girls from Only Fans who sell their p*ssy for $5 dollars per stream? Incel!

Shaming and insults are always used to silence someone from speaking some level of truth that makes the culprit uncomfortable because they enjoy the privileges.

In this context, “incel” is used to attack and shame Men while the real incels are dodging criticism as a result.


9. Anti White


I once talked about why some anime characters don’t look Japanese, and how the root of it in some cases comes down to western obsession.

I made a solid case backed up with facts and real data. Sprinkled in with some opinions of course. And somehow, some way, an American teacher in the USA called me “anti-white”.

She also told me how she’ll refer students to my article so she can use it as an example of racism essentially.

Why is it that some people, white Americans in this case, are so fragile to the point of using words like this instead of making a BETTER argument?

That’s the point of these weaponized buzzwords. When a person can’t deny or disprove your logic they have to insult you instead.


10. Homophobic


You know this one had to be there. It’s the precursor to the transphobic buzzword that’s often misused as well.

Before the trans community took the steering wheel it was the gay community who would cancel or accuse people of homophobia for criticizing them as people as opposed to their identity.

This still happens of course and the context is deliberately twisted to paint the “offender” in the worst light possible.

Calling someone a faggot is one thing, especially in America, but even without the use of the word, you can still be accused of homophobia for as little as disagreeing with someone who happens to be gay.


11. SJW

sjw meme funny

I never heard of this term until maybe 2019 onwards. No surprise that I first found it on YouTube with all the click-baiting bastards who abuse the F out of the SJW term.

It’s short for social justice warriors. On the surface that’s not a bad thing. It’s people who fight for social justice.

On the internet, it’s another thing altogether. It’s people who:

  • Take part in cancel culture over disagreements and differences in opinions.
  • Look for things to be offended by.
  • Expects the world to pander to their feelings and ways of thinking.
  • Thinks the world shines out their asses.

The funny thing is these days you can be called an SJW just for actually standing for what’s right, like calling out racism, wanting to see more black characters (without politics) and so on.

In fact, I of all people have been called an SJW which is baffling. The term just might be one of the most misused there is.


12. Feminist

feminism meme

And lastly, there’s feminist. I’ll even admit this one has been misused and abused to a strong degree of bullshit.

What is a feminist? A woman who supports and fights for gender equality. That’s it. A man can be a feminist but it’s usually not genuine and the countless examples only prove the point.

In the west, equality has already been achieved long ago. Men and women are equals and can do anything the other can do, physical strengths aside.

The reason the word has become misused is that feminists have become disingenuous and had vandalized the word. It’s tarnished and has a bad reputation.

It’s not an argument for this post but that’s why the feminism I support is overseas in countries where EQUALITY still isn’t a thing for women.

In the end, there are a lot of buzzwords that have been used, abused, and manipulated. Not to mention weaponized. That doesn’t take away from the original meaning, but the overuse of it can diminish the true meaning.

While these words are accurate when used in context, often times it’s not. And that’s why this is the highlight of this post.



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