How Sports Keeda Shamelessly Ripped Off Anime Motivation’s Content

A lot of the time I’m doing my own thing, living life, and running Anime Motivation. Then every now and then I organically find out someone is ripping off content, stealing content, or something related.

Contrary to the amount of gaslighting that happens on the internet and in business, corporate media outlets and “influencers”  are well aware of lesser-known brands, websites, or publishers they rip content from.

Often IP owners can’t prove it because those ripping off content are sneaky or people just don’t give a shit.

Twitter is filled to the brim with stories, as is the internet.

This is not the case with Sportskeeda.

Sportskeeda shamelessly ripped off anime motivation’s content down to the headline, and even the content itself.

This makes me wonder how many more websites are they ripping off to create “original” content.


Who Is Sports Keeda?

sportskeeda -

According to their own website:

“Established in 2009, Sportskeeda is a global sports content platform that covers the world’s biggest sports and esports subjects and serves over 100 Million fans every month. Our passionate team comprises top journalists from around the world who produce hundreds of well-researched content pieces on a daily basis.”

For whatever it’s worth, they’re owned by Nazara Technologies.

While Nazara has a major stake in Sportskeeda, Absolute Sports Media plays a role as well.

In their own words about Sportskeeda as a brand:

“Sportskeeda, as a news and media brand, is setting standards and showing the way ahead by being one of the forerunners and category leaders in the arena of 360° sport platforms. Not only as a website, Sportskeeda is creating ripples in social media too. Various social media channels by Sportskeeda catering to all major global sports and entertainment, churn out highly engaging contents on a daily basis.”

Hopefully setting standards and creating engaging content doesn’t mean ripping off other websites’ content.

There is no way Anime Motivation has been the only target. It would be arrogant to believe it.


The ripped-off content in question from Anime Motivation

This is shown from a Google search, which you can replicate yourself (before they delete it or change it).

In the original post: 17+ Weird But Effective Anime Shows That Will Motivate You To Study Hard – you can see from the description alone that The Royal Tutor is the first anime mentioned, right?

Now look at the Sportskeeda version, which mimics even the original title: “10 Anime That Motivate People To Study Hard”.

Guess what their first anime show is on their version of the list? The Royal Tutor.

Their version was published in August 2023, as it shows.

The original was published on November 13th 2017, which can be seen by viewing the source code in the browser.

It’s the only article of its kind, which is why it’s so easy to notice that it was ripped off in the first place.

There is only one Anime Motivation after all. That type of content is natural here.


That can’t be a coincidence, can it?


In the original post, I also mentioned these anime:

  • Assassination Classroom (no.2).
  • Ascendance Of A Bookworm (no.16).
  • My Hero Academia (no.10).
  • Cells At Work (no.6).

In the ripped off content by Sportskeeda:

  • They moved Cells At Work to no.5.
  • They moved My Hero Academia to no.6.
  • Ascendance Of A Bookworm was moved to no.7.
  • Assassination Classroom was moved to no.9.


Sportskeeda be like

Copy My Homework Meme Anime

This may be an isolated incident and it may be the case that not every one of their writers is forced into writing copy-pasted crap for the sake of SEO and all that jazz.

It may also be the case that Sportskeeda is not doing a good job of vetting “originality” and following the standards they claim they’re setting.

But the fact this happens is what matters most here because I see it being dismissed by many, or worse, people are gaslighted into silence or into not saying anything in the first place.

We’re talking about websites owned by corporates with close to 100 million visitors or more, checking out blogs with less than 1% of the visits they see in a day or a week in general.



flattery meme anime -

It’s flattering that many of these corporate websites, companies, and the like go out of their way to do this. I can’t see it any other way that’s why I’m having fun doing this (more stories to come).

You should as well if it’s happening to you.

It’s especially flattering when those who are shells of what they once were (sites that are about a topic, then jump on trends like anime to stay relevant) are doing this.

Expect more behind the scenes like this in 2024 and beyond because I have a lot to say and to share.

And it’s not all just about me, but the industry, and so much more.

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