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This Is How I Stay Motivated When I Feel Down

This Is How I Stay Motivated When I Feel Down

Whenever I feel down and out, this is how I stay motivated…

And believe me, it’s not easy in a lot of cases, but it IS effective.


1. Listening to music

Music is a LIFE saver for me. It’s one of those things I don’t know what I’d do without it.

In fact, as I type this I’m listening to music.

The other day I was in one of those moods. Caught in the moment. Feeling a little sluggish with my motivation.

The moment after I threw on some headphones and blasted some music, that all changed.

My feet were moving, my body was rocking, and my head was bopping as If I was out in a night club or a rave.

Music has also been proven to raise your dopamine (the chemical that makes you happier). I’d recommend you get in the habit of it.


2. Hilarious YouTube videos

Everybody’s definition of hilarious is different. What’s funny to me may or may not be funny to you.

But watching hilarious YouTube videos is an effective way of kicking my ass back into gear.

The fact that humor and laughing keeps your spirits up is the reason it works so well.

And I wouldn’t dismiss it if you’re serious about staying motivated.

3. Self reflection

I’m introverted so self reflection is extremely important for me.

It not only helps me gather my thoughts, be creative, problem solve and think into the future, but it helps me kick my motivation into gear.

Especially when I’m feeling low on motivation for whatever reason.

When reflecting, looking at how far you’ve come, where you’re going, what you’ve achieved and what’s possible is a good way to refuel your motivation.


4. Being useful

When I feel deflated and my motivation has been wounded, being useful makes all the difference.

Meaning – helping other people where I’m able to help. Giving and providing value to them.

Supporting them. Answering questions they need answers to, or solving a problem I’ve already solved myself.

It could even be helping someone out in the neighborhood, like one time I helped a woman shift some heavy furniture.

Giving to others in some way, shape or form brings my motivation right back up. And that sharpens my focus like never before.

And as an added bonus, it makes me feel good about myself, too.


5. Writing down goals

Writing down your goals and repeating them out loud works wonders.

It’s not only good for clarification, but it’s good for keeping your goals on top of mind.

Goals that are worth striving for should excite you, so writing down your goals is a must for refueling your motivational tank.


6. Creative expression

Creativity? I can’t get enough of it. Anything creative, whether I’m consuming it or creating it, the thought of it gets me going.

Just like this article I’m writing. It’s a great way to get my thoughts out, my emotions out, my stress, ideas, problems, and everything related.

I enjoy it and it’s that enjoyment and passion that keeps my spirits high and my motivation in check.


7. Procrastination

When my motivation is low on batteries, if worst comes to worst, I’ll procrastinate. And after I’ve procrastinated a little, my motivation is back on track.

How is that even possible, and why would I say that? Because it works for me. Here’s why.

When you’re low on motivation, fighting it sometimes is more effort than it’s worth. Depending on how bad it is, of course.

And if it’s not worth the fight, then procrastinate. Watch that TV program for an hour. Do nothing in particular for 20 minutes or so.

Go through your social media. Go through your email. Or whatever it is you’d consider procrastination.

Then before you know it your motivation will magically pop back into gear. And your spirits will be higher than an astronaut.

If you use this tip, use it only as a last resort.


Got something to add on top of this list? Let’s hear it….


  1. Hi Theo,

    I really appreciate your honesty in this post. It’s not the easiest to admit on the web that from time to time we get down.

    Your No. 4 has given me food for thought. My usual reaction when I feel down is to shut myself away or at least avoid social situations. I’ll revise that approach and try to make myself more useful to others.

    My own recommendation is exercise. I’ve been running for 18 months or so and I always feel good afterwards – really shakes the negativity out of me.

    Thanks again for a great and honest read.

    Best wishes.


    • Hey Alan. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it.

      I used to do the same thing as well. And because I’m an introvert it’s fairly easy to avoid social situations when down. But being useful has helped a lot.

      I do exercise daily, but never thought of doing it if/when down. I’ll try that!

      Take care for now.



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