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16 Lightning Fast Ways To Discover Who You Really Are (Without The BS)

woman using telescope

How do you discover who you really are? How do you know what it is you want fundamentally, and what gets you going?

There’s an easy way to go about answering this Important question.

So let’s get straight into that so you can benefit from it.

The same way I have!


How To Discover Who You Really Are:


1. Look at your habits

woman in white shirt eating pizza

Take a good look at your daily habits and what you do every single day. Not every week, but every day.

  • Do you write every day?
  • Do you blog every day?
  • Do you smoke every day?
  • Do you complain every day?
  • Do you wish more than you take action every day?
  • Do you help people every day?
  • Are you working on your goals every day?
  • Are you studying every day?

Whatever it is you do every day without fail is a habit. And those habits are what define you.

They define you because they’re a huge part of your life. Whether for good or for bad.

So the first step to discovering who you are is noting down and writing down your habits.


2. Look at your interests

What interests you?

  1. Are sports interesting to you?
  2. What about Golf?
  3. Or video games?
  4. Or Animals?
  5. Or particular types of people?
  6. Or the solar system?

Take a good look at your interests because believe me, they make up who you are in a big way.


3. Look at your Google history

Google logo neon light signage

I’m serious. Take a good look at your Google history. Look at the websites you’ve checked out over the
past week, month or even year.

You’ll notice a common habit among the things you check out often.

It’s these things that define who you are and make you who you are today.


4. Look at your YouTube history

Youtube application screengrab

There are 4 billion YouTube video views per day. And 1 billion people use it. So there’s a good chance you’re on YouTube yourself.

If so, look at your history. Look at the videos you’ve recently watched. The type of information you’ve been soaking up.

Whatever category the videos fall under, they define you and make you who you are.


5. Look at the books you read

assorted book lot

What kind of books do you read? Whether it be the books you’ve still got since childhood or books you’ve bought recently.

Look at your Kindle store if you read books online over print books. Look at your collection.

Each and every one of those books has moulded you into the person you are today. In one way or another.

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6. Look at the music you listen to

That’s right. Music is also a big part of who you are.

Whether you listen to:

  • Rock music.
  • Hip Hop.
  • RnB.
  • Dance.
  • Instrumental.
  • Opera.
  • Grime.
  • Soul.
  • Jazz.

Or any other kind of music it doesn’t matter.

What matters is these songs you’ve listened to and the music you consume is a big part of your character.

Embrace it.


7. Look at your passions

I define passion as something you’re good at doing, enjoy doing and can easily do. Because passion is never too far from something you’re good at.

So what are your passions?

Write down them, every last one of them. Think hard about it. Acknowledge it.

Those passions are a massive part of who you are, and it would be foolish to deny them.


8. Look at the TV programs and films you watch

television remote

What type of things do you watch on TV?

And when I say TV, I mean exactly that. Whether it be the TV in your living room or TV shows online.

What films are you into?

  • • Action?
    • Horror?
    • Romance?
    • Scary?
    • Supernatural?

Every one of those TV programs and films you watch has defined you and will define you.


9. Look at the things you tolerate

What is it you tolerate? And how much of it do you tolerate before enough is enough?

Do you tolerate:

  • Disrespect?
  • Bullying?
  • Negativity?
  • Trolls?
  • Naysayers?
  • Failure?
  • Gossip?
  • Procrastination?

How much of it do you tolerate? And If not, what is it you absolutely won’t tolerate?

Whatever those tolerances are, they make up who you are and what you stand for.

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10. Look at your friends, family and those in your circle

people standing on shore during golden hour

Who’s closest to you? What are your friends like? What are your family like?

What kind of things do they do? What do they put up with?

Are they holding you back or lifting you up?

Whether it be for better or worse, your friends, family and those closest make you who you are today. Because as the saying goes – birds of a feather flock together.


11. Look at your environment

YouTube video

Who is in your environment? What is in your environment?

What are you surrounded by? And how much of it is impacting you in a negative or positive way?

Your environment includes:

  • Where you live.
  • The city or town you live in.
  • The country you live in.
  • Your house, flat or apartment.
  • How clean or unhygienic it is.
  • How cluttered or tidy it is.

And so on. Your environment makes you who you are whether you like it or not.

This fact can’t be avoided.


12. Look at the things you care about

What is it you give a shit about? What is it you care about deep down?

What matters to you more than anything else?

  • Your wife/husband?
  • Girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • Parents?
  • Job?
  • Business?
  • Mission?
  • Giving to charity?
  • Writing?
  • Changing lives?
  • Saving lives?

The list of things you care about the most makes up who you are and what you represent.

Don’t dismiss this.


13. Look at your wardrobe and the clothes you have in it

assorted-color clothes lot hanging on wooden wall rack

What do you have in your wardrobe? What clothes do you wear on a regular basis?

What clothes are you comfortable wearing? What clothes are you uncomfortable wearing?

What clothes best suit you, your body and your personal style?

This is a big point many of us tend to miss.

What we wear every single day defines who we are as human beings. So rather than be ashamed of what’s in your wardrobe, embrace it or make a few changes.


14. Look at your dreams, goals, possessions and obsessions

What have you always dreamed of being when you were growing up?

And if that dream isn’t the same now, what is it you dream of becoming or achieving?

What about your goals? What goals have you set for yourself? How big are they?

What type of goals are they?

What are you obsessed with?

  • Fashion?
  • Music?
  • The internet?
  • Creativity?
  • Self-improvement?
  • And finally, what possessions do you have?
  • A laptop?
  • A canvas?
  • Posters?
  • Gaming console?
  • An IPad?

Your goals, obsessions, possessions and dreams have made you who you are today. So use it to your advantage and be proud of it, or make the necessary changes.

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15. Observe your thoughts

close-up photo of Thought Catalog book

What is it you constantly think about every day? What’s on your mind?

What do you say to yourself? Is it bad, good, awful, positive or hurtful?

Self-talk is a huge part of our daily lives.

It’s the difference between feeling good about yourself or feeling like horse shit.

Your thoughts are a part of who you are and what makes you do or say the things you do.


16. Look at the things you believe in

Last but not least, what is it you believe in? Who is it you believe in? Why do you believe in it? What caused you to believe in it?

Belief is a massive part of the things we decide to do in our everyday lives.

It’s also a big part of whether we do what we’re afraid of and the things we want to do. Your beliefs make up who you are, your decisions, your actions, your reactions and more.

You wouldn’t be who you are today without the beliefs you carry on a daily basis.


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