Whenever I head out into the city centre of Manchester, the main street is always full of promoters. And overflowing with sellers trying to sell you their CD’S.

As well as music, IPhone cases, Ideas, beliefs, leaflets, club promotions, religion, travel packages…. You name it.

Some of them, or should I say few of them have the courage to open their mouths and sell it to you.

Few have the courage to communicate with you, approach you in a way that’s not uncomfortable.

Few have the courage to have a conversation with you, be human, and even fewer are willing to promote themselves at all.

Why? Because promotion is associated with sales and selling. The stigma behind selling is associated with dishonesty, sleaziness, deceit, pushy, pressure, and being morally wrong.


Just ask anyone how they feel about self promotion if you don’t believe me

Especially if you’re based in the western part of the world. The average person will have a negative response towards it.

Mostly because they associate it with pushy or insincere promoters and sales people they’ve met in the past. Who’ve done them wrong or ripped them off in some way, shape or form.

I’ve been one of those people. And the GIF below makes a strong point.

How To Get Past Your Fear Of Self Promotion


What’s that got to do with getting over your fear of self promotion?

A lot. If you’re scared to promote yourself, that’s only because you’re afraid of dealing with people who hate sales people.

Or people who assume all people who promote themselves are criminals or sleazy.

Or because you’re afraid of coming across as too pushy, aggressive, etc.

That is the stigma after all, and nobody wants to be associated with that, right?

I thought the same way after all. Until one day I was sick of hiding inside of myself.

Hiding inside my shell like a petrified turtle.

And letting the fear of self promotion, as well as the stigma of it all stand in my way.

That’s stupid. Don’t be stupid.

Avoid being stupid by following these steps to overcoming your fear of self promotion. You’ll love yourself for it.


1. Get rid of the garbage

Have you ever left a bin full of garbage for so long, that the stench of it made you want to vomit your guts out?

Or had garbage in the bin for so long, that flies were having a garbage party in your bin?

Neither have I. But that’s the point. All the garbage in your head has been living there for way too long.

All those BS beliefs that are holding you back need to be thrown out for good.

All those discouraging beliefs about sales, selling, and promoting yourself needs to be exiled from your brain. Banished from your mental filing cabinets, and burned until there’s nothing but dust.

I’ve been clearing out the mental garbage since 2013. And the end of 2014/2015 was a massive year for me in regards to ridding of those discouraging beliefs

There’s nothing wrong with promoting yourself, selling yourself, selling your products, selling your services.

There’s nothing wrong with selling to your customers, whether you’re an employee or employer. Or in sales or retail.

There’s nothing wrong with selling what you offer, or promoting through social media, or any of that stuff.

You’ve only been tricked into believing there’s something wrong with that.

As long as what you’re promoting is genuine, authentic, legit, helpful, positive, ethical, and beneficial, you have nothing to stress about.

It’ll take time to rid of all that mental garbage in your brain, but it will be time well spent. And you more than deserve that!


2. Run a mile from the naysayers

Or maybe 1000000 miles. If you’re capable of running that far!

Naysayers are like junk food. The more you open your mouth and say “ahhh”, the more bullshit you’re bound to digest.

And that bullshit you’ve ate will start to mess with your beliefs and your thoughts. The same way junk food will mess with your bodily functions and health. Until finally you’re speaking the language of the naysayers.

That’s not a healthy thought, is it? Stay away from naysayers who:

  1. Hate self promoters.
  2. Dislike sales and selling.
  3. Have a problem with promotion.
  4. Have a problem with promoting themselves.

Even If these people are your friends and family. Or someone you speak to on a regular basis.

Stay away from them. Cut down the time spent with them.

Cut down the time spent listening to them, responding to them, and paying attention to the BS they spout.

Otherwise you’re just asking to be injected with mental poison.

It’s the same poison that’ll tie you up, throw your self confidence in a cage, and have fear chain you to the ground like we’re back in slavery days.

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3. Dive in the deep end

The shallow bits of the water are safe. That’s why everybody has no problem dwelling in it. But the deep end? That’s a terrifying place for most.

There’s more risk, or at least it’s perceived to be more risky. It’s more uncomfortable.

And that’s why you should dive right into the deep end. Meaning take action, get started, get in the practice of promoting yourself, and give your fears a Bruce Lee kick straight to the face.

Or a Jackie Chan kick at the least.

It’s no good sitting on the sidelines and admiring other people who have the confidence to promote themselves and their work. You’ll only end up “wishing” you could do the same thing.

But you can do the same thing. You’ve just got to take immediate action and put all your fears behind you.

Every single one of them. Because they’re all false anyway. They’re exaggerated. They’re made up.

Dive in the deep end and learn how to swim while you’re there. And you’ll discover it isn’t so hard to swim once you get over the fear of just doing it.

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