If More Women Were Confident, The Beauty Industry Would Be Out Of Business

If More Women Were Confident, The Beauty Industry Would Be Out Of Business

In the past 50+ years the beauty industry has exploded.

Back in the 1920’s, 1830’s, or 1500’s, beauty standards, pressures and brainwashing was never so fucking high. Especially for women in particular.

And whether you want to agree or not – the beauty industry takes advantage of people’s poor self esteem. 

If it didn’t, then how could it thrive so much that it’s now worth around $265-$445 BILLION dollars per year?

Do you realize how much money that is, spent on a product that makes you “feel better”.

There’s no way that many women spend so much money for reasons other than “I feel like shit, and this will make me feel better”.

After all – this is usually the “sales pitch” when it comes to beauty products.


The dangers of beauty products

If More Women Were Confident, The Beauty Industry Would Be Out Of Business

Take the image above from the guardian as an example.

Here’s a snippet of what they mentioned:

“The overall proportion of those surveyed who were not happy with their looks rose to 33% this year, from 29% last year and 26% two years ago. The 63% happy with how they look has fallen from 73% two years ago to 63% now At ages 14 to 16, 51% of girls are unhappy with their appearance, and even after that age, 52% are still unhappy.”

And here’s where it gets REALLY interesting:

“The report says that some girls, influenced by the media and advertising, are spending substantial sums on beauty products. Among 11- to 16-year-olds, nearly eight in 10 say they shave or wax their legs, more than six in 10 wear make-up to school and four in 10 shave or wax their bikini line and/or wear a padded bra. Nearly two-thirds of 7- to 11-year-olds use nail polish, half wear makeup and one in three wears high heels, although they see this as just “being a girl” rather than trying to look older.”

Source: Growing Number Of Girls With Low Self Esteem

Keep in mind – the guardian article was published in 2013.

If self esteem issues were THAT bad 5 years ago, I’m scared to think what it’s like in 2018. In fact I’m terrified.


The Beauty Industry Thrives Off Your Insecurities

In our daily lives, we’re convinced we need to:

  1. Give a fuck about what people think of us.
  2. Compare ourselves to others.

And because the mainstream news (and beauty companies) push this message so well, your own insecurities translates into profit for the beauty industry.

And of course – that’s good for the industry. Because they:

  1. Thrive off your insecurities.
  2. Profit from your poor self esteem.

These are the dark secrets behind the beauty industry: as long as you have poor self esteem, you’ll always be a victim to their products. Especially as a woman.

And when you’re convinced that BEAUTY PRODUCTS will solve your lack of self esteem, you’re in danger of chasing your tail. Which is impossible to catch.

And this only creates a never ending loop of poor self esteem, causing women to hate themselves even more than they need to.


The beauty industry does more harm than good

Life back in the 1500’s was probably better than it is in 2018. At least when it comes to “beauty standards” and the need to buy beauty products to make yourself feel “important”.

These days It doesn’t surprise me how many women (and men on a small scale) are pressured into fitting into a false standard of beauty. All in the name of self esteem and self importance.

In fact – I’ve met countless women who share one thing in common: they think they’re ugly or nothing special. Especially if they’re not wearing any “make-up”.

Personally I think it’s the wrong message to be promoting. Beauty products, face implants, and all this nonsense is NOT the path to feeling truly good about yourself. And the beauty industry knows it.

But as long as you’re convinced you need all this “stuff” to feel important, you never will. And you’ll likely fit into the statistics by the Guardian Newspaper I mentioned earlier.


A Change Of Perspective

Beauty products by themselves aren’t bad. Neither is the industry in of itself.

What’s bad is the PERSPECTIVE we’ve been fed about the need for beauty products. And the industry in general.

Needing what the beauty industry offers to feel good about yourself is damaging. Using it as an “addition” to how you feel is another story. And that’s the point I’m making here.

Don’t attach your self esteem to something external, or else you’ll never have any. And unfortunately – the beauty industry in particular is a culprit of this kind of behavior.

Hence the headline of this post: If women had more self esteem, the beauty industry would be out of business.

I truly believe that.

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