When You Gain The Confidence To Stand Up For Yourself

When You Gain The Confidence To Stand Up For Yourself 1 - https://theojellis.com/confidence-to-stand-up-for-yourself/

Bullying affects 1.5 million people in the UK . Or at least it did throughout 2016.

I remember being in high school when I dealt with verbal bullying.

Two guys decided to make me the “joke” of the day, and started to mock, disrespect, slander, and insult me for their own pleasure.

But then the day came when I decided to not tolerate that shit anymore.

We were in gym class that day, and the verbal bullying began as if this was a part of their daily routine. But little did they fucking know I wasn’t fucking around with them anymore.

I punched one guy right in the face. He never seen it coming.

Afterwards they tried acting out and playing “tough” guy (since there were more of them), but that was it.

They never dared fucking with me ever again after that eventful day.


When You Gain The Confidence To Stand Up For Yourself…

I stood up for myself and took back the control I gave away like a charity donation. And I took back my self confidence by force, even if for a moment or two.

This is just one event in my life related to standing up for myself.


So what’s the purpose of me telling you this? 

If you don’t stand up for yourself, you’ll continue to be….

  1. Treated like shit.
  2. Bullied.
  3. Verbally abused.
  4. Treated as if you’re inferior.
  5. Miserable.
  6. Too afraid to take risks.
  7. A slave to other people’s demands and opinions.

There are scum bags in this world who would rather see you crumble into a thousand pieces and die, than to see you thrive and be as happy as a cartoon character.

Those are the facts. Denying it would mean denying yourself of the confidence you’re capable of having.

And until you stand up for yourself, and rise above the opinions of others, and decide to be happy instead of being a slave to people’s problems or demands, you’ll never have the confidence you deserve.

Refusing to stand up for yourself is one of the biggest enemies of self confidence.

There are 7 billion people on this planet, and not all of them are nice people. But as long as you don’t stand up for yourself, you’ll end up just like them, if not worse.

So what’s it going to be? 

Will you kick fear in the face and reclaim your power? Or will you cower in the face of fear and let it pummel your self esteem until there’s nothing left of it?

Only you can decide. And you know what the right decision is to make.

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Nigel Ikechukwu

I just stumbled upon this site. This is a wonderful advice for everyone. If we learn to always stand up for ourselves without letting fear stop us, we will be surprised at the results. We need more people kicking fear in the face if we are to make the world a better place. Thanks Ellis.

Theo J Ellis

You said it best, Nigel! Thanks for sharing I appreciate your thoughts. Make it a great 2017 🙂


Great topic and reminder for me. I find that your topics are always an inspiration. Thank you, Theo!

Theo J Ellis

Thank you for sharing that with me, Jen! And have a great 2017 🙂

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