Giving Up On Your Dreams Is Unethical

“Failure at some point in your life is inevitable, but giving up is unforgivable.” – Joe Biden

As the quote states above, giving up is unforgivable. 

Why is it that in the society we live in it’s OK to give up and be complacent, yet it’s NOT OK to be prosperous?

Why is it that those who are successful (or committed to success) are looked at funny?

And why is it that if you become successful you’re the bad guy, yet If you’re the average Joe it isn’t an issue?

Do you ever wonder why the education system doesn’t encourage you to live out your dreams and goals? But Instead they encourage you to fall in line, follow the norm and be average?

Since when was that a justifiable way to live your life in comparison to doing whatever it takes to live out your ideals?


Giving up on your dreams is unethical

Imagine walking up to a pregnant woman in the street and saying give up on the baby and abort it.

Imagine telling a recovering drug addict to “give up trying to recover” and go back to taking drugs.

Imagine telling someone who’s on the verge of suicide to just give up and kill yourself already.

Imagine telling your kids they’re average, mediocre, nothing special, worthless, and success is a bad thing?


That would be unethical, right?

Exactly. So why should it be any different with your goals, dreams and ambitions?

The truth is giving up on your goals and dreams is NO different to the examples I used.

  • You’d be “killing” your dreams by giving up.
  • You’d be aborting your ideals by giving up.
  • You’d be committing suicide on your goals and your life’s purpose by quitting.
  • You’d be abandoning your family and whoever else that supports you 100%.
  • And you’d be saying NO to those you’re committed to taking care of.

Giving up on your dreams is criminal, immoral, unethical and disgusting. That’s the way you’ve got to see it.

By giving up on your dreams you’re basically saying you’re not worth it.


Giving up on your dreams leads to complacency

In 2012 an article was published via the Daily Mail entitled – Why you can achieve more by giving up on your dreams.

The title alone is telling you to give up, be average and abandon your dreams.

The articles about a woman who imagined by the time she’s 30 years old…

  • She’d be a best selling novelist.
  • Married to an actor with 4 kids.
  • Living in a beach pad in California.

But when she was an office manager and was close to 40 years old, she accepted that those dreams won’t ever become a reality.

Just once she attempted to get a children’s book published and was turned down.

By the time she was 44 she decided to give up on her dreams completely and be more “realistic”. (See below)

‘A few years ago on New Year’s Eve, I decided my resolution would be to make my dreams more realistic,’ she says. ‘I made it my aim to get a dog and a new flat.

‘Letting go of my hopes was painful, but gradually I began to feel happier. I began to accept myself as I was.’

If you don’t go all in on your dreams 110%, fully commit, persistently take action and push through rejection, you can’t expect to get any real results.

If you half ass it you’ll end up giving up on your dreams just as she did, only to make excuses for why it didn’t happen.


Giving up on your dreams makes you no better than a criminal

You might be looking at the statement above and feeling confused by what I said. So let me explain.

When a criminal commits a crime, he or she is hurting somebody else in the process. Whether it be:

  • Physically harming somebody else for personal gain…
  • Emotionally harming others for personal gain…
  • Financially harming others for personal gain…
  • Or environmentally harming the community for personal gain…

In more cases than not, crime is bound to hurt someone and take something away from others for personal gain.


Giving up on your dreams has the same effect

When you throw in the towel and wave good bye to your dreams… You’re not just potentially harming those you’ve been fighting to support, but you’re harming yourself.

  • You’re harming your self confidence…
  • You’re inflicting pain upon yourself…
  • You’re harming your future…
  • You’re harming your beliefs and your mindset…
  • You’re harming your skills and capabilities…
  • You’re harming the future of your kids (If you have any).
  • And you’re potentially harming the society you live in.

At some point in our lives we’ll pass on, that’s something we ALL have to deal with. Whether you like that fact or don’t like it is irrelevant.

One thing is for sure though. By giving up on your dreams you’re unconsciously sentencing your dreams to death.

And you’re sending your legacy to the grave! (Or lack of a legacy)

Could you look those same people in the eye who you encourage so much to pursue their dreams after giving up yourself?

Better yet, could you even look yourself in the mirror after doing such a thing?

Wouldn’t you feel disappointed with yourself? Could you live with that feeling?

Could you live your life knowing that it won’t ever get any better than it already is?

If you dug deep down inside the core of your soul, would you really be happy with that for the next 20 – 50+ years of your life?

Wouldn’t you feel bad, unethical or disgusted for doing so?

Remember that guy that gave up? Neither does anybody else. – Unknown

The statement above is the end result of giving up.

Success stories and triumphs aren’t recognized just for the sake of it, they’re recognized because the person never quit.

So If you have no interest in leaving a legacy behind, changing lives or fulfilling your dreams, this isn’t for you.

But If you’re one of those people who refuse to quit, give up and accept complacency like most, let this message be a reminder.

There’s no point in giving up something you enjoy unless you get something back that’s even better, and quickly. – Dean Ornish

The opposite definition to quitting is to persevere. And perseverance is the ONLY option.

If you’re willing to persevere with your relationships and friendships, you should be willing to persevere with your goals, dreams and ambitions.

No one succeeds without effort… Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance. – Ramana Maharshi


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