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Fake It Till You Make It | Benefits Of NOT Being Yourself

This post was inspired by my first ever blog post – Top 8 Reasons To Be Yourself

We’ve all heard the saying – fake it till you make it. But i doubt you’ve ever read/heard anything like – top 5 reasons to NOT be yourself.

Why would i even make such a statement? Because as crazy as it sounds, they’re actually benefits of NOT being yourself as i’ll explain in detail.

To some extent, i can understand the meaning behind fake it till you make it. 

But like i said, to some extent! I guess it depends upon how you interpret it. Anyways it’s about time i got to it! Read on…


1. You’ll Gain More Confidence If You Lack Confidence

Yes, that’s exactly what i said! If you’re the type whose lacking drastically in confidence, try NOT to be yourself.

Because obviously being yourself means being somebody who struggles with confidence.

Look at all of these celebrities (not all) who are over flowing with confidence.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have that much confidence with in yourself?

If you’ve read all the books/blog posts in the world on confidence, and you still can’t seem to hack it…

Maybe ACTING like you’re confident will actually BOOST your confidence dramatically. Think about it.

There’s something interesting Jim Rohn said in a interview via the YouTube video above.

What he said was – success is something you attract, by becoming an attractive person. 

So if you ACT like you’re confident, wont you become an attractive person? Can you see where i’m coming from?

Also when the brain takes in information constantly, eventually it’ll believe it to be true.

Example, when rumors spread about celebrities that aren’t true, many people who pay a lot of attention to it eventually believe it even though it can’t be proven.

ACT confident, SOUND confident, TELL yourself you’re confident and you’ll become it.


2. You’ll Become A Happier Person

If you’re not happy with the way things are, be happy for what it is.

If being YOU means being sad, depressed, constantly down, etc, then ACT like a happier person.

Whoever it is that you admire, try being LIKE them to increase your happiness.

Smile more even when you don’t feel like smiling.

Smile at strangers even if they don’t smile back. Laugh a lot even if you don’t feel like laughing etc.

If who you admire does certain things to make them happy, YOU do certain things that make you happy.

Most people aren’t happy because they focus to much on negativity.

Notice above how i said “try being LIKE them” that doesn’t mean COPYING, IMITATING etc.

Because lets be honest, if they’re millionaires who ride around in £100,000 cars, buying yourself one won’t do you any good if it’s not within your means.


3. Your Life Will Become More Interesting

If you view your life as boring, maybe it’s time to do things Interesting people do.

If being you involves, waking up, eating, bathing, laying in bed watching TV all day, eating, then going  bed.

Maybe life in your shoes has become too boring to bare. Step out of your skin, and TRY something you wouldn’t usually do.

Hopefully i’m making sense and not speaking Chinese to you? ACT like an interesting person, and you’ll become an interesting person with an interesting life.

Interesting people do things most wouldn’t do. FEAR is a bitch, fake it till you make it and maybe you’ll rid of her.


4. You’ll Make More Friends

This is so true it’s unreal. If being YOU involves keeping yourself to yourself TOO much, maybe it’s time to become a NEW version of YOU.

If you’re the type of person who isn’t out going, and finds it too difficult to talk to others… Maybe it’s time to for you to fake it till you make it! 

Step out of your skin, and act friendly, out going, talkative and fight those nerves!

The more you do it, the more natural it’ll become.

And then the closer you’ll be to becoming a new you.


5. You’ll Become More Successful

This is my favorite one off the top 5 list.

If you ACT out all the above and anything else in life… Eventually your thinking pattern will change and you’ll become a different person.

That’s the reason why people say “he/she’s changed”. So yes, if being yourself isn’t doing you any good, don’t be yourself.

If being yourself is the cause of repeated mistakes, maybe it’s time to ACT differently.

Do it enough and you’ll certainly see a difference with in yourself. You’ll be more successful over all and that’s a good thing in the long run.


Got something to add to this post? Leave it in the comments. 🙂


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