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How To Open Your Mind To New Possibilities

How To Open Your Mind To New Possibilities

As human beings we live on habits every single day of the week. Whether that’s waking up, eating, bathing, then going to work, it’s all part of our routine.

That can be a problem though, living/doing the SAME things the SAME way everyday can keep you in a box.

Of course it depends heavily on what you’re doing and how you’re living your life.

If you’ve been living in the city for your whole life and you haven’t ever ventured out of it, you’re locked in a box.

This is the same reason so many people are quick to judge and stereotype others because of what they’ve “heard” and “seen”.

I’ve created a list below of ways that’ll show you how to open your mind to new ways of living/thinking.


1. Travel To Brand New Places

You’ll be amazed how visiting new locations can change any negative perceptions you might have. I’ll use the city life as an example.

There’s a lot of people in rural area’s who’ll say cities are full of chavs and thugs because that’s what you see on crime watch.

Yet if you actually decided to live in the city, you’d realize it’s no way near as bad as your judgments.

It’s always good to get out your comfort zone, see new places, new faces and new landscapes.

You can learn a whole lot and that’s what helps to open your mind to things you wouldn’t of believed otherwise.

On Tuesday earlier this week, i decided to get out of Manchester for the day and went to Glossop by train. Something was just telling me to do it so i did and i’m glad i did.

It was a massive change from seeing buildings all the time, hearing sirens and being surrounded by immense crowds. It was definitely a refreshing experience.


2. Meet New People

It’s cool to be around your circle all the time, but there’s nothing wrong with meeting new people.

It doesn’t even have to be friendship, it could just be a stranger or an associate.

Everybody has their own unique amount of knowledge that you can learn from.

A stranger could teach you a thing or two about something you never considered possible!

You can’t be open minded if you’re not willing to learn more than you already know.


3. Let Go Of Your Judgments

This goes for absolutely any judgments you have. Whether it’s race, color, how someone dresses, looks, talks, or whatever else, YOU MUST let go of those judgments to see things from a fresh perspective.

Remember, judgments are completely made up truths YOU created out of your own insecurities. Question your thinking to over come it.


4. Let Go Of Your Fears

All those things you consider impossible are ONLY IMPOSSIBLE because you taught yourself to believe that. Whatever you believe you achieve, so if you let FEAR stand in the way of your desires you wont achieve anything.

If you’ve been dying to create a blog, but you FEAR failure down the line, it’s time to let go of your fears and make your move right now! It’ll be the best move you’ve ever made i promise you.

Just by taking action, you OPEN your mind to new beliefs and possibilities that never existed. Fears just another way of telling you to take action.


5. Read About New Things.

If you’re completely new to personal development, read as much as you can about it. If you’re new to online business, do the same thing. Whatever it is, do it immediately.

It’s easy to say “i can’t be bothered it’s pointless” but it’s for your own benefit in the end. The more knowledge you get, the more open minded you can be about the subject.

I never even knew much about personal development until last year. Guess what’s happened since then? My way of thinking has changed dramatically, if i’m honest with you it’s changed my life completely.

I’m a lot more open minded to almost everything life has to offer.

I highly recommend all of the above as it’s already helped me to see things in better ways. 🙂


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