If Excuses Could Kill You, Would You Stop Making Them?

If Excuses Could Kill You, Would You Stop Making Them?

Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. – George Washington Carver

Have a think about that for a few seconds. If excuses could kill you, would you stop making them?

If excuses had the potential to kill you within the next 2 hours, 5 hours, 24 hours or 7 days, would you take more responsibility?

Would you be more committed to the things you’re justifying and making excuses for?

Would you take your priorities more seriously, and be more of a man or a woman about it?

Would you get 100 times more done than you do now out of fear of making excuses for the outcomes of your actions?

OR would you throw in the towel, continue to make excuses, cause your own demise and kill yourself in the process?

Would you rather commit suicide by making excuses, or fix up and start taking your priorities seriously?


If Excuses Could Kill You

Society in general is built off of excuses.

For example –

The news and media have claimed video games make kids more violent. Instead of looking at the real issues behind the kids who do end up violent.

We blame the government for taxes, not paying enough wages in the jobs we work in and the state of the country.

When in reality the government can’t be expected to do everything for MILLIONS of people in the nation.

And the state of your wages is down to skill, value, and how much you bring to the table.

We blame our parents for the lives we live as adults, when in reality when you’re old enough to take care of yourself it’s your responsibility.

And the actions you take once you become responsible for yourself, is what  creates the life you’re now living.

People blame the rich and the wealthy for “taking” their money, being greedy and not being willing to help them out.

When in reality giving away money doesn’t solve your problems. YOU solve your problems based on the way you think and the actions that follow regarding money.

And what about how the average person blames the weather, the city they live in and their circumstances?

That’s also an excuse. In reality the real person to blame is the guy or girl you’re hesitating to confront in the mirror.


A world with no excuses

What would the world look like If excuses were able to KILL? Would the human population drop, dwindle or even cease to exist?

Or would the human population remain the same? And would the state of the world, cities, countries, wealth and prosperity improve?

Would successes be created more often than not? And would the state of education, your wages, business, life and future improve drastically?

Would you be able to get a shit load more done than you’re already doing? Would life be the same, or would it take out the fun of doing things others refuse to do? (Like not making excuses)

Would it beneficial to the economy if we all stopped making excuses and took responsibility for ourselves?

Would there be less homeless people on the street, less poverty, less gangs, crime, and so on?

Or would the fact that everybody’s on equal footing and taking responsibility make the world a boring, mundane place to be?

Would there be no reason to educate, teach and help others improve in the department of excuses, independence and responsibility?


Change your perspective

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. – Wayne Dyer

If you view excuses as things that can kill you, harm you, damage you or poison you, your actions will change.

Excuses can hold a person back more than so many other things.

  • You could be the most talented singer in the world, but If you let excuses stop you from expressing that, It’s game over.
  • You could be the next Albert Einstein or even better, but If excuses get in your way the world will never get to see it.
  • You could be the next Michael Jackson, but If you make excuses and dismiss your talents, you’ll never succeed.
  • You could have the opportunity of a lifetime to change your life, but making excuses will ruin it for you.


Ironically though excuses CAN kill you, but Instead of YOU dying as a result…

  • Excuses kill your mindset.
  • Excuses can kill your reputation.
  • Excuses can kill your actions.
  • Excuses can kill opportunities that come your way.
  • Excuses can kill your momentum.
  • Excuses can kill your plans.
  • Excuses can kill your authenticity.
  • Excuses can kill your friendships or relationships.
  • Excuses can kill your priorities.
  • Excuses can kill your dreams, goals and ambitions.
  • Excuses can kill off the good habits you’ve built up.
  • Excuses can kill your future.


I’m sure you’ll agree that having those things happen above would be a living nightmare. A nightmare many people experience everyday.

And living through that for a lifetime would be worse than dying. Just like dying an agonizingly slow painful death is worse than a quick one.

The next time you’re about to make an excuses for something, ask yourself – What If making this excuse could kill me?

Visualize it, picture it, think about it. Then vow to abandon the excuses and get shit done regardless.

And take personal responsibility to get what you want and have things turn out how you want them to.

You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.  – Jim Rohn


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