Most people who use Facebook are losers. I’m actually convinced it’s true after using Facebook since 2009.

Just the other week I had a high school friend add me on Facebook. My first thought after seeing it? It wasn’t so much of a thought, but more of a “sigh”.

“But whatever” was probably my next thought, and so I accepted their friends request.

Almost immediately before that – a girl I don’t even talk to (and vice versa) added me on Facebook.

At first I couldn’t be arsed so I left the request to sit idle. But again, I accepted her friends request.

You know what happened afterwards? Nothing.

  1. They didn’t send me a message.
  2. Neither said hello or wanted to “catch up”.
  3. Neither commented on my page, or any kind of interaction for that matter.

And the reasoning is simple: they’re nosy bastards (and bitches), caring only about “what I’m up to” and what kind of content I’ve posted up on my page. Probably so they can have a good laugh or some other petty reason.

They’ll then take this knowledge and start gossiping with people we’re both familiar with. And have petty small talk about “how Theo this” and “how Theo that”.

This is loser mentality at its finest.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Over the years I’ve had variations of this as well. And the motivations have always been the same.

  1. To Gossip.
  2. To pry into your life.
  3. To boost their friends list count.
  4. To compare their shitty lives to yours to hopefully make themselves feel better.

It’s astonishing how accurate this has been in my experience. And the proof is out there.

I say all that because I had to get it off my mind.

So if you’re that type of person who:

  1. Cares only about vanity.
  2. Loves gossip.
  3. Is too busy prying into other people’s lives instead of taking care of your own.
  4. Will smile in my face and say fuck you behind my back.

Then NO, I don’t want to be friends with you on Facebook. Or any social network for that matter.

Fuck that shit and fuck you. I don’t need your BS.

I’m happy with having real friends on Facebook, even if that means I have less instead of “more” who don’t give a fuck in the first place.


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