4 Unique Ways Writing Can Inspire Self-Improvement

4 Unique Ways Writing Can Inspire Self-Improvement

To become accomplished at writing takes time, dedication, effort and a lot of commitment.

Being able to clearly and concisely deliver good quality copy is a skill, and the opportunities that you have access to are unlimited.

For example, with advanced writing skills, you can produce an eBook, develop a course, create a blog, start a novel, and offer freelance copywriting services.

Whilst I consider myself to be a good writer, I can certainly assure you that I am no guru.

What I lack in elite writing skills, I make up for with consistency and hard work. When people ask about my writing habits and hear that I make the effort to write every day, the response is, “I would never have the time to commit to that.”

I am not telling you to write for hours on end, but to practice 5-15 minute sessions of different writing styles everyday.

The self-improvement benefits are enormous!

Here are 4 unique ways writing regularly can inspire self-improvement.


1. Improves Discipline

Commit to writing for a few minutes a day. Clear your diary and set aside time to do it.

It takes an estimated 66 days to form a habit. Try to change your mindset, and use the 66 days to form a daily habit of writing.

At times it will be difficult, and for sure you will get itchy feet. But keep at it.

What I found was a passion and a new enjoyable task that I wanted to add to my schedule after committing to writing.

That gave me a new sense of discipline, and I didn’t even know it.


2. Express Emotions Through Writing

writing inspires self improvement

Most of us struggle to express our emotions – I know I do. Not everybody is lucky enough to wear their heart on their sleeve.

Scribbling with a pen in a journal is a way for me to express the feelings and emotions I struggle with in person.

Keeping a journal provides you the chance to highlight your inner thoughts.

You don’t have share information from your journal. But, choosing to acknowledge your feelings and expressing them through writing can give you a huge mental boost.


3. Sense of Achievement

writing inspires self improvement

Nobody likes to waste time. Writing for a few minutes every day in a diary, journal or blog fills you with a belief that you are contributing to your self-improvement.

I found that by guest blogging I was helping readers with issues in their lives, whilst at the same time solving my own.

If nothing else, at least you have something to show for your day, and this contributes to a sense of achievement.


4. Increases Intelligence

Writing brings out our inner creative. It makes you think, articulate and even challenge your inner thoughts.

Studies explain how regular writing can positively affect three brain processes:

  • Visual – Noticing your words and images on the screen or paper in front of you.
  • Motor – Putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to create words and sentences.
  • Cognitive – remembering different styles and shapes of the words you write.

It’s important to sit and write every day. Give your brain regular mental exercises to stimulate the three brain processes.



Writing for me is an essential tool for my self-development.

When I’m feeling anxious, nervous or stressed, I write. When I want to share an experience or share a story, I write. When I find a particular topic interesting, I write.

Not only can writing help with self-confidence. It helps us to improve our mental state, intelligence, discipline, and even our communication skills.

Give it a go, and make it a habit.

You have no idea how much it will help you.

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