6 Of The Worst Habits That Make You A Boring Person

6 Of The Worst Habits That Make You A Boring Person

If there’s one thing that drives me nuts, it’s small-talk.

Hey! How are you today?

What have you been up to?

Are you married yet? Do you have kids?

THAT is the definition of boring.

It kills me to even write the damn words because it’s such an irritating experience.

And to think people have these types of conversations EVERYDAY, with very little depth to their conversations at all.

I get that small talk is used to break the ice, and not every conversation is deep, but sheesh.

That aside…

Being boring means many things. And here are a couple of them…


How To Be A Boring Person:


1. Care too much about what people think of you

Caring about what people think of you is useless. Most people don’t even know what they think of themselves.” – Sonya Techlai

I LOVE chocolate. But I HATE dark chocolate. I can’t stand that shit.

Another thing I hate is beans, peanuts, gossip shows and the mainstream news because it spouts a load of negative bullshit 24/7.

And yet – there are people who will dislike and criticize me for those exact reasons.

Should I care about what they think? No. As the saying goes – each to their own!

The opposite is true for most people. Meaning they care about what people think of their decisions, opinions, how they look and so on.

When you live like this, your life is bound to be boring and miserable. Because you’ll live your life according to someone else’s BS opinions that don’t even make you happy.

The types of opinions that make others happy at the cost of your own happiness.

Don’t do that to yourself. You’ll choke on regret one day if you do and it just might kill you in the end.


2. Ask mundane questions in a conversation

I mentioned this in the introduction to this post. There’s nothing worse than running into multiple people within 24 hours and having them all ask me the exact same questions, as if they’re all copies of each other.

Mundane questions like:

  • What are you up to?
  • Where do you work?
  • How old are you?

These types of questions aren’t exciting. Hence why most conversations of this kind die-hard like Bruce Willis.

Better questions would be:

  • What are your life’s goals?
  • What things are important to you?
  • What’s the most thought-provoking book you’ve ever read?
  • What are your thoughts on work-life balance?

These questions create real conversations with depth, interest and passion. The type of conversations that leave you thinking: “what an interesting person X is” as opposed to the opposite which makes you seem boring and no different to everyone else.

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3. Follow the rules instead of bending, breaking, or making your own

“if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.” – Katherine Hepburn

Breaking the rules doesn’t have to be blatant.

One of the first articles I wrote online was: Jobcentre Plus Is Useless – Here’s Why You Should Avoid It

I shared my negative experiences with the jobcentre and how the whole thing is a scam, built to keep you down and prevent you from progressing by making you lazy and unmotivated. At the time (and even today) there are no articles online with the same level of depth, honesty and controversy.

I broke the rules by saying something true but politically incorrect.

It’s the most popular article in the UK for what it covers, and one of my most popular articles on this website.

Following the rules is safe but boring. It doesn’t help you stand out, making you no more unique than the average Joe.

There’s no fun in playing by the rules without bending, breaking, or making your own.

Rules are made up, so make life more interesting by creating your own too.


4. Follow the crowd instead of sticking to your own path

How To Be A Boring Person:

Following the crowd is easy, and will guarantee your safety. You won’t be criticized for your actions. Most people won’t care enough to hate on you because there’s nothing to differentiate you from the average Joliette.

I’ve always followed my path mostly. It’s the reason I was bullied back in high school. And even before that.

In school there are 3 myths teenagers live by:

  • The cool kids are cool.
  • The nerds are worthless.
  • The “tough kids” are deserving of your respect.

I never followed the cool kids. I didn’t give a fuck because I was self-aware enough to know that it’s all a facade. And so I was verbally abused.

The “tough kids” are the biggest frauds of anybody. Because they act tough or bully others to compensate for their own flaws, weaknesses or personal struggles. I had as much respect for them as I do a piece of dog shit laying on the floor.

I was a nerd, and nerds always follow their own path. That’s why they end up doing things that are interesting, exciting, or simply sticking to what they believe in (though this isn’t always true).

Following the crowd is a guaranteed path to a boring lifestyle. By leading the way, your life becomes interesting and you stand out like a yellow night-light in a pitch black alleyway.

I’d rather stand out and live an interesting life than blend in and be the living definition of mediocrity.

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5. Pretend you’re something other than who you actually are

Do you realize how interesting you are when you share your truth and be genuine?

I laugh at the thought of going clubbing, wearing fancy clothes that are rented (to make me look “Cool”), and telling women how I’m this, that and the other.

Why do that? That’s boring. And nobody will find you interesting once they see you’re a fucking fraud begging for attention.

If you’re insecure than say so. Trust me you’ll become more interesting just by admitting it.

The definition of boring is not being true to yourself, because then it becomes impossible to express who you really are to others.

And if you’re faking it, you’re denying people the chance to experience the things that make you interesting.

I love anime. I’ll scream it out loud if I have to (except my voice is deep so that’ll sound horrible).

My love for anime, hip hop music, instrumentals, oriental food, and creativity is what makes me interesting.

And it’s not just your love for something (and your authenticity) that makes you interesting, it’s the context of it. It’s the unique perspective mixed with your personality that makes you interesting, if you’re true to yourself and others.


6. Talking about the mainstream news

How To Be A Boring Person:

Do I really need to know about how a mother abandoned her baby and dumped it in the garbage?

Or how the Korean government is making nuclear threats against the USA?

Or how the Kardashian’s have a new hair-doo?

Or how a serial killer is facing life in jail for cutting up 10 women into pieces, and mailing it to their family members?

Look, I’m not saying I don’t care. Or that I’m not empathetic (I’m more empathetic than 99% of people who watch the news).

But what good does negative news do for you? Or me? Instead of fretting over what’s happening, shut the fuck up and do some good in the world. Talking about what was doesn’t help anybody.

People talk about the news as if it’s shocking and surprising, when this kind of BS happens everyday of the week.

Billions of people talk about the same ol’ negative news everyday. And that’s exactly why it bores me to death.

Relying on mainstream news from a bunch of strangers whose goal isn’t even to help you, just tells me you can’t think for yourself. And you need others to think for you.

That’s makes you boring in my book.

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